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  1. Deinen0

    Deinen0 Guest

    IGN: Deinen0
    Date/Time: 12/11/2013 Approx. 8:30PM EST
    Reason: Abuse of Staff Perms
    Ban Length: Permanent-Appeal
    Staff Member: DianaB72

    Why we should consider your appeal:

    I was banned 12/11 for abusing my staff perms, in which I had, in clear conscious. I realize this was not the correct thing to do, however I am only human and I do make mistakes. I also realize the damage this has done to my reputation, as well as letting the entire server down. For this I apologize, and I wish for the opportunity to redeem my actions, and move forward with my MeepLife.

    I became staff for the first time during MeepNetworks, on 5/4/2013, approx 3:50AM EST. From there I had moved up the ranks and achieved Overseer(admin), twice. This was due to Crueltygaming removing the Overseer rank, then re-implementing it. During my time there I spent many hours online and in-game, tending to the player's needs, and often dissipating the resentment towards MeepNetworks, and it's co-owner, Crueltygaming. Aside from this, I often pushed for transparency within the staff, and to treat the players fairly, at times outright disobeying ban lists from Crueltygaming, which included former, and current staff.

    Early July of this year, it came to light that Crueltygaming had locked Fuzzlr out of his own machines, during this time I had consulted with Fuzzlr on several occasions, and I informed him that he would have the support of the community, and staff should he decide to leave Crueltygaming, and Meepnetworks. Given the task of saving the old spawn, and recruiting a group of loyalists, in order to keep the project hidden until it was ready. In this I staffed many of the staff we know and love today, Sirrr_Pig, Cooleysworld, Nasapc, and more.

    During the early days of the new MeepCraft, I spent hours in-game, tending to the user's needs, fielding questions, complaints (which there were a lot of, often calling for the complete resignation of all staff), and concerns. As well as forming the basis of the rules, given we had only a copy from Meepnetwork's skewed vision of them. During this time I was also heavily involved in staffing this server. This lead to an enormous time in-game, at times up to and over 10 hours a day. However, I became overall burnt out from 5 months of staff service, and resigned my adminship.

    Quite lost in what to do from then on, as a majority of my time on MeepCraft has been in the staff in some shape, or form, I reapplied and was accepted at the end of October, rising quickly back to Supermod due to my prior experience, and performance.

    That all being said, I did abuse my staff perms, something in which I regret, however that cannot change the past. I did the right thing, and willingly resigned my position due to my transgressions. The above is not meant to tout any accomplishments, but to make a case for my plea to not be banned from the server which was been my one and only server, and which I love, and quite arguably would not be here in this shape or form without me. I have given up my staff position, and will never attempt to regain this, however, I wish to have a relatively quiet meeplife back in game.

    Thank you for reading this.
    Matt Sawyer (Deinen0)
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