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by Courtneyyy at 12:03 AM
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New Spawn Hub @Courtneyyy 2016

Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

New Additions/Changes

We released a teaser trailer for our new spawn head on over and check it out here!

We are currently at this moment updating to 1.10 how exciting! We will update this thread with new additions as they happen so stay tuned!
On 8/20/2016 we released our update to the public including New Spawn, Gamma, Quests, and more check it out here for additional info!

Recently Accepted Suggestions

Towny Commands
If you have trouble with towny permissions worry...
by Courtneyyy at 12:24 AM
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On behalf of our media team, our architect team, and our moderation team we are pleased to announce our New Spawn trailer! Enjoy our trailer made by the one and only @Bluapol
by Muunkee at 5:38 PM
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®SpeedyLemonade 2016

Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

Editor’s note: Hello Meep! We decided to take a break from the Times last week because let’s face it - it’s a lot of work to keep these issues coming out at the high and updated quality that they are! We will be resuming our normal bi-monthly schedule for now on. We hope you enjoy this issue. #TeamMeep

Also, this issue was a tad late due to some technical problems. We apologize and this will continue as normal!


A message from Fuzzlr
Fuzzlr gives us the 4-1-1 on what’s new and different -- “there is progress being made.” -Fuzzlr 2016 ( Read more )

Advertisement Update
We refreshed the server advertisements,...
by Fuzzlr at 1:12 AM
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Cowboy, Disco Pants
Premium - Pyromaniac, Ghosts
Exclusive - XxPoopBlockxX, Suicidal Sheep
Elite - CATapult, Railgun
Supreme - Paint Trail, Slimevasion, Fun Cannon
Legend - Paint Gun

We are happy to announce that gadgets are now available! You can type /gadget to use this new feature. Some gadgets were not listed here. That is because we are in the process of working out some bugs with them.


We have finished our Skywars game mode and are working on ironing out the last few bugs before we make it available to the public.


Players will be able to purchase boosts, such as 2x XP, the ability to fly, and enhanced speed. When purchased in the server shop, everyone on the server will have access to the abilities for a limited amount of time. This buyable perk will be available in the shop soon.

New Spawn

Here is a sneak peak of a small part of the new spawn we are creating...
by junelawnchaired at 3:00 AM
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“/t spawn Venice, Alpha! Venice is looking for new residents, recruiters and builders! Talk to one of our friendly staff to buy your pre-built home today!” ®@Vampire_man_32 .. 2016

Welcome to The MeepCraft Times, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

New Additions

Is this FaceBook or is it just me? Just kidding, it’s still Meep, but now you can /poke people on your /friend list! Don’t worry though, there’s a 5 second cooldown. ( by @Spyda6 )

We added some new, exciting events! Be prepared for Anvil Drop, Sumo, Musical Chairs and Skeleton Drop! ( /warp event )

Bugs Squashed

/friend Add Spam
Fixed Online/Offline Notification spam and overall stability of notifications ( by @Spyda6 )...
by Muunkee at 12:15 PM
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“a towny” - @marshallmafers 2016

New Additions

Meepcraft friends

Tired of having to ask if your friends are online or having to go down a mental list with /seen? Tire no more! Now you can simply add friends and see all of your friends and who is online in one convenient place. ( /friend in-game)

Bugs Squashed

/tr in Infected

Guess who’s back, back again? /tr in Infected is back, tell your friends!

Recently Accepted Suggestions

Old spawn Airship Maps

Miss old spawns? Visit them again on the airship.

( Trello )

KitPvP Prizes

We’re updating KitPvP to give you more rewards for your kills!

( Trello )

Voting Currency

We’re adding a new currency to voting, letting you exchange points for meebles or some cool...
by Courtneyyy at 6:54 AM
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#12 The MeepCraft Times
June 10th, 2016​

® @Legend Emerged (L_E_) "MeepCraft"

Cover photo

Legend's new town spawn (beta) will be released on the 26th of June for the celebration of Legend's 1 year existence (/pwarp Legend )

Recently Accepted Suggestions

Modifying the way perks are distributed through the game

We are looking for new ways to add perks throughout the game with keeping the EULA in mind such as making fly...
by Klitch at 11:28 PM
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#11 The MeepCraft Times
May 27th, 2016​

®@marshallmafers 2015 "MeepCraft"

New Additions

/bal Login

When you log into MeepCraft you get an alert of your balance in the chat window! Shout out to @lordusan for this cool new plugin.

New Staff Advertisements

Thanks to our wonderful SuperMods they went through all of the staff members advertisements and gave them all a make-over! You can now see them with cool little catch phrases!

Completed MarketPlace Forum

Believe it or not, there were marketplace threads from 2014 in the marketplace forum! With this new “completed” section it will be much more streamlined and neat. Good luck on your sales, Meep! ( more info )

Bugs Squashed!

KitPvP Duels

Being stuck in the arena, games not starting, etc., is a worry of a past with the fixes...
by junelawnchaired at 11:13 PM
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#10 The MeepCraft Times ​
May 13th, 2016​

“Sunrise in spawn” ®@speedylemonade 2016

New Additions

EULA Changes
Yes, it’s true. All perks that made MeepCraft pay-to-win have been removed per request of Mojang. New cosmetic perks will be implemented to replace this, including custom furnature and ice capsules! We’re excited for the new changes and we hope that you guys are too. We are a Meep family and these changes will not get in the way of our community bond! Meep on!

/fix for all...
by Fuzzlr at 5:16 PM
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The new /box update has been released! The Box of Perks allows you to visualize all of your rank upgrades in one simple GUI*. The box shows the items you've unlocked and the items you could unlock by upgrading your rank at meepcraft.com/upgrade! Clicking on an ability item in the box will activate the special ability, allowing you to easily access all of your perks without having to type commands.

Rank perk updates will be added to the /box as they are released, including a variety of gadgets. For more information about upcoming features, take a look at MeepCraft EULA Compliance.

*The /unpack command is temporarily disabled on the server as of May 12.