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by KlutchDecals at 7:24 AM
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So we understand this came as a surprise to you all. Trust me, It caught us off guard as well.

We thought most things were alright but that was not the case. We were alerted that we have less than 10 hours comply with the EULA or we will be shut down.

We had 2 choices. Shut down and redo everything without allowing you guys on, or go through every permission node for the 10 hours straight and remove what we have to do be compliant.

We spent the 10 hours removing everything we had to, and moving everything we had to in order to comply. We also gathered some ideas to put together to let you know that we will be adding some pretty amazing things to the ranks.

Unfortunately, some perks cannot come back. This stinks for us all and believe me. Fuzzlr pushed very hard with Mojang but they did not budge.

Certain commands WILL make a comeback. We just need to make them available to everyone and purchasable with Meebles. We did not have time to go through all these, or re-add...
by Fuzzlr at 4:26 AM
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The End User License Agreement contains rules that Minecraft servers need to follow. Minecraft's EULA is designed to prevent pay-to-win situations and taking advantage of players. We are legally obligated to change our rank system to comply with the EULA.

All current rank owners will keep their ranks. Our rank system will stay the same with the exception of the Ultimate rank. The price of the Ultimate rank is currently $320, and according to the EULA any rank over a hard limit of $200 is considered to be taking advantage of Mojang's intentions. Providing the ability to fly in-game to a paying customer is also a violation of the EULA. Due to these rules, we have decided to give Ultimate rank owners the Legend title.
  • VIP - $9.99
  • Premium - $19.99
  • Exclusive - $39.99
  • Elite - $79.99
  • Supreme - $159.99
  • Ultimate -> Legend - Priceless
We always try our best to consider the best interests of rank owners and...
by adlovesdogs at 1:24 AM
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#08 The MeepCraft Times April 29th, 2016

“Piggy-Back Rides” © @Vampire_Man_32 2016

New Additions

New parkour

Get hoppin! We re-implemented /warp parkour with a brand new map, Chill Room, and it’s pretty darn cool! Check it out! ( /warp parkour )

Community Events

Lordusan’s Birthday Party

Happy birthday @lordusan ! Another trip around the sun, woohoo! He had a kickin’ birthday party (cake included) with a drop party that was over 2 million meebles worth in items! ( gallery )

AFK Tutorial Party

Yesterday at 7PM EST @Fuzzlr decided to go AFK...not without consequenses! @creepersrok1437 was the mastermind behind this AFK extravagansa, with over 20 people attending, we got some awesome Meep-selfies! ( gallery )...
by Cooleysworld at 8:29 PM
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Come check out Parkour! It is back.

MeepCraft is at it again. Making things bigger and better.

The warp issue in Parkour was fixed (big thank you to Dblosevn)

We also added a brand new map (Thanks to andrewrobins)

The new Parkour map "Chill Room" is by far one of the greatest builds on the server. It is a very challenging map so be prepared to work at making all 16 of the checkpoints (1,500 meebles each) and finishing with a 25,000 meeble prize.
by junelawnchaired at 6:21 PM
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#08 The MeepCraft Times
April 15th, 2016​

®@marshallmafers 2016
New Additions/Changes

New Creative
Keepin’ fresh in Creative with our new plugin! Most of the commands are the same, so don’t fret! Let’s get creative at /warp creative today! ( more info )

MeepCraft Shirts
Due to popular demand of you fashionistas, we’ve made a t-shirt! There will be more designs in the future, so stay tuned! ( more info )

Admin Statues

We added admin statues to /warp tutorial along with some fences to make the path more accessible for all Meepers! ( /warp tutorial )

Shop Updates
New prices, items, and fun oh my! Check it out at /warp shop today! Also, thanks to @Spyda6 there is now a ton more information when your...
by KlutchDecals at 8:32 PM
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SO After looking over what you guys liked and didnt like,


Heres the point we are at. To put the logo on the back increases the cost by about $2 per shirt. Do you guys want it or do you just prefer the logo on the front.

Let me know and ill get em set for order.
by Cooleysworld at 11:03 PM
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The new Creative was opened today! Be sure to check it out at /warp creative

Tons of new changes.

Plots are bigger
Plots can be merged
Plot owners can add friends

Plus much more!

Thank you @andrewrobins for the spawn!
by KlutchDecals at 4:38 PM
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Hey! So we decided to release the first shirt in the set! The more orders we get on this the lower the prices can go! We will have more shirts as well as some limited editions coming soon!
A bit of info!~ We have taken 0 profit. The cost is as low as we can go to cover cost. As I said, the more orders we get, The higher we can set the goal and the lower each shirt will be. Order yours now!


Thank you @andrewrobins for the design!