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  1. Old_Pink

    Old_Pink Celebrity Meeper

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    Hornemans plagiarized a decent sized portion of his application from two different sources. For example:

    From http://www.support4change.com/index...catid=51:poems-to-express-yourself&Itemid=207: "But just who am I?," you ask. "How can I describe myself? I experience the world and my place in it through all of my senses. I see, hear, feel, touch, smell, and taste something every day. I have hope and desires, worries and certainties. How can I put all that together and say 'I am this' or 'I am that?' "

    From http://www.askamanager.org/2014/08/open-thread-august-8-2014.html: In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m also a fanatic for details – particularly when it comes to presentation. One of my recent projects involved coordinating a 200-page grant proposal: I proofed and edited the narratives provided by the division head, formatted spreadsheets, and generally made sure every line was letter-perfect and that the entire finished product conformed to the specific guidelines of the RFP. (The result? A five-year, $1.5 million grant award.) I believe in applying this same level of attention to detail to tasks as visible as prepping the materials for a top-level meeting and as mundane as making sure the copier never runs out of paper.

    Hornemans almost completely copied these passages. He didn't even take the time to put it into his own words. Is this someone that we want to be a helper?

    (Bob4444444 and Worena_Ravenclaw originally found these cases of plagiarism, I'm not going to plagiarize their efforts ;), this thread is just to bring more attention to the issue and expose hornemans for who he is)

    @Hornemans, anything to say?
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  2. KlutchDecals

    KlutchDecals The Real Ironman Staff Member Administrator

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    Hello Meepcraft.

    I really have no starting point so I may just jump right in.

    A few days ago, our security was breached and we lost valuable information relating to the server. The entire database which keeps all the information about players was deleted. An (Unmamed) developers SSH key was found to have deleted them. After discussing the events with the developer, they claim it was not them that deleted the files, meaning it is a lie, or someone gained access to their information. Regardless of who it was, I have the displeasure of telling you that because of someones actions, we have to completely reset Meep.

    With this news being as heart breaking as it is, we are going to need everyone to pull together. I know its not how we wanted to start 2017, but we are left no choice. We are taking this unfortunate circumstance to redo everything YOUR way. You have all asked us to go back to being EULA compliant, focus on towny, and re-balance the economy. With the re-opening of Meep, The long awaited jobs plugin will be released along with Mcmmo, and multiple updates to plugins we were afraid to touch before. This mean many bugs will no longer be an issue.

    Along with these updates, The staff team is being redone as well. Many of the rules will be made clearer, many punishments will be lessened, and many of the ways we do things are being revamped. I want to meet with as many of you as possible to go over suggestions for community-staff relations. I may do another stream to talk to all of you more personally and get the ideas in the correct order.

    Its easy to focus on the bad but I urge you all to look towards the future. We love you all.

    All forms of negativity, discouragement, and toxicity will be removed from this thread.
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  3. PhoenixPuppy

    PhoenixPuppy Celebrity Meeper

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    I was just thinking of you guys a little bit today and I figured I would give out a special thanks.

    It's hard to believe that it was around five (give or take) years ago that I stumbled onto this server. I would have never guessed when I first started that I would have had the experiences I did.

    When I joined this server I was around 14-15 years old, I just got a computer and was shown the game minecraft by my friends, so I had no previous internet experience (and at the time I was very much an introvert). Meepcraft showed me what the internet, and parts of the real world is like. With the random acts of rudeness, kindness, helpfulness, and friendships.

    In my time of Meeping I have made lots of friends, I have lost friends, and I have even made a few enemies. Lots of people would say "they cant be your 'friends' if you have never met them." However I disagree. My friends on Meep have truly impacted my life through their kindness, for that I am very grateful and no matter where I go there will always be a little bit of you in me.

    Meepcraft helped me become more social and open to talk with people (though I'm still working on it).

    Becoming a moderator helped me gain more confidence and good judgement. Being a moderator also gave me a sense of responsibility, when non was given to me elsewhere. I truly believe becoming a moderator helped me gain more of a good work ethic, before I had any real jobs.

    Grammar and spelling Nazi's helped me with my typing (it's still a work in progress I know).

    So shout out to all you awesome people. You helped me get through some rough patches in my life, you gave me friendships when I had non, you gave me joy when I had little, and you really did impact my life. Even though I am not very active anymore, I will always be a Meepcrafter.

    I hope Meepcraft can impact all of you guys like it has me.

    Special thanks to all my Friends (you know who you are), fellow moderators past and present, and Fuzzlr.
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  4. Sjoeppappentrap

    Sjoeppappentrap Sjoeppappentrap Ambassador

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    Hello MeepCraft!,

    As some already noticed, I'm no longer an Admin on MeepCraft. Due to personal issues I was forced to take a step back from the Administrator position within the staff group.
    Since I do not have enough time to devote to MeepCraft, I decided to place myself as an Ambassador. This is definetely not a goodbye note, I will return when the time allowes me to!

    I hope to see you all again soon!

  5. WorkingClassHero

    WorkingClassHero Popular Meeper

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    Don't mean anything bad by this btw, dw ;)
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  6. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    Are you excited for the new spawn and the new changes that will be added in the update? I definitely am!

    Here are some photos of the new spawn that I took today.

  7. Sirrr_Pig

    Sirrr_Pig Bacon

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    At 8:17 AM my beautiful daughter Masin Lane
    was born to me and my fiance. Enjoy the face reveal.
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  8. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    When I started the server as a private server between my family and friends, I did not expect it to grow to become one of the most successful and long-lasting Towns servers of all time. MeepCraft has been around for five years, which makes it one of the oldest active Minecraft communities out there.

    The picture I attached shows the very first town that I built on the private server in 2011. Back then, the server did not have a name, and only my brother and dad were playing on it. Soon, I invited some of my friends to join and they became the very first Administrators on the server. MeepCraft launched as a public on January 2012.

    For years, MeepCraft has retained a consistent and solid player base. In the beginning, there were many problems with MeepCraft, and it was a very unstable and constantly changing environment. There were many obstacles that we overcame as a team, and these obstacles became valuable life lessons for me.

    I cannot stress how grateful I am to everyone who continues to support and dedicate their time to improve the server and keep it running. Without you, MeepCraft wouldn't continue to be the great community that it is today. I think over the past 5 years we have matured to become a vibrant and positive community. The community provides constructive feedback and support at every step of the way, and that is something that I hope will continue to be a defining characteristic of MeepCraft.

    Many people become sick of games, especially ones they have been playing for five consecutive years. I hope that your enthusiasm for MeepCraft never fades.

    To celebrate this achievement, we are having a new Five Years of MeepCraft sale! Enjoy every rank and package 25% off on the server store.
  9. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    During the month of April, we will be working on projects that will increase activity on the server and make the economy stronger and more attractive to new players.


    Thanks to the addition of two new developers, @Spyda6 and @lordusan, we will be able to put more effort into creating new server features and improving existing ones. In addition to this, our high staff team has been busy making decisions that will affect the longevity and enjoyment of the server and community in the coming months.


    We relaunched Infected. This game has been one of MeepCraft's most popular minigames and we are very excited to continue updating it. Due to popular demand, we plan to replace the Hunger Games with the popular game mode Skywars in the coming weeks. We also plan to replace our existing CTF minigame with a new creative variant created by @DBLOSEVN that we call Capture the Snowman.

    A maintenance issue with our Creative server gave us the opportunity to rework it and improve its features. @DBLOSEVN and @Cooleysworld are hard at work with a new updated Creative server with a new awesome plot system and spawn created by @andrewrobins. We are very confident that you will love the new updates for Creative.


    The update to 1.9 is a great opportunity to rework the shop system. The new shop changes are designed to be a little more friendly to new players and introduce more ways for players to make money. We plan to review the shop system over the coming weeks and fine tune it.

    We are going to lower the price to establish a town. The price is currently 250K Meebles. When you create a town, 200K is charged from your account for town establishment, and 50K goes straight into the town bank to prevent the town from falling. In order to allow new players to participate in the "mayor experience” within 1-3 weeks of playing, we are going to lower the total price to 150K Meebles (100K actual price).


    Thanks to the above economic updates, it will be a great opportunity to advertise the server and provide some much needed revitalization to the community. Thanks to our rank sales, we will have some small advertisements for the server on April 8, April 9, and April 10. Special thanks go to @Cooleysworld who provided a donation for a portion of this advertisement.


    Our architects are looking at new ways to improve the gameplay experience, and we are currently considering ideas for a possible remake of MeepCraft's second spawn created by James Delaney.


    Thanks to the initiative of @KlutchDecals, we will be rolling out a MeepCraft merchandise shop which will contain items like t-shirts and cool branded accessories that players can buy to show their support for the server. Buy purchasing these products, players will not only be able to support the server: they will also be able to wear a cool t-shirt.

    In regards to purchases, we are going to be making some changes in the rank system hierarchy to comply to additional demands from Mojang's EULA. These changes will likely not affect current rank holders negatively - we will try our best to maintain the experience for all paid players. In the meantime, please continue to support the server by purchasing a rank at meepcraft.com/upgrade.
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  10. Deinen0

    Deinen0 Guest

    IGN: Deinen0
    Date/Time: 12/11/2013 Approx. 8:30PM EST
    Reason: Abuse of Staff Perms
    Ban Length: Permanent-Appeal
    Staff Member: DianaB72

    Why we should consider your appeal:

    I was banned 12/11 for abusing my staff perms, in which I had, in clear conscious. I realize this was not the correct thing to do, however I am only human and I do make mistakes. I also realize the damage this has done to my reputation, as well as letting the entire server down. For this I apologize, and I wish for the opportunity to redeem my actions, and move forward with my MeepLife.

    I became staff for the first time during MeepNetworks, on 5/4/2013, approx 3:50AM EST. From there I had moved up the ranks and achieved Overseer(admin), twice. This was due to Crueltygaming removing the Overseer rank, then re-implementing it. During my time there I spent many hours online and in-game, tending to the player's needs, and often dissipating the resentment towards MeepNetworks, and it's co-owner, Crueltygaming. Aside from this, I often pushed for transparency within the staff, and to treat the players fairly, at times outright disobeying ban lists from Crueltygaming, which included former, and current staff.

    Early July of this year, it came to light that Crueltygaming had locked Fuzzlr out of his own machines, during this time I had consulted with Fuzzlr on several occasions, and I informed him that he would have the support of the community, and staff should he decide to leave Crueltygaming, and Meepnetworks. Given the task of saving the old spawn, and recruiting a group of loyalists, in order to keep the project hidden until it was ready. In this I staffed many of the staff we know and love today, Sirrr_Pig, Cooleysworld, Nasapc, and more.

    During the early days of the new MeepCraft, I spent hours in-game, tending to the user's needs, fielding questions, complaints (which there were a lot of, often calling for the complete resignation of all staff), and concerns. As well as forming the basis of the rules, given we had only a copy from Meepnetwork's skewed vision of them. During this time I was also heavily involved in staffing this server. This lead to an enormous time in-game, at times up to and over 10 hours a day. However, I became overall burnt out from 5 months of staff service, and resigned my adminship.

    Quite lost in what to do from then on, as a majority of my time on MeepCraft has been in the staff in some shape, or form, I reapplied and was accepted at the end of October, rising quickly back to Supermod due to my prior experience, and performance.

    That all being said, I did abuse my staff perms, something in which I regret, however that cannot change the past. I did the right thing, and willingly resigned my position due to my transgressions. The above is not meant to tout any accomplishments, but to make a case for my plea to not be banned from the server which was been my one and only server, and which I love, and quite arguably would not be here in this shape or form without me. I have given up my staff position, and will never attempt to regain this, however, I wish to have a relatively quiet meeplife back in game.

    Thank you for reading this.
    Matt Sawyer (Deinen0)
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