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  2. We also have a Discord server that you can join @ https://discord.gg/h33wMwy
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by xT3Kx at 6:35 AM
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Since launch we have found plenty of bugs to fix and have already fixed plenty. We rely on you, the community, to report any bugs possible so we can get the server running as smoothly as possible.

In the coming days, and more or less over time we will be giving you a little reward for reporting any game breaking bug. For now, it will be "Glitch Armor" with a custom tag. Mind you this is nothing too fancy, but it is an incentive to report that dupe glitch you might be tempted to use, so get a custom armor piece instead and avoid the ban/wipe.

Thank you all for the help today reporting bugs and supporting the relaunch of Meepcraft.
by KlutchDecals at 9:45 PM
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Hello Meepcraft.

I really have no starting point so I may just jump right in.

A few days ago, our security was breached and we lost valuable information relating to the server. The entire database which keeps all the information about players was deleted. An (Unmamed) developers SSH key was found to have deleted them. After discussing the events with the developer, they claim it was not them that deleted the files, meaning it is a lie, or someone gained access to their information. Regardless of who it was, I have the displeasure of telling you that because of someones actions, we have to completely reset Meep.

With this news being as heart breaking as it is, we are going to need everyone to pull together. I know its not how we wanted to start 2017, but we are left no choice. We are taking this unfortunate circumstance to redo everything YOUR way. You have all asked us to go back to being EULA compliant, focus on towny, and re-balance the economy. With the re-opening of Meep,...
by Fuzzlr at 2:02 PM
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You can now connect to MeepCraft with Minecraft 1.11 clients! The ability to use the new items and blocks will be included in a later update.

As of Dec 29 2016, MeepCraft has been blacklisted by Mojang. We are working to determine the exact cause so that we can resolve the situation as soon as possible. I am looking forward to fix this so you can get back to enjoying MeepCraft!
by Courtneyyy at 1:23 PM
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Hey there guys unfortunately we've got some unsettling news that MeepCraft has been blacklisted. We are unsure of the extent and the reasonings behind it but that Fuzzlr is corresponding with them as we speak to hopefully remove it in a timely manner. We do urge you guys to download SquidHQ SquidHQ - Minecraft Launcher to prevent further downtime. At this time Fuzzlr has been able to update to 1.11 so you are still able to connect to Meep while we try to figure this out. Thank you so much for your paitnence and we hope to be back online soon!

-MeepCraft Staff
by CluelessKlutz at 6:53 PM
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Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

New Additions/Changes

Meep Discord!
Like keeping up with your friends on Discord? Well, we now have an official Meepcraft Discord! See this thread for official Discord rules, and you can click here for an invitation to join!

Community Events

[​IMG]Holiday Giveaways!
Free money is always nice, but how about contests and giveaways every day? PseudoCorp will be hosting various events almost every day for the rest of the...
by PseudoGod at 1:26 AM
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Howdy folks! We here at PseudoCorp (Which extends to the Gamma town of Rome) will be giving away 2 million Gamma meebles for the Holiday Season!

Within this thread, I will be announcing the event lineups for the next 2 weeks (12/19-12/23 and 12/26-12/30)!

Events on Monday, December 19:

  • Trivia Night Monday (10 Questions about Meepcraft's Past that are worth 5k each)
  • Guess the Number: Holiday Special (2 Rounds worth 25k each, to celebrate Christmas Spirit!) Completed; Results and winners posted in a post down under.
Events on Tuesday, December 20:
  • Communal City Parkour Race Challenge (We will race through city parkour....
by Niiicck at 8:30 PM
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We have officially made a MeepCraft Discord.

All rules stated above apply to Discord. Staff do not have to supply proof for any Discord bans. If you need help with adjusting your Discord permissions, contact a staff member. To receive permissions to use our Discord server, you should file a /modreq in game for a staff member to verify your identity.

Here are some additional rules that apply to our MeepCraft Discord. These rules are exact to MeepCraft Teamspeak.

To join our Discord server you need to click on this invite to join our official MeepCraft Discord server.

Keep in mind, if you are kicked you are going to have to click on that invite to rejoin our discord. All bans on Discord are permanent, so make good choices....
by CluelessKlutz at 4:38 PM
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Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

We decided to skip our last edition of MeepTimes due to not much changing!
Community Events

Winter Building Contest
Got a knack for building this time of year? Well, why don’t you win 50k in the Winter Building Contest? All you have to do is build something in Creative! See the thread for details!

Halo Events
Do you enjoy playing Halo? Well, play with @GodzillaGuy1997 to win Meebles! See this for more.

Secret Santa 2016
Registration is closed for this year’s Secret Santa! All those who entered have been mailed their Secret Santa buddy. You can drop off your gifts at /pwarp Santa!...
by Fuzzlr at 3:55 PM
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At 10 PM EST, we will be replacing one of our servers in order to improve the reliability of our network. During the scheduled maintenance, a server migration to the new machine will occur. That means the towns worlds Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the Wilderness will be inaccessible for at least an hour after the scheduled maintenance window.
Thank you for your understanding!