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by reggles44 at 1:48 PM
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Hello Meepers

From today till July 25th donors will be beta testing the reworked boomo minigame and in doing this beta we hope to make the perfect mini-game for you guys. Therefor, we ask that if you have any feedpack you respond to us here http://goo.gl/forms/JjAfdedokO

I look forward to reading all your comments and suggestions

- Reggles44
by reggles44 at 5:30 AM
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Hello Meepers,

Today it is my pleasure to bring to you the new voting rewards system for Meepcraft which now allows for player to get donation notes. Meepers can get a range of donation notes from, custom disguise notes to temporary fly. Check out the specifics at http://meepcraft.com/pages/vote/.

Fyi: We do not refund perks after they have been claimed
by usubzero at 3:43 AM
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  • Achievement system available to all servers, accessed via /ach
  • Every achievement has an award for completion
  • Unaccomplished achievements are marked by a stained glass pane
New Parkour System:
  • /pk home <map> (Teleport to latest checkpoint in specific map)
  • No more need to use a home to save checkpoints
  • New checkpoint system, where checkpoints are marked by coal blocks, auto-heal, auto-set, and provide a $1,000 Meeble reward per checkpoint.
  • Map awards are now more of a jackpot; greater at the end, less per checkpoint
  • Parkour achievements
Head Shop:
  • Purchaseable customized and rare heads at /warp heads
  • GUI system for categorizing different head types (Available via head trader at warp)
Pets (Beta):
  • Decorative entities that follow their owners
  • Purchaseable via GUI system (Available at pet trader in spawn)
  • Storeable inside eggs, and can be...
by reggles44 at 11:17 AM
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A mysterious traveler has tunneled into spawn to sell his wares. He is offering some of the most dangerous fireworks ever created so take cover when firing one off. Find him if you can.
by castroifyer at 4:22 PM
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July 3rd, 2015

We are implementing a new Skyblock plugin in the very near future. This Skyblock will be massively improved, and all bugs will be resolved. This new Skyblock is far more open in terms of additions, and we will be actively making it far better. The unfortunate news, however, is that to remove all current issues with Skyblock we will be removing the old Skyblock world. To clarify, this means we will be disabling the old Skyblock world and using a new one, and your old islands will no longer be available.

In short, we are replacing Skyblock with a newer, better, faster, and stronger Skyblock plugin that sets us up for the future. Expect its implementation soon. As a Staff team, we apologize for the need to replace the old Skyblock.

Thank you
by Deinen at 1:51 AM
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In an effort to better track issues, and jobs, and to work towards completing them much faster than we have before, we've been slowly moving our content to a Trello system. After some discussion, we have decided the best way to communicate this progress is simply to make our work transparent and public. The link for MeepCraft's Trello page is https://trello.com/b/FTiS3JHy/operation-meepcraft - Check out our progress in real-time when you want!

-- Please keep in mind objects on this system is subject to change, or be removed without notice depending on how things develop.
by Cooleysworld at 9:39 PM
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I believe I can /feed like a Premium! Until 11:59pm Sunday standard Eastern Time......... VIP will be able to /feed thanks to “Free /feed"

Please spread the word to all VIP's….. This is a one time /feed preview for all members of the VIP group on MeepCraft.com
by Fuzzlr at 12:16 AM
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We have been working very hard on new features for the server. Here's some information about our most recent updates:

Stock Market (/warp bank)
The stock market is a place where players can buy or sell real stock in the form of Stock Notes. Each Stock Note is equivalent to one share of a real life stock. Players can buy or sell these notes for Meebles. The prices of each stock on MeepCraft are directly equivalent to their US Dollar value in real life.

To buy or sell a stock you will need its ticker symbol. The ticker symbol is an abbreviation that is used to identify a stock. For example, the ticker symbol for Apple Incorporated is AAPL. Click on the teller and select Browse Stocks to view some examples of stocks that you can buy. You can get the ticker symbol for any corporation by searching online. Searching Yahoo or Google finance for stock data is recommended for serious investors.

For more information about the concept of investing and how the stock market works,...
by Sjoeppappentrap at 2:55 PM
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Hey Meepers!,

MeepShop was introduced into the MeepCraft server yesterday, June 16th, 2015. With this update to MeepCraft, we’ve given players an easy way to earn meebles and trade with their friends. For more veteran players on MeepCraft, this may remind you of Virtual Shop, or “VShop”. There are several large differences between the two. Firstly, we now have a /stock command. /stock allows you to see everything you or another player currently has for sale, and the amount of each item as well as the price. We have also added the /sales command, which does the same thing as /stock but allows you to see sales made by yourself or another player. The largest difference is the implementation of taxes into the shop. You are taxed 5% on each item you list on the shop, and buyers are taxed 3% on the purchases they make. These taxes were implemented to avoid having players hold all their items in /shop, using it as an infinite bank, and to lower the amount of money currently in the...
by Sjoeppappentrap at 6:32 PM
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Hello Meepcraft!

Do you have a passion for creating digital content? Does creating new videos and taking beautiful screenshots of the server to enjoy sound like your cup of tea?

Meepcraft is looking for an ambitious, qualified applicant to join our media team. The role involves posting content to the Meepcraft youtube and taking beautiful screenshots of the ever expanding server features. This is a great opportunity for someone to get involved with the server and create stunning works of art to be shared with the entire community.

Main responsibilities include:
  • Creating advertisement videos;
  • Filming and editing videos of large events;
  • Capturing beautiful shots of Meepcraft and its players;

  • Must have a full license to video editing / recording software;
  • Demonstrable experience at video editing;
  • Strong social media skills;
  • At least basic image manipulation skills, such as image selection, resizing,...