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by Fuzzlr at 3:56 AM
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Prices updated on October 22, 2013.

powerdown: 200
powerup: 100
powerup-gold: 500
win-game: 1000
game-played: 100
by Fuzzlr at 12:16 AM
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I hope you're all having a great day! This is a message to all Meeps who have just started their school year, and older Meeps that wish they were still in school. I'm in school too, and I've been pretty busy.

I'm taking 2 AP classes in school and I get a lot of homework from those classes everyday. I'm also a part of my school play. This year we are performing Beauty and the Beast and I think it's going to be a lot of fun! After school I attend rehearsals for my advanced singing class. We are going to sing at a stadium in a couple of months and I'm really excited! I'm also excited to be part of my school's tennis team this year. We have both JV and Varsity teams, and we've been undefeated for a couple of years!

I recently went to a Vampire Weekend concert in Brooklyn with my friends! It was a lot of fun because we got to see the band live.

Here's a picture that we took of the concert:

So I've been a bit busy and I'm sorry I didn't give you an update on...
by Fuzzlr at 1:35 AM
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We are excited to announce that a new MeepCraft spawn is soon coming to the server. This spawn will have improved navigation so players will be able to travel with less hassle. Many of the important parts of the server will be located closer together to improve travel times and make MeepCraft more welcoming to both old and new players. The new spawn offers style improvements as well, including a new terrarium. Minigame lobbies will be located within the spawn, and players in each lobby will be rendered invisible so as to improve arena visibility.

I hope to see everyone at the new spawn soon! :)
by Deinen0 at 7:04 PM
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As of today, 8/16/2013, we are implementing the usage of the Xenforo warning system. On top of specialty policy, IE: posting in ban appeals, etc. Auto-tempbans will be issued determined on your warning level.

1 Warning: Warning
2 Warning: 1 day tempban
3 Warning: 3 day tempban
4 Warning: 4 day tempban
5 Warning: 5 day tempban
6 Warning: 6 day tempban
7 Warning: 7 day tempban
8 Warning: Perm ban

Warning points will now expire after 2 weeks of it being issued. But, if you curse, or do any other action that warrants a warning, and then do a seperate action that warrants a warning, you will be issued a tempban, based on your current warnings in your profile.

We will not be resetting warnings, so if you currently have 5 warnings, I really suggest you mind yourself until they expire.
by Fuzzlr at 11:04 AM
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We have completed a new minigame called TNT Run! In this game, players run from blocks that are disappearing behind them. There are interesting power-ups that are distributed through each level in the arena. Don't fall into the void!

Players can earn Meebles by catching power-ups in the game, and 900 Meebles instantly by being the last player standing in the arena. More improvements to this minigame are coming soon!
by Fuzzlr at 5:16 AM
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We fixed most lag and performance issues - each world now operates as a separate instance. Inventory and other attributes synchronize instantly between worlds! Block lag is now minimal and may improve over time.
by Fuzzlr at 5:03 AM
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This new update introduces a heart counter and extra display features to the game! Now players are able to view the heart count of any nearby character. You can also fight mobs to view their remaining health points.

by The_Squirrelman at 12:37 AM
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Welcome to the first of MeepUpdates, a series of informative weekly posts that will be here for times to come! I noticed many cries for a more transparent staff, and I've received approval and support to release this to you! These will be released weekly, every Monday. Thank you for reading!


-Redefining Rulebook to redefine punishments, patch up loopholes, and place in new rules for changing times.

-Fixed Terrarium Regions

-Added CTF

-Finished internal Staff Guides

-Preparing material for public staff guides

-Danielrulesman added to Helper position

-Sjoeppappentrap added to Helper position

-IFartOnChilren added to Helper position

-ReadingRockstar added to Helper position

-LR_Davius added to Helper position

-Castroifyer added to Moderator position

-The_Squirrelman added to Moderator position
by Fuzzlr at 9:19 PM
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Thanks to recent performance upgrades, almost 500 players were on MeepCraft this Thursday. We expect that number to rise dramatically once we roll out the final performance updates in the coming week!

We've released all-new Towns and Wilderness World spawns this morning that will help improve the aesthetic appeal of the game.

Want more MeepCraft updates? Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/meepcraftmc
by Fuzzlr at 10:25 PM
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Recently we launched a new mini-game called Capture the Flag. Players will be able to earn Meebles every time they kill an opponent, capture a flag, and win matches. You can access Capture the Flag by typing /warp CTF in-game!

Stay tuned for more updates about this game and other games that are coming soon to MeepCraft!