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by shains at 8:49 AM
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The results for the top 5 builds are in!

Here they are (in no order in particular):

Soudafat - /t spawn Valens - x: 144, z:-47

Pheonixpuppy, matt4462f, tedcunningham (Marshallmafers) - /t spawn albion - the spawn

I_Hear_A_Squach - /t spawn Contest - x: -9498, z: -848

SSSoulblade - /t spawn contest - x: -9632, z: -913 (Make sure your music is on!)

Highlanders3Ruth - /t spawn contest - x: -9457, z:-838

Please rank the builds here for the grand prizes: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DGRTQMV

Honorable mentions:

stevecrazy - /t spawn Ktulu - the spawn
by Fuzzlr at 12:24 AM
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Starting today, any purchased ranks and donation packages are 20% off! This discount ends on January 4, 2014. The holiday season is an important time to donate. We want to dedicate a majority of our funds into new advertising for the beginning of the new year. By donating, you are helping support us in our goal to improve and keep MeepCraft online!

If you purchase an Ultimate rank during the sale, you will be entered in a special draw. We will be randomly selecting one Ultimate rank donator to receive a free 16 GB iPad Mini and a donation of $200 in YOUR name to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.*

Donate Now

*If you are selected to win the prize and we are unable to contact you via your PayPal e-mail in 5 days, a different winner will be chosen. The winner will be drawn from their PayPal e-mail.
by shains at 4:51 AM
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Meepcraft staff is hosting a build contest for the holiday season! The top five builds will be determined by staff. Those five will be posted on the forums for the community to decide on their favorite to win meebles!

Applications will close the 22nd of December at 11:59pm EST. The builds will be judged by staff on the 23rd. Community voting will open 12:00am December 24th until 11:59pm. The winner will be announced Midnight Christmas Day!


1st: 1,000,000 meebles
2nd: 500,000 meebles
3rd: 250,000 meebles​

Application format:

Town where it will be built:
Coordinates of build (press f3):​

Please comment on this thread for your application! Winners will be announced December 24th on the forums. All builds must be finished by December 23rd.

All materials are to be supplied by the builder, not Meepcraft staff. Maximum of 8 plots for a...
by Cooleysworld at 6:09 PM
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This is a great trailer made by our own Super Mod Sirrr_Pig. He in my opinion did a great job putting the greatness of MeepCraft into a 3 minutes trailer. Thank you Sirrr_Pig and enjoy MeepCraft!

by Fuzzlr at 8:04 PM
(6,881 Views / 20 Likes)
Starting today, any purchased ranks and donation packages are 20% off! This discount ends on December 1st. Many thanks to all who are contributing to the server. Your donations help us to grow the community of MeepCraft and improve the gaming experience!
by Ugleh at 5:14 AM
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Yesterday we released a new custom minigame that you can only play on MeepCraft. That games name? Boomo. If you have ever played Bomberman, Bomberboy, Dynablaster, or any number of the alternatives then this game will come easy to you. Boomo is a 3D take on Baloono, where the goal of the game is to be the last man (or women) alive. Kill players using your TNT Bombs, or collect boosters to be the fastest, and deadliest player.

Once you join a game, be sure to check out all the signs to learn how to play fully!

Boomo is in Beta, and I hope you love playing it as much as I loved making it. Future updates should include a shop so you can have permanent boosters, and even new boosters. I will be taking suggestions, and if I like them you may see them in future updates.
by Fuzzlr at 4:01 AM
(8,044 Views / 22 Likes)
Today we released the new MeepCraft spawn. One of the goals of the new spawn is to make traveling faster and more convenient for players. We prioritized the parts of the old spawn that we felt were most important to players. Central facilities are now located around a central area (centrum), and portals to each world are arranged around the main spawn point. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself the new setup.

The new spawn also makes it easier for new players to start playing the game. It is now easier to locate and play minigames with the new in-spawn lobby system. The minigame lobby automatically hides players near the panels in order to ensure that players have no difficulty joining and finding games. In order to bring attention to the economy part of the game, we positioned the Towns and Wilderness worlds as primary portals to the left and right of the spawn point.

The Centrum includes all the activities that revolve around the economy community. Around the it you will...
by Coelho at 2:06 PM
(12,799 Views / 26 Likes)

MeepCraft is one of the first Minecraft servers on a stable 1.7.2 release.
Have fun everyone!
by Fuzzlr at 3:56 AM
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Prices updated on October 22, 2013.

powerdown: 200
powerup: 100
powerup-gold: 500
win-game: 1000
game-played: 100
by Fuzzlr at 12:16 AM
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I hope you're all having a great day! This is a message to all Meeps who have just started their school year, and older Meeps that wish they were still in school. I'm in school too, and I've been pretty busy.

I'm taking 2 AP classes in school and I get a lot of homework from those classes everyday. I'm also a part of my school play. This year we are performing Beauty and the Beast and I think it's going to be a lot of fun! After school I attend rehearsals for my advanced singing class. We are going to sing at a stadium in a couple of months and I'm really excited! I'm also excited to be part of my school's tennis team this year. We have both JV and Varsity teams, and we've been undefeated for a couple of years!

I recently went to a Vampire Weekend concert in Brooklyn with my friends! It was a lot of fun because we got to see the band live.

Here's a picture that we took of the concert:

So I've been a bit busy and I'm sorry I didn't give you an update on...