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by Coelho at 9:44 AM
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We will be seeing the rise of Minecraft 1.8 soon.

When this happens, Mojang will start allowing you to change your Minecraft usernames.
Please note that if you change your username:
  • You will lose ALL of your data (Meebles, Items, Towns & Residency, Hiscores, etc)
  • You will lose ALL of your donator ranks
  • No one will know who you are! You will be a loner.
  • Someone else can steal your old username and your assets above!
For this reason we ask you, do not change your username!

An administrator will not help you recover your assets if you do!

by Fuzzlr at 9:25 AM
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Hello Meepers. I recently came across the old MeepCraft texture pack file online and I decided to restore it to its original glory! The pack includes a theme similar to the default texture pack but with several graphics improvements, including custom MeepCraft items and strange mobs.

MeepTextures will be continuously updated to include new items and features. Future updates to the texture pack will be posted here!

Download MeepTextures 1.0 (Feb 21, 2014)

To install MeepTextures, place the file meeppack.zip into %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks.
by Fuzzlr at 10:00 PM
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Hey Meeps! I was recently traveling through the Wilderness World and I came across a very interesting community of villagers. After speaking with the village chef, Gordon Ramsheep, we were able to convince them to move into new residential community housing in MeepCraft's spawn. Most of the villagers are now happily settled into their new homes.

You can visit the new MeepVillage by typing /warp trade in-game. Each villager has its own trading specialty. There are currently 12 villagers - Bart Ender, Gordon Ramsheep, Otzi the Iceman, Hattori Hanzo, Dr. Meepak Chopra, DJ Salinger, Barry de Treasure, Roger Harmeeps, Lye Brarian, Major Tool, Vil Ager, and Miley Cyrus.
by Fuzzlr at 8:42 AM
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Happy Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day! Starting today, any purchased ranks and donation packages are 15% off! This discount ends on February 19, 2014. Thank you for supporting the server through donations. Your efforts are helping us in our goal to improve and keep MeepCraft online.

Donate Now
by Fuzzlr at 5:26 AM
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A new PVP adventure map has appeared near the Centrum Arena! You can access the Dungeon by typing /warp dungeon in-game. The dungeon is a large cavernous area with many passages. Many hostile creatures and PVP enemies guard the 24 unique treasure chests that can be discovered.

The MeepCraft Dungeon was built by NicholasMeep and assisted by PuckMiner, Sirrr_Pig, DianaB72, fuzzlr, and ZapChance.
by Fuzzlr at 5:36 AM
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View attachment 7628

Hello meeps! We've added a new PVP tunnel under the Centrum Arena. You can access this area by typing /warp pvp in-game. Everyone was having so much fun and many people were surprised when Notch visited the arena to PVP with the players for a short time. This new addition to the arena was built by fuzzlr, ZapChance, and Sirrr_Pig.

We have improved the PVP experience by disabling Invisibility, Strength I, and Strength II potions in the arena. This will allow for more balanced fighting in the arena.

In addition to these new PVP improvements, we are also in the process of constructing a challenging dungeon area with the help of a new Architect, NicholasMeep. The dungeon will be filled with many exciting prizes. You will be able to start your own MeepCraft dungeon adventure once we announce its completion!
by Sirrr_Pig at 7:25 AM
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Visit the new head shop! You can collect various heads that are unobtainable anywhere else! Some will be only available for a short period of time! /warp heads

View attachment 7629

I would like to give a very big thank you to MeGustaYou for having this wonderful idea! and NicholasMeep and fuzzlr for assisting in creating the shop! Meep on!
by Sirrr_Pig at 4:41 AM
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Hello meeps, along with the help of several others, we have updated the terrarium @ /warp pvp! Hope you enjoy!

View attachment 7662

Special thanks to: shainthewolfman, mylucky7, PuckMiner, bass_flow, NicholasMeep. MeGustaYou, bluecarneal, and fuzzlr for assisting in this project!
by Fuzzlr at 5:11 AM
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We’ve added all-new interior designs and items to the MeepShop! Citizen shop sell prices have been multiplied 4x. This will generate more income for new players as raw materials can now be sold at higher prices. Additionally, the selling prices in all other shops have been doubled. Come visit the new MeepShop at /warp shop - renovated by Fuzzlr, DianaB72, Sirrr_Pig, and Jwarian.
by Fuzzlr at 6:18 AM
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Two years ago today, I started a Minecraft community called MeepCraft. This Minecraft server, which I started on my own laptop, has grown to become one of the longest running large Minecraft communities in the world. With over 1 million players served, MeepCraft continues to make countless memories and experiences for the thousands of people around the world that play daily. It was even mentioned in a Forbes article for its innovative and unique virtual economic model.

From the very beginning, MeepCraft has been unique for its large open community. This community setting has allowed us to grow and maintain the server’s most essential asset: dedicated and devoted players. There is no price tag that can be put on the value of the friendships and unique experiences that have been made over the years. As players, your commitment and dedication to the server has maintained its existence both financially and developmentally, and it has allowed the preservation of a community that, in my...