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by Fuzzlr at 9:00 PM
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On December 1, MeepCrafters participated in the Death by Anvil Event. Avoid the anvils and win a prize of 50,000 Meebles!

by Fuzzlr at 10:27 PM
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We've built a new spawn, so now it's time for a new website design. Although the new design is not too different from the old one, we have changed the color scheme and various visual features to reflect MeepCraft's character. You will notice that the forums are also a bit easier to read now.

If you aren't too excited about the new theme, don't worry. You can switch back to the old one by selecting a theme at the bottom of the page.

Check out these scenes that were created for the new website.

What do you think of the new design? What can be improved? Let us know in the comments.
by Cooleysworld at 1:26 PM
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MeepCraft's Holiday Sale starts 11/23/2014 ending 12/31/2014!

With holiday shopping heating up, more and more retailers are coming up with hot deals, smashing discount offers, and exciting sales. These days you can easily see huge savings on almost everything. It’s time to warm up credit card and dive deep into the sea of discount ranks as MineCraft is once again spreading its magic. To make your holiday shopping fit your budget, MeepCraft is running its Ultimate Holiday Sale.

P.S. be sure to share the news with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and add a MeepCraft rank donation to your wish lists.

10% off all rank donations!
by Cooleysworld at 1:06 AM
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Starting today, any purchased ranks and donation packages are 10% off! This discount ends on August 9, 2014. The Back-To-School Sales Event is an important time to donate. We want to dedicate a majority of our funds into new projects including the "NEW SPAWN" for the beginning of the new school year. By donating, you are helping support us in our goal to improve and keep MeepCraft online!
by Sirrr_Pig at 10:52 PM
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Hello all, tonight marks the beginning of the takedown of MN, with everyone being OPed, and cruelty being taken down. With this I say thanks to the thousands I've seen come and go. This includes many of the original staff members who brought it all together: fuzzlr, Deinen0, Cooleysworld, Onis, reggles44, Skaros123, Soudafat, savvvy420, TheJohnseyClutch, nasapc123 and myself.

"Have faith in what MeepCraft can be, not what it is, even if it's not always the best."

Hope to see you again in this next year!

fuzzlr fuzzlr fuzzlr
by Sirrr_Pig at 11:03 PM
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Hey meeps! Today I launched a MeepCraft Instagram page! We will use this to post fun and interesting photos all in one place from the server! You can send me pictures you want me to upload for all to see!
We will also hold different giveaways at certain follower/like amounts. This will be announced later.


by Fuzzlr at 7:52 PM
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Hey Meeps! We've recently added a new PVP game to MeepCraft called KitPVP. Players can select from a variety of kits and go into battle with other players. You can earn a lot of Meebles by achieving killstreaks.

Our final major update includes the following changes:
  • Super Human: Added Sharpness III to Sword
  • White Wizard: Added Sharpness II to Sword
  • Erebor Dwarf: Added Infinite Arrows to Bow
  • Forest Elf: Added Iron Sword Sharpness IV
  • Fallohide Hobbit: Changed Knockback II to Knockback I
  • Master Orc: Changed Leggings and Boots to Iron, added Power II to Bow
  • The daily scoreboard is now fixed!
This exciting game can be accessed by typing /warp kitpvp. Want to help improve this server even more? Visit the suggestions forum.
by Fuzzlr at 8:23 PM
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Hey Meeps! We've recently released an all new Announcements Bar on the top of the screen. This new feature will decrease spam by separating the MeepCraft announcements from the main chat box. Our goal is to make the server chat simpler to understand and more user-friendly.
by negative_codezZ at 3:19 PM
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Hey Meeps!

You may have noticed that the new shop system is not yet up as promised. Unfortunately, we have encountered several issues and have not been able to complete the plugin on time. We have set the new release date for the new shop system as of March 19, 2014. We are truly sorry for this delay and hope you can comprehend.

- negative_codezZ

PS. Donation ranks are 5% off today to compensate for your inconvenience.
by Fuzzlr at 9:29 PM
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View attachment 8460

Hey Meeps! Today we released our most recent update to Colonies CTF which adds a special start-up kit for each donator rank. Since its Beta release two weeks ago, we have fixed many of the issues with the game mechanics. Your feedback has helped us improve Colonies CTF and it is now one of MeepCraft's most popular games.

Don't miss out on the fun! Try Colonies CTF now by typing /warp ctf in-game.

How to Play

Colonies CTF is an exciting variant of Capture the Flag in which you can edit any part of the map. Construct fortifications and mine for weapons! If your team wins, each team member will get a prize of 5000 Meebles. Capture the Healing base in the center of the map to feed your team.
  • Win 10 points for capturing a flag.
  • Win 10 points for every following 30 seconds on a captured flag.
  • Win 1 point for killing another player.
New Donator Start-up Kits
  • VIP:
    • Stone Axe
    • Stone Pickaxe...