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Welcome to the Meep Forest! Our staff and architectural team worked together to build this new part of spawn. Take to the skies with the new Elytra course, a nine-ring training course that ends with a trampoline jump down to the ground below. Don't have enough Meebles to buy an Elytra? Don't worry-- grab a free boat in the waterpark and slide down the tumultuous river rapids.

Explore the new Meep Village, a village that will soon be the residence for numerous quest NPCs, including one insane villain who has already made his home:


This mischief-maker is building a time machine to go into the past and steal all the gold over and over again! Will you be a guardian of justice, or assist him with his evil plan to build a Time Machine? The choice is yours when you start the Time Crimestoppers Quest, a new quest that can be started by by clicking on the Quest Master and opening the new Quest selection GUI....
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Towns Wild A/B came out today! The new Wild allows you to gather resources for towns in the legacy worlds. Simply go to any towns world and type /wild to reach its designated wild world.
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Skywars is a new PvP game on MeepCraft where each player starts off on a separate island. You will either be matched up into teams or put against other players in a free-for-all map. The last person remaining in the arena is the winner!

When you join the game, you will be placed on one of the six unique maps created by @Draqq and @DeerlandingXD from our Architectural Team. They spent a lot of time ensuring that each map would provide a fun and balanced Skywars experience!

To play Skywars, login to meepcraft.com and type /warp skywars. You will be brought to the Skywars lobby. Walk up to the queue pad or type /sw kit to select a kit of items that you can use in the game to battle other players!

There are 15 different kits to choose from:
  • Bowman
  • Whacker
  • Potions
  • Blaster
  • Armorer
  • Chickenman
  • Miner
  • Wizard
  • Hunter
  • Pyro
  • Snowman
  • Dragon
  • Cupid...
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While our previous spawn dared to explore a new contemporary theme for the server, it did not have the character and navigational ease that we were looking for. We decided to create a new spawn. With the help of the architectural team we drafted a new outline for a spawn that would not only bring back many great architectural themes from our previous builds, but also incorporated the nuances and complexity of today's standard of Minecraft architecture.

The spawn is a central place where players gather. There is no reason that anyone should gather in an environment that is not completely comfortable to them. Sometimes a grand or ostentatious design can take away from how comfortable the environment is. This balance was one of the things that was put under consideration when building the spawn.


Above is an image of our preliminary design. We believed the main points of the hub should be equidistant from the center, and this is reflected...
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We are very happy to launch a new update that not only brings MeepCraft to 1.10, but also introduces some great new features to the game. I am very excited about the new changes and I hope you will be too.

A New World
We released the new Towns Gamma world, which allows players to experience the Towns experience from the ground up. When you log into MeepCraft for the first time, you will notice that you will have a new Meebles balance and items.

If you play on the two original Towns servers, Alpha and Beta, don't worry. You can still access these worlds and play them. Items and Meebles are freely transferrable between both of these original worlds. We didn't take anything away from these worlds in order to preserve the experience for those who have invested time to building towns there.

A New Spawn
One of the most exciting parts of the update is the release of our new spawn. The spawn was built from scratch by our Architectural Team, and it was modeled off of one of...
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MeepCraft is currently under maintenance.
Excited about what the maintenance will bring? Stay tuned, detailled information will follow!!

The Staff team
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New Spawn Hub @Courtneyyy 2016

Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

New Additions/Changes

We released a teaser trailer for our new spawn head on over and check it out here!

We are currently at this moment updating to 1.10 how exciting! We will update this thread with new additions as they happen so stay tuned!
On 8/20/2016 we released our update to the public including New Spawn, Gamma, Quests, and more check it out here for additional info!

Recently Accepted Suggestions

Towny Commands
If you have trouble with towny permissions worry...
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On behalf of our media team, our architect team, and our moderation team we are pleased to announce our New Spawn trailer! Enjoy our trailer made by the one and only @Bluapol
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®SpeedyLemonade 2016

Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

Editor’s note: Hello Meep! We decided to take a break from the Times last week because let’s face it - it’s a lot of work to keep these issues coming out at the high and updated quality that they are! We will be resuming our normal bi-monthly schedule for now on. We hope you enjoy this issue. #TeamMeep

Also, this issue was a tad late due to some technical problems. We apologize and this will continue as normal!


A message from Fuzzlr
Fuzzlr gives us the 4-1-1 on what’s new and different -- “there is progress being made.” -Fuzzlr 2016 ( Read more )

Advertisement Update
We refreshed the server advertisements,...
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Cowboy, Disco Pants
Premium - Pyromaniac, Ghosts
Exclusive - XxPoopBlockxX, Suicidal Sheep
Elite - CATapult, Railgun
Supreme - Paint Trail, Slimevasion, Fun Cannon
Legend - Paint Gun

We are happy to announce that gadgets are now available! You can type /gadget to use this new feature. Some gadgets were not listed here. That is because we are in the process of working out some bugs with them.


We have finished our Skywars game mode and are working on ironing out the last few bugs before we make it available to the public.


Players will be able to purchase boosts, such as 2x XP, the ability to fly, and enhanced speed. When purchased in the server shop, everyone on the server will have access to the abilities for a limited amount of time. This buyable perk will be available in the shop soon.

New Spawn

Here is a sneak peak of a small part of the new spawn we are creating...