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Hello Meepers!

We're happy to announce that Jobs has returned to Meepcraft.


  • /jobs help - Jobs help documentation
  • /jobs - View the jobs you have joined
  • /jobs list - List jobs that you can join
  • /jobs join <job> - Join a job
  • /jobs leave <job> - Leave a job
  • /jobs info <job> - Get info about a job
  • /jobs top <job> - List top players in a job
  • /jobs ranks - Get info about ranks

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Happy Easter Day! Starting today, any purchased ranks and donation packages are 15% off! This discount ends on April 12, 2015. Thank you for supporting the server through donations. Your efforts are helping us in our goal to improve and keep MeepCraft online.

*Don't eat too many Easter Eggs!*

*Easter Egg Hunt: You can find your Easter Presents in our Spawn!*

Donate Now
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The hunger games have been re-added to MeepCraft and you can access it by typing /warp hg. The objective of the game is to eliminate the remaining tributes in the arena. Players will discover chests scattered throughout each map, each one containing items that may be necessary for their survival. The winner will receive a prize of 350 Meebles multiplied by the number of players that were originally in the arena. Automatic rotation allows for uninterrupted gameplay; our hunger games system was carefully designed to ensure that you will never have to wait for a game.

The following special items are available in the game. We plan to make some of the items available in all of our minigames:
  • Tracker: Track the nearest enemy player.
  • Meep Soup: Right click the Meep Soup to get an instant health bonus.
  • Rabbit Soup: Right click the Rabbit Soup to get an instant speed and jump bonus for three minutes.
  • More special items coming soon!
by Fuzzlr at 10:12 PM
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PHOTO: The first page of the MeepCraft Guide, written by @Deinen

To make information about the server more easily accessible for both new and experienced players, we've created a new MeepCraft Guide. It can be accessed by typing /help or /guide. The guide is designed to streamline the moderator request process by providing automated help. The MeepCraft Guide filters out requests that do not require the help of a staff member. With a system specially designed to allow our writers to add content easily and effectively, we plan to add much more content to this guide to make it the ultimate medium for delivering gameplay instructions to new users.
by Fuzzlr at 9:47 PM
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PHOTO: A new map built by @Candy_Master

We are happy to announce the reopening of one of my favorite mini-games, Colonies Capture the Flag. In this unique variant of CTF, players can modify blocks and craft items in the arena. There is a base in the center of the map that gives its a strategic healing advantage if captured. The updated version of CTF includes map randomization and streamlined game rotation.

Additional Updates:
  • Profanity is now filtered on MeepCraft. When a message contains inappropriate language, the player will be notified and the message will be automatically removed from chat.
  • Effects are back! If you are a donator you can type /effect to reveal a list of cool effects you use to decorate your character.
by Fuzzlr at 9:44 PM
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We are excited to reveal a new feature called player holograms. Instead of exclusively advertising in global chat, players can now rent a hologram at spawn to advertise their warps or etc. Each hologram can display a message that is up to 50 characters long.

If you find a player hologram that is available to be rented, you can use these commands to rent or modify an existing hologram:
  • /pholo rent <text> <time> # Rents a holo for a time
  • /pholo delete # Delete your current holo, no refund
  • /pholo settext <text> # Changes your current holo's text
  • /pholo prices # Current prices
The current prices for player holograms are as follows:
  • 1 hour: 3000 Meebles
  • 3 hours: 8550 Meebles
  • 6 hours: 16200 Meebles
  • 12 hours: 28800 Meebles
  • 24 hours: 50400 Meebles
  • 48 hours: 86400 Meebles
Have fun renting the advertising space and promoting your MeepCraft-related venues or services!

To moderate this feature, SuperMod+...
by Fuzzlr at 7:10 PM
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PHOTO: A single airship event with over 60 players. Castle built by @Oldchopper

Experience the new exciting Minecraft airship adventure: collect loot and conquer hordes of monsters. It's a town raider's dream. There is no limit to how many players can join each airship journey. The airship leaves every 30-60 minutes and you can board it by typing /warp airship.

We've released the Airship event with one map, Crescent Island. In the future we plan to release more maps.

Current Features:
  • Lootable chests
  • Enhanced monsters
Planned Features:
  • The airship will travel to special islands where you will be able to find unique trades
  • More treasure combinations
  • Monster bosses
  • More challenges and random events
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A little bit over a week ago, we announced the opening of a new entrance for the Terrarium PVP Arena. As expected, this was not the ultimate solution for the Terrarium, so we are following through with our plans to improve the terrarium and increase its popularity among players.

Here is a list of improvements that we have made over the past week:
  • Hit detection has been improved
  • Rules and directions have been improved
  • Illegal potions are now automatically removed and unusable in the arena
  • Disguises are now automatically removed in the arena
  • Teleportation into or out of the arena is now impossible
  • A new exit ladder has been added for the new entrance
  • You can now earn money from kills, the bounty is determined by your killstreak. Bounties are calculated using the equation 50 * killstreak up to a maximum prize of 1000 Meebles.
  • When a player achieves a killstreak of 8 kills, he/she is legendary. At 10 kills the streak is announced to the entire...
by Fuzzlr at 11:18 PM
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MeepCraft now has it's own version of the popular game, Spleef. Simply jump into the portal at /warp spleef to play! You will have to destroy blocks below the other players, allowing them to fall into the lava and removing them from the game. The last remaining player on the field is the winner, and will receive a prize of Meebles. The prize is determined by the number of competitors on the field, so invite your friends to play for a larger prize!

Don't forget to also check out the leaderboard next to the arena. It displays heads from eleven of the most recent winners.
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With over 21 available songs, Club Meep is the ultimate musical experience. It is a specialized space with three rooms, each with its own distinct musical genre. There are two small dancefloors: one plays classical and the other plays 20th century pop, rock, and R&B. The largest is a sunken dancefloor, featuring popular music from recent years. Our stunning decor and unique NoteBlock Surround Sound System will blow your mind. Once you are in Club Meep, there are no ropes or rules.

Invite your friends to Club Meep, located at /warp club.

Want to submit a song? Convert a .midi file to .nbs (Minecraft noteblock file) and send it to us!