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by iMelXP at 5:03 PM
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“Mayberry Mountain” © @The_Unkown675

Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, a revival of the short lived Meep Updates as started by former staff member @The_Squirrelman . The purpose remains the same; to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

New Additions

New payment option added in addition to PayPal for donations to the server. ( more info )

Wild Reset
Refreshed wild world abundant in resources to ring in the new year.

Halo has been revamped and returned to Meepcraft! ( more info )

Bugs Squashed!
-fixed the error of “No players near” when trying to purchase items at...
by Sjoeppappentrap at 5:28 PM
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You all spoke and we listened. I’m proud to announce that Halo is back as part of Meepcraft’s selection of minigames. This game has been completely reworked by Dblosevn to bring everyone more enjoyment! So get your friends and join in on this fast paced shooting game at /warp Halo.
by shains at 4:30 PM
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Thank you all again for participating in the contest! I was thrilled with the effort put into this contest and can't believe the talent we have on this server. I am excited to do this again next year much more formally so as not to miss anyone again, I promise!

With over 80 votes, here are the results:

1st place 2,000,000: SpeedyLemonade
2nd place 1,000,000: Jess_4Ds
3rd place 500,000: Smshortstack
4th place 250,000: ThePugQueen
5th place 125,000: Killdogx

Prizes will be out by the end of the day. Happy Holidays!
by shains at 3:11 PM
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Hello friends,

On Tuesday December 29th at 5:30pm EST we held a town hall meeting with Fuzzlr and a number of other staff members regarding the concerns the community had. Here are the main points we addressed:
  • The new spawn
  • Holiday unbanning
  • Recent resignations
  • Towny additions
  • Minigames
  • Stock Market
  • Dungeon
  • Bugs
To ensure this info is relayed to the rest of the community, @iMelXP took notes of the meeting and summarized it for me to highlight the main points. Below you'll find notes regarding each topic.

New Spawn

Concern: The design.
Response: The old spawn's layout had little ease of access and new players found it difficult to locate all of its features. Upon joining, they will first go through the tutorial then spawn at the center of the spawn with all the warps clearly labeled. Other attractions such as the donor lounge, donor shop, bank, spleef, and airship are all localized within the same distance...
by shains at 3:59 PM
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Thank you all for building! This was a VERY tough decision because they were all incredible. Those who participated who didn't get into the top 5 will receive 50k each (team builds will be split for a total of 50k given per build).

Here are the results in no particular order:

ALPHA - x: 5609.168, y: 78.0, z: 3095.749


ALPHA - x: 6952, y:90, z:7010

ALPHA - /pwarp xmas_tree, /pwarp sleigh, /pwarp globe

BETA - X:8402, Y:63, Z:-4331...
by Fuzzlr at 4:42 PM
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Come to the town hall meeting at 5:30 EST! Talk about anything MeepCraft-related with Fuzzlr and the staff of MeepCraft. Connect to our TeamSpeak server at ts.meepcraft.com.
by Fuzzlr at 8:45 PM
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Find out if you're naughty or nice by claiming your present of coal or diamonds at /spawn! Just climb to the top of the Christmas tree and click the sign that says "Claim your present".

There's more... If you've been banned from MeepCraft, you could qualify for another present. Just like we did last year, we've unbanned players for chat-related infractions and minor offenses. We've given them the ultimate holiday gift of being able to play MeepCraft again!

Don't forget-- our 25% off holiday sale only runs until January 5. This is a rare opportunity to get your rank at a discounted holiday price. More donations means more funding for server development and maintenance!
Donate Now

Did you discuss a concern or suggestion about the spawn on our website? Well, we actually listened to them! We've made the spawn much more open and...
by Fuzzlr at 7:39 PM
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We are happy to announce the opening of a new spawn. We've designed the spawn with navigation and simplicity as core priorities.

Answering a Design Problem
In our previous spawn, the main spawn point was located far away from main attractions. There was little to no attention given to the placement of each part of the spawn. The new world is designed with placement as the primary focus. Each venue: Spleef, Parkour, Airship, Bank, Shop and Library have been positioned with equal distances to the main spawn point. The new spawn is the new solid foundation we can use to build a vibrant community center for MeepCraft. For players getting used to the new setup, we've recently added a variety of different navigational indicators and messages.

Increased Viewing Distance
We've decided to increase the viewing distance so that players will be able to have an optional greater view of spawn. To tweak these settings yourself, you can go to Minecraft settings and change the chunk...
by Sjoeppappentrap at 2:44 AM
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Hello Meepers!

The past week we've been working hard on setting up the new spawn, it's close to be finished.
Are you excited for the release of new spawn? I am!

Enjoy the teaser made by Bluapol!

by shains at 12:27 PM
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Hello Meep!

For some of our seasoned members (get it?) you might remember two years ago we hosted a build contest. So why not do it again? Show us your holiday spirit and win tons of prizes!

Here's how it will work:
  • Build us your best build in Alpha or Beta (By December 28th 11:59pm EST)
  • Provide your build's coordinates in a comment on this post (it doesn't need to be completed to do this)
  • Staff will pick the top 5 builds
  • Players will rank the top 5 from least to most favorite (By January 1st 11:59pm EST)
  • Winners will be announced the day of January 2nd
1st place: 2,000,000 meebles
2nd place: 1,000,000 meebles
3rd place: 500,000 meebles
4th place: 250,000 meebles
5th place: 125,000 meebles

Total prizes: 3,875,000

Happy Holidays! Get building!