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by Sjoeppappentrap at 12:39 PM
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Hey Meepers!

Here's a list of some of our various improvements over the past month:


- New lobby
- Tutorial
- Beds are no longer usable in the Alpha6 map
- Enderchests are removed to prevent players from storing items
- Enderman kit is fixed


- Health Regen added to Cactus Parkour


- Killstreaks now go up to 500

- New voting plugin is complete with rewards and meebles


- New MeepShop is complete with attention given to lores, enchanted items, /filled items, and undercutting

- New lobby
- Tutorial


- Pwarps are no longer disappearing
- Spleef is fixed and achievements were added
- Media applications are now available
- Staff chat no longer overrides /ttoggle
- Custom Meepcraft resource pack is completed for various minigames (edited)

We hope you all enjoy our improvements, and we will continue to make this server the best that it can be.

Happy Meeping!

by Sjoeppappentrap at 4:29 AM
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Preston Plays LaserStrike:

Short after his Boomo video Preston came back to MeepCraft to have a try at LaserStrike!

Flash Sale:
Don't wait until it's too late to buy a 15% off rank in our Flash Sale. Donate now!
by Fuzzlr at 7:55 PM
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Here are the internal game updates released in the early part of September. We are working on even more improvements to the economy portion of the game. Special thanks to @DBLOSEVN.

• Resolved issues with teleportation and made /back cross server once again.
• Added Achievements to Supply Drops in Wild
• Released a new KitPVP Plugin with Reggles
• Towny Changes
o Protected ArmorStands, new 1.8 gates and prevented egg griefing.
o Made sponge conform to towny permissions and only remove water in area you have permission.
o Added /plotlist to list and teleport to all your regular and embassy plots.
o You can now /t spawn from the nether and end
o When you join a new town you are automatically teleported to the towns spawn.
o Added namechange support into towny so you no longer loose anything when you change your name also fixes all your...​
by Fuzzlr at 12:11 AM
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PrestonPlayz returns to MeepCraft to play around of Boomo. He says its one of his all-time favorite minigames and he is excited to return to MeepCraft to play some more!

About our YouTube Campaign
Recently, we have been investing a majority of funding in development. Many new developments have not been announced on the website but we will try to do so much more in the coming months. It is now time to use some of our saved funds to increase the size of our community. MeepCraft is changing its advertising strategy to include YouTube videos instead of investing in server listings. This strategy has been proven to be much more cost-effective and it will give players a great look at our minigames and hopefully attract them into the community!
by Sjoeppappentrap at 6:25 AM
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Hey Meepers!

Let's go through a little run-down of all our recent improvements/fixes!

KitPvP Revisions
- We have removed the Kit signs at /warp KitPvP and replaced it with a much better /kit command!
- /kits are currently being worked on by the one and only @reggles44, and we look forward to the new ones!

Stock Market
-Your stocks can now be stored at the Broker. All info will displayed in the GUI.

Staff List
- We have a new dynamic Staff List located as a tab at the top of forums
- You can check here to see when we get new Staff Members or promote our current ones!

- We have modified Vortex to prevent players from using /me while inside it
- Also, after 90 seconds, players will be auto-redirected to Spawn!
- No more waiting in Void for the world to come back up!

- Infected permissions have been completed
- Enjoy our new game!

-Cactus-parkour has been...
by castroifyer at 1:24 PM
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Hello Meep!

This announcement is to inform you that the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for tonight, August 9th 2015, is rescheduled for 6 days from now and will occur on Sunday, August 16th at 7EST. This is for several reasons, which will be detailed below.
  • By moving the Town Hall Meeting, we give the opportunity for more people to join us
  • 1.9 will be receiving a new Snapshot soon, and we'd like to give you guys the best information possible regarding the future of the server, and future 1.9 updates
  • This Town Hall Meeting was expected to be run solely by Supermods, and therefore we would not be able to give the fullest information possible. We will have the ability to have an Administrator there to give the best responses possible.
Of course there are many small reasons, but these detail just a few. We're extremely sorry about moving the date so suddenly, and I myself will make sure to do some Spawned-in-head giveaways and Meeble giveaways as an...
by castroifyer at 7:50 PM
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We will have a new Town Hall Meeting next Saturday! In the Town Hall Meeting we will be discussing all recent and future additions we currently have planned for the server, so make sure to be there! These meetings are a place to voice yourself, whether you're a town looking to get bigger on the server, or you have a suggestion for the server, please voice yourself here! The meeting will be held on the Meepcraft teamspeak. ts.meepcraft.com

Time is 7:00pm EST

by Sjoeppappentrap at 2:53 PM
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Hey Meepers!

Hopefully you were able to enjoy your past weeks of summer to the fullest!

I have the pleasure to tell you MeepCraft offers Summer Break Sales!!
Any purchased ranks and donation packages are 15% off! This discount ends on August xx (Fuzzlr's little secret ;)), 2015.
Thank you for supporting the server through donations. Your efforts are helping us in our goal to improve and keep MeepCraft online.

Donate Now
by reggles44 at 5:27 AM
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Meepers we take a quick break to bring you urgent news. Last night around 7pm EST two brave pokemon trainers and architects ventured where no one else dared. Deep into the new tutorial they found a wild Fuzzlr in its natural habitat. They soon realized that this Fuzzlr was incapacitated (afk) and decided to try and capture him. Conventional pokeballs seems to be ineffective against him. They resulted to drastic measures, making their own pokeball out of blocks they could find they succeeded in capturing him. Now today I am able to bring you a picture of their triumphant moment.

View attachment 22575

Thank you architects @JoeK and @Candy_Master

Now I must run before Fuzzlr finds out I posted this.
by Fuzzlr at 4:12 PM
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Choosing a server isn't always easy. Here are seven reasons why we believe MeepCraft is the best economy server in the world:

Vibrant Community
For the past 4 years MeepCraft has been one of Minecraft's strongest communities. You can interact with hundreds of players simultaneously, connect with players through TeamSpeak, and partake in thousands of discussions on our website. No other server has a community culture like MeepCraft.

Sophisticated Economy
Trade with thousands of players through the virtual shop, buy and short real-life stocks for in-game currency, join a job to earn money, build your own town or nation, and set taxes for your citizens.

Unique Minigames
LaserStrike, Infected, Boomo, HG, Colonies
You will not find MeepCraft's minigames anywhere else. They are all completely custom. You can view comprehensive statistics, gain prestige, and earn money by playing games.

Exciting PvP Opportunities
We have acted upon the suggestions of...