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by Adrian at 6:59 PM
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6/19 Towny Next Generation Town Hall Notes
Hosted by @BooBear1227 & @Adrian | Notes By: @DarkKnight49x

Towny Reset
After the poll, the Administration Team has decided to reset the current Towny world. A world download + world in the museum will be available. The reset will occur just before the launch of Towny Next Generation. This was not an easy decision to make, we understand that many memories have been made in this world. However, a reset is necessary to open opportunities for future server growth.

Towny Next Generation Gameplay Changes
Referral System - If you "refer" 3 players to join Meep, you will win a free town. Credit to @7acespade for this idea!

Admin Shop - The...
by Adrian at 6:27 PM
(786 Views / 12 Likes)
A New Era Of MeepCraft!

Welcome to the largest update to Meepcraft yet. Today, we are announcing the next generation of the server which will help Meepcraft grow in the years to come. These will be a series of major updates made to the server which focus on creating an engaging and memorable experience for the player. In short, we’ve taken your feedback from the last year and used it to create a better Meep!

Next Generation: Towny [ETA: July]

Towny has been the staple of Meep since it was founded. It has been where countless friends were made. Many will recall playing with certain features such as Pets, jobs, stocks, terrarium, dungeons. All of these will be making a return. Our goal was to make Towny Next...
by Adrian at 6:01 PM
(223 Views / 3 Likes)
Hey Meep,
We'd like to try something new! We will be creating a Public Roadmap so you can look into what will potentially be added to Meep and give your feedback! Check #update-log on Discord to stay up to date!

RoadMap Link: https://trello.com/b/RpjvkX0E/meepcraft-public-roadmap
by EllieEllie at 5:16 PM
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Hi, everyone :D To celebrate Skyblock Beta being released on friday, our weekly challenge is taking place right there and we want you to show off your islands! We're giving you two weeks to decorate your islands, jazz up your spaces and let those creative ideas flow.

We'll have a group of judges touring your islands and the winning island will be announced 11th April. There's a sweet 75k skybeans and a custom item up for grabs :eek:

If your island is taking part, please let us know on this thread so we know who's in the running! We hope to see you guys taking part.

- Meep staff
by Adrian at 11:06 PM
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/Warp SkyBlock
See More Info Here
Players will be rewarded for reporting a bug or making an Accepted Suggestion
by Adrian at 7:08 PM
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SkyBlock Open Beta Announcement

On Friday the 26th of March, the long-awaited game mode, SkyBlock will be opened to all for an open beta! SkyBlock is once again making a return to meep, better than ever! Here’s a look into it's gameplay and planned development…

Island Features


Players now have more control over their islands than ever before.
  • Island Creation: When creating an island players may choose from a selection of island types, each containing a different experience.
  • The Bank:...
by andrewrobins at 1:48 PM
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Hey Meep

Just a little update and review !

We have some exciting news to bring, and that is we are collaborating with the community and this week Mr 'I change my name every other week' LJ has brought us a new parkour map called 'Neverland!'. This map comes complete with a dropper style format!

The parkour will be placed in the 'Easy' category and will come with a 7,000 Meeble prize!
The map is now active and ready to play straight away!


Thank you Lj for a smashing submission. @LJJJJJJJ

If anyone would like to partake in making a parkour just send a schematic and we gladly have a look :)

Last Sunday we hosted another Event, which proved hugely popular!

The Event was called Buzz Trivia and was a multi choice quiz.

I would like to thank the community and the Hosts DarkKnight49x and Iatemyfriends For running it so smoothly with Questions relating to periods of Meep history and questions that would boggle the minds...
by andrewrobins at 8:43 AM
(454 Views / 17 Likes)
Top of the mornin', and happy hump day!

Yorkshire is the greatest!
by Adrian at 1:46 PM
(679 Views / 11 Likes)
Airship & Parkour Update + Server News

After years, the Airship is once again ready to fly thanks to @Etherion . Every hour, the Airship will fly to a random map where you may raid chests for good loot while avoiding monsters. Make sure to be quick, as the map closes in 5 minutes!

The following classic Airship maps have returned with more to come!
  • Titan’s Lair
  • Cae Bae
  • Kingdom of Ice
  • Witch’s Lair
New Parkour Maps!
Parkour now has 4 new maps! Be sure to check them out.

Wonderland [Easy] - Built by @andrewrobins ...
by Adrian at 3:53 PM
(370 Views / 4 Likes)
Hello Meepers,
In the last 10 days, the team has been busy patching bugs and adding content for players to play. We want to thank you for your patience! As always, if you find an issue or have an idea feel free to make a ModReq ingame or make a forums post!

Voting Update
Meepers have expressed that voting did not feel as if it was worth the effort, for that reason we have decided to rework voting! Here is a list of what has been changed.
  • Voters are now given a Vote Key after voting on all sites! (100% chance at a key for voting daily)
  • Voters additionally have a small chance at receiving an extra vote key.
  • Top Monthly Voters get rewards.
  • Vote Party Mechanics Tweaked.
  • Crates now have a new look when opening! When opening a Vote Crate you need to click to chose your reward.
  • /Dis notes have been removed from Vote Crates
We also plan to add more content to voting, so stay tuned. Make sure to /vote...