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  1. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    Recently, MeepCraft has undergone a leadership change. On July 12, 2013, due to specific hardships that we were facing with our leadership, our team replaced MeepNetworks with the original MeepCraft minecraft server which is now solely owned by myself and operated by the MeepCraft development team.

    Previously, I had given a co-ownership opportunity to an individual known as CrueltyGaming to whom we invested 20,000 dollars to fund the datacenter. He brought many technical benefits to MeepNetworks and offered his time to help manage and grow the establishment. While his intentions were for the betterment of the server, we observed over the past few months that his changes were not benefiting the welfare of the server but rather diminishing its level of potential success.

    It's not easy to turn the #1 Minecraft server in the world, with 1,100 players online simultaneously and one of the most active online communities in Minecraft into a small hamlet hardly peaking at 300 players. Somehow, that's what happened under the direction of CrueltyGaming. Several hilariously dumb decisions were made, such as the cancellation of the MeepHalo project, the cancellation the CreativCubed server, for the sole reason that sharing 50% of the profits with any third party was "unacceptable". And ironically enough, just as soon as these projects were cancelled or let go, we ended up sacrificing huge opportunities in advertising and server development. Under CrueltyGaming’s directive, the original community forums and custom systems were deleted, the entire original staff of MeepCraft was fired and disbanded, and it was rumored that the very next directive was to reset the Towns world with a new rank system (which would result in the removal of the ranks that you payed for!).

    For the last 2 years I have spent a great portion of my time building and developing the community and game of MeepCraft. We had collected over a hundred thousand dollars in cumulative donations and almost 95% of those expenses were put back into helping develop and improve aspects of the server. When CrueltyGaming locked me out the machines, as had happened multiple times in the past, it was a moment of realization for me. For the next 48 hours, our team recreated the entire original MeepCraft server from scratch – without the original server files! I am especially thankful to my friend Coelho, (who is the developer of our cloud system), for contributing a hypervisor machine, on which we will be developing the new MeepCraft cloud.

    It is the best interest of the players and administration of MeepCraft to remove this individual from authority. It is a great sacrifice to leave behind our investments but the correct choice is now clear. The decisions made under his administration were clearly not beneficial in the very least. I believe that the main lesson we can all learn from this is that with any large organization, you can go sole proprietor or board of directors, but by all means stay away from dual partnerships. You should always keep your goals and ideals close to your heart and stick to them. I will sleep better at night knowing that we will be enjoying a higher level of enjoyment and success in all aspects of this game.

    - Fuzzlr

    More gamemodes such as The Walls are coming soon to MeepCraft
  2. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    Two years ago today, I started a Minecraft community called MeepCraft. This Minecraft server, which I started on my own laptop, has grown to become one of the longest running large Minecraft communities in the world. With over 1 million players served, MeepCraft continues to make countless memories and experiences for the thousands of people around the world that play daily. It was even mentioned in a Forbes article for its innovative and unique virtual economic model.

    From the very beginning, MeepCraft has been unique for its large open community. This community setting has allowed us to grow and maintain the server’s most essential asset: dedicated and devoted players. There is no price tag that can be put on the value of the friendships and unique experiences that have been made over the years. As players, your commitment and dedication to the server has maintained its existence both financially and developmentally, and it has allowed the preservation of a community that, in my opinion, is what makes MeepCraft unique and iconic.

    As a 16-year-old, I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to own and administrate one of the world’s largest Minecraft servers. I have learned so much from this experience! These last two years have been so great and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped make this possible.

    Special mention to those who have made a positive and legendary impact on MeepCraft (in alphabetical order): Alien_Venom, aPlasticKnife, btilm305, Chicka2b2b, Coelho (Onis_Luck), Cooleysworld, coolkid1288, damaster97, DancingCactus, Deinen0, Deviant210, DianaB72, Exclaimer999, FluffbearRCT, GreenTempest, iFartonChilren, ImNotBlonde, jamdelaney1, jcbetro1011, Kabixi, Kazarkas, LexKristen, mjacobinc, MrsMegan, Nanniro, nubberoni, Oroperion, Pimpkachu, PhoenixPuppy, Rosenow, Saiyer, SdubsSM, Silent_One, Sirrr_Pig, shainthewolfman, Sjoeppappentrap, Skaros123, Sneekers, TheEditson, Tsong_Jien, zortron
  3. KlutchDecals

    KlutchDecals The Real Ironman Staff Member Administrator

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    Hello Meepcraft.

    I really have no starting point so I may just jump right in.

    A few days ago, our security was breached and we lost valuable information relating to the server. The entire database which keeps all the information about players was deleted. An (Unmamed) developers SSH key was found to have deleted them. After discussing the events with the developer, they claim it was not them that deleted the files, meaning it is a lie, or someone gained access to their information. Regardless of who it was, I have the displeasure of telling you that because of someones actions, we have to completely reset Meep.

    With this news being as heart breaking as it is, we are going to need everyone to pull together. I know its not how we wanted to start 2017, but we are left no choice. We are taking this unfortunate circumstance to redo everything YOUR way. You have all asked us to go back to being EULA compliant, focus on towny, and re-balance the economy. With the re-opening of Meep, The long awaited jobs plugin will be released along with Mcmmo, and multiple updates to plugins we were afraid to touch before. This mean many bugs will no longer be an issue.

    Along with these updates, The staff team is being redone as well. Many of the rules will be made clearer, many punishments will be lessened, and many of the ways we do things are being revamped. I want to meet with as many of you as possible to go over suggestions for community-staff relations. I may do another stream to talk to all of you more personally and get the ideas in the correct order.

    Its easy to focus on the bad but I urge you all to look towards the future. We love you all.

    All forms of negativity, discouragement, and toxicity will be removed from this thread.
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  4. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    When I started the server as a private server between my family and friends, I did not expect it to grow to become one of the most successful and long-lasting Towns servers of all time. MeepCraft has been around for five years, which makes it one of the oldest active Minecraft communities out there.

    The picture I attached shows the very first town that I built on the private server in 2011. Back then, the server did not have a name, and only my brother and dad were playing on it. Soon, I invited some of my friends to join and they became the very first Administrators on the server. MeepCraft launched as a public on January 2012.

    For years, MeepCraft has retained a consistent and solid player base. In the beginning, there were many problems with MeepCraft, and it was a very unstable and constantly changing environment. There were many obstacles that we overcame as a team, and these obstacles became valuable life lessons for me.

    I cannot stress how grateful I am to everyone who continues to support and dedicate their time to improve the server and keep it running. Without you, MeepCraft wouldn't continue to be the great community that it is today. I think over the past 5 years we have matured to become a vibrant and positive community. The community provides constructive feedback and support at every step of the way, and that is something that I hope will continue to be a defining characteristic of MeepCraft.

    Many people become sick of games, especially ones they have been playing for five consecutive years. I hope that your enthusiasm for MeepCraft never fades.

    To celebrate this achievement, we are having a new Five Years of MeepCraft sale! Enjoy every rank and package 25% off on the server store.
  5. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    During the month of April, we will be working on projects that will increase activity on the server and make the economy stronger and more attractive to new players.


    Thanks to the addition of two new developers, @Spyda6 and @lordusan, we will be able to put more effort into creating new server features and improving existing ones. In addition to this, our high staff team has been busy making decisions that will affect the longevity and enjoyment of the server and community in the coming months.


    We relaunched Infected. This game has been one of MeepCraft's most popular minigames and we are very excited to continue updating it. Due to popular demand, we plan to replace the Hunger Games with the popular game mode Skywars in the coming weeks. We also plan to replace our existing CTF minigame with a new creative variant created by @DBLOSEVN that we call Capture the Snowman.

    A maintenance issue with our Creative server gave us the opportunity to rework it and improve its features. @DBLOSEVN and @Cooleysworld are hard at work with a new updated Creative server with a new awesome plot system and spawn created by @andrewrobins. We are very confident that you will love the new updates for Creative.


    The update to 1.9 is a great opportunity to rework the shop system. The new shop changes are designed to be a little more friendly to new players and introduce more ways for players to make money. We plan to review the shop system over the coming weeks and fine tune it.

    We are going to lower the price to establish a town. The price is currently 250K Meebles. When you create a town, 200K is charged from your account for town establishment, and 50K goes straight into the town bank to prevent the town from falling. In order to allow new players to participate in the "mayor experience” within 1-3 weeks of playing, we are going to lower the total price to 150K Meebles (100K actual price).


    Thanks to the above economic updates, it will be a great opportunity to advertise the server and provide some much needed revitalization to the community. Thanks to our rank sales, we will have some small advertisements for the server on April 8, April 9, and April 10. Special thanks go to @Cooleysworld who provided a donation for a portion of this advertisement.


    Our architects are looking at new ways to improve the gameplay experience, and we are currently considering ideas for a possible remake of MeepCraft's second spawn created by James Delaney.


    Thanks to the initiative of @KlutchDecals, we will be rolling out a MeepCraft merchandise shop which will contain items like t-shirts and cool branded accessories that players can buy to show their support for the server. Buy purchasing these products, players will not only be able to support the server: they will also be able to wear a cool t-shirt.

    In regards to purchases, we are going to be making some changes in the rank system hierarchy to comply to additional demands from Mojang's EULA. These changes will likely not affect current rank holders negatively - we will try our best to maintain the experience for all paid players. In the meantime, please continue to support the server by purchasing a rank at meepcraft.com/upgrade.
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  6. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    The End User License Agreement contains rules that Minecraft servers need to follow. Minecraft's EULA is designed to prevent pay-to-win situations and taking advantage of players. We are legally obligated to change our rank system to comply with the EULA.

    All current rank owners will keep their ranks. Our rank system will stay the same with the exception of the Ultimate rank. The price of the Ultimate rank is currently $320, and according to the EULA any rank over a hard limit of $200 is considered to be taking advantage of Mojang's intentions. Providing the ability to fly in-game to a paying customer is also a violation of the EULA. Due to these rules, we have decided to give Ultimate rank owners the Legend title.
    • VIP - $9.99
    • Premium - $19.99
    • Exclusive - $39.99
    • Elite - $79.99
    • Supreme - $159.99
    • Ultimate -> Legend - Priceless
    We always try our best to consider the best interests of rank owners and contributors to the server. We have been hard at work brainstorming ways to maintain the value of each rank while still being compliant with the EULA. Although this will be upsetting to many players, especially those who will miss the ability to fly, we will be providing Ultimate with the Legend rank. This rank will have all the EULA compliant perks of Ultimate and will be unobtainable unless you are a current Ultimate rank owner.

    The following rank perks are not compliant with the EULA and will no longer be available:
    • /fly
    • Changing Spawners
    • Fix
    • Heal
    • /feed (removed at a later date)
    • Breathing Underwater
    • Smelt
    • Nightvision (/nv)
    • Mini game bonus
    The following rank perks are not compliant with the EULA, and they will be given to all players:
    • Mine Spawners
    • View spawner info
    • Own 6 Creative Plots
    • Use WorldEdit in Creative
    • /speed in Creative
    • Clear plots in Creative
    • Download plot in Creative
    • /tpahere
    Removing rank perks is definitely not good news for people who've contributed to the server, but we are planning on adding these remarkable EULA-compliant features to VIP, Premium, Exclusive, Elite and Supreme to make up for it:
    • Glow Items - Give any item in your hand, a shiny enchanted effect.
    • Add Rows of Hearts - Change how many hearts displays on your client (10,20,30,40)
    • Fireworks - 30 Fireworks you can launch for spectacular effects! Ride your fireworks
    • Gadgets
      • Flamethrower - Spray flames all over to heat things up!
      • Raining Pigs - Special Delivery
      • Slime Party - Rock out with a group of slimes
      • Flappy Bird - Spawn a chicken, control it’s flaps, avoid any blocks!
      • TNT Tag - Tag, you're it! BOOM!
      • Apollo - Ride up on a rocket
      • Parachute - Open up a parachute with chickens that slowly drop you
      • TNT Fountain - Many activated TNTs shoot up in a fountain pattern
      • Tetherball - Spawn a tetherball chicken to play with a friend
      • Ghost Rider - Run around on fire
      • Rainbow - Create an gigantic awesome rainbow display
      • Railgun - Shoot fireworks from a gun
      • Walt Disney - Create an ice capsule around yourself
      • Pants Dance - Your pants flash different colors
      • XxPoopBlockxX - Create an poop bomb that explodes all over everything
      • Bat-a-rang - Shoot bats at players
      • Self Destruct - Fuse yourself, and explode over everything
      • Slime Storm - Many slimes come down and shatter
      • Fun cannon - Shoot fun with your gun
      • Paint Gun - Shoot buildings with paintballs and color the world!
      • Junk Jet - Shoots random items everywhere
    • Custom Furniture
    • Custom Blocks
    • Purchase Unwrappable Presents
    • Slot Machines
    • Chest Lock
    We are aware that many people will be upset because of these changes. However, we are looking forward to moving forward and running a server that will be more fair and fun for all players. We are very excited to take a step back, add all the new features, and improve the rank system as a whole. Thank you for supporting the server.
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  7. HazTheMan99

    HazTheMan99 Popular Meeper

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  8. Coelho

    Coelho Onis_Luck Ambassador

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    We will be seeing the rise of Minecraft 1.8 soon.

    When this happens, Mojang will start allowing you to change your Minecraft usernames.
    Please note that if you change your username:
    • You will lose ALL of your data (Meebles, Items, Towns & Residency, Hiscores, etc)
    • You will lose ALL of your donator ranks
    • No one will know who you are! You will be a loner.
    • Someone else can steal your old username and your assets above!
    For this reason we ask you, do not change your username!

    An administrator will not help you recover your assets if you do!

  9. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    I hope you're all having a great day! This is a message to all Meeps who have just started their school year, and older Meeps that wish they were still in school. I'm in school too, and I've been pretty busy.

    I'm taking 2 AP classes in school and I get a lot of homework from those classes everyday. I'm also a part of my school play. This year we are performing Beauty and the Beast and I think it's going to be a lot of fun! After school I attend rehearsals for my advanced singing class. We are going to sing at a stadium in a couple of months and I'm really excited! I'm also excited to be part of my school's tennis team this year. We have both JV and Varsity teams, and we've been undefeated for a couple of years!

    I recently went to a Vampire Weekend concert in Brooklyn with my friends! It was a lot of fun because we got to see the band live.

    Here's a picture that we took of the concert:

    So I've been a bit busy and I'm sorry I didn't give you an update on important things, like what's going on with the server!

    There's a pretty touchy subject that was being discussed, and that's the recent removal of jobs. A lot of people have mixed views on what direction the economy should go! The jobs plugin had both negative AND positive effects on the economy. Before we start advertising the server to everyone, we need to make sure that players have ways to make money without destroying the economy! We encourage everyone to use the MeepShop to earn Meebles, while we work on solutions to the inflow and outflow of Meebles!

    I'm so excited to show everyone the new spawn that's coming to MeepCraft. I showed it to some players and they all said they liked it a lot. But before we let you use the new spawn, we have to do some tweaking and techy stuff to make sure everything's ready!

    I hope all of you are having a great day mining blocks on MeepCraft! I enjoy mining too and my favorite block is 36.

    EDIT: Im also sorry we didn't bid for advertising for September, my clock was off one hour and I missed the bid! (we'll get it right next month)
  10. KlutchDecals

    KlutchDecals The Real Ironman Staff Member Administrator

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    As many of you know, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were where we spent countless hours getting to know each other and having fun playing minecraft. Great time was spent playing and enjoying the server: collecting resources, building towns and grinders, enjoying the thriving economy, and making new friends. All of this is consequential to the fond memories that were formed. Some of the greatest builds, masterpieces, were built over the course of hundreds to thousands of hours. Many new players came into the community, while farewells were said to some old. The fun and friendship we experienced will not be forgotten, and will not end.

    With the release of the unified towns world, after an unexpected reset, many players in the community requested that we put the legacy worlds up for download. The relaunch of MeepCraft with a reset of towny, new jobs, and so much more resulted in the divulging of many issues that required balancing and correction. Due to this it took some time to fulfill the well warranted request to make the legacy worlds available for download. Providing a means for the community to download of the legacy worlds was the utmost priority to insure the time and effort put into these worlds was not without peril.

    Today we are happy to announce that the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma worlds are available for download! Preserving the memories and creations built during the legacy towns era was fundamental to our decision to release the worlds. It is our hope that these worlds are downloaded, explored, and enjoyed from time to time. As MeepCraft continues to move forward in a positive direction it is important not to dwell on our past, but to rather learn from our mistakes and continue for the better.

    The world downloads are relatively large so please be aware of that when downloading.​

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  11. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    VIP -
    Cowboy, Disco Pants
    Premium - Pyromaniac, Ghosts
    Exclusive - XxPoopBlockxX, Suicidal Sheep
    Elite - CATapult, Railgun
    Supreme - Paint Trail, Slimevasion, Fun Cannon
    Legend - Paint Gun

    We are happy to announce that gadgets are now available! You can type /gadget to use this new feature. Some gadgets were not listed here. That is because we are in the process of working out some bugs with them.


    We have finished our Skywars game mode and are working on ironing out the last few bugs before we make it available to the public.


    Players will be able to purchase boosts, such as 2x XP, the ability to fly, and enhanced speed. When purchased in the server shop, everyone on the server will have access to the abilities for a limited amount of time. This buyable perk will be available in the shop soon.

    New Spawn

    Here is a sneak peak of a small part of the new spawn we are creating with the help of the architectural team.



    I would like to apologize about not posting updates. Over the past few months I have been operating in the background to keep the server up and delegate tasks to complete current projects. My activity is limiting, but there is progress being made. The biggest problem is the lack of revenue. Because there is a lack of revenue there is no funding to pursue advertisement. The server itself is functioning perfectly and retaining a healthy amount of player retainment, however that number decreases due to lack of incoming players. The areas in which we are most lacking would be in marketing and development.

    We have rarely pursued anything other than paid advertising in the past, due to the fact that we have always had adequate funding. At this point we do not have adequate funding due to the EULA changes. Due to the changes we have lost a majority of server revenue and are unable to take risks when it comes to advertising. Therefore growth has to be more organic. The changes come during a particularly rough time because we are inundated with development work, which includes the updates to Minecraft 1.9 and 1.10.

    While evaluating this problem, one must consider that while some servers suffer from the EULA, there are a few that are still running successfully. I have wondered why MeepCraft falls so distinctly into the former group. My explanation for this is that MeepCraft is based heavily around the economy. An economy server is dependent on factors such as power, wealth, and economic advantages. In the past, our revenue model has been dependent on players seeking economic advantages. Giving those advantages to paying players is what has driven our revenue model for almost 4 years.

    When we are asked by Mojang to remove these economic advantages from our shop, we are basically being asked to remove 90% of our revenue model. The server will struggle to survive this way, and even the most creative solutions may not be enough to compensate for the loss.

    While this may seem to be very bad news, there are a number of solutions to this problem that may help alleviate in the short term. A strong economy server requires a large number of participants. I strongly encourage all players to actively promote the server, whether in your social circles, and remind everyone that organic growth depends not only on our continued work on the server but also your efforts to refer new players to it.
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  12. KlutchDecals

    KlutchDecals The Real Ironman Staff Member Administrator

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    So we understand this came as a surprise to you all. Trust me, It caught us off guard as well.

    We thought most things were alright but that was not the case. We were alerted that we have less than 10 hours comply with the EULA or we will be shut down.

    We had 2 choices. Shut down and redo everything without allowing you guys on, or go through every permission node for the 10 hours straight and remove what we have to do be compliant.

    We spent the 10 hours removing everything we had to, and moving everything we had to in order to comply. We also gathered some ideas to put together to let you know that we will be adding some pretty amazing things to the ranks.

    Unfortunately, some perks cannot come back. This stinks for us all and believe me. Fuzzlr pushed very hard with Mojang but they did not budge.

    Certain commands WILL make a comeback. We just need to make them available to everyone and purchasable with Meebles. We did not have time to go through all these, or re-add these. We also did not have time to remove the lores on /fixed items however that will be addressed.

    Things like fly may become available through hourly buying them with meebles. We just need to go through it all and re add what were allowed to so PLEASE. Have patience.

    We are all very stressed about this but these things are not what make Meep, Meep.
    We need to pull together and come up with ideas to get this server to be top notch again. This done not come through toxicity or complaining. It comes through maturity and sharing ideas in a organized manner.

    Feel free to suggest things but please keep in mind, we have a big list and are working hard to get them done.

    We love you all and cant wait to see how everyone comes together!

    -Meep Staff.
  13. Sirrr_Pig

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    Hello all, tonight marks the beginning of the takedown of MN, with everyone being OPed, and cruelty being taken down. With this I say thanks to the thousands I've seen come and go. This includes many of the original staff members who brought it all together: fuzzlr, Deinen0, Cooleysworld, Onis, reggles44, Skaros123, Soudafat, savvvy420, TheJohnseyClutch, nasapc123 and myself.

    "Have faith in what MeepCraft can be, not what it is, even if it's not always the best."

    Hope to see you again in this next year!

    fuzzlr fuzzlr fuzzlr
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  14. Coelho

    Coelho Onis_Luck Ambassador

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    tl;dr Probably shouldn't change your name yet.

    Let's talk name changes.

    Recently, Mojang added name changes to Minecraft where you can change your name for free every 30 days. This isn't fully compatible with MeepCraft yet, so here are some things to look out for if you change your name:

    What you will keep
    • Bans
    • Universe stats
    • Meebles
    • Items / equipment / ender chest
    • Votes
    • Pwarps
    • MeepChest
    • Homes
    • Creative plots
    • Mail
    • Donator Ranks
    What you will lose
    • Halo stats (*)
    • Towns/nations and resident status (**)
    • Skyblock (***)
    • ChestShop (****)
    • Last known position (*)
    (*) This is planned to be fixed first priority
    (**) This is planned to be fixed second priority
    (***) This is planned to be fixed with an unrelated major update.
    (****) This will never be fixed.

    Added commands
    • /seen <name> - See a player's Id
    Coming soon
    • /history #<id> - See a player's previous names by their Id
    • /history <name> - See the previous players who have used this name
    We are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you want to change your name, we recommend you *wait* until we fix all of the issues.

    Thank you!
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  15. Coelho

    Coelho Onis_Luck Ambassador

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    Welcome to the new website!
  16. Klitch


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    #11 The MeepCraft Times
    May 27th, 2016​

    ®@marshallmafers 2015 "MeepCraft"

    New Additions

    /bal Login

    When you log into MeepCraft you get an alert of your balance in the chat window! Shout out to @lordusan for this cool new plugin.

    New Staff Advertisements

    Thanks to our wonderful SuperMods they went through all of the staff members advertisements and gave them all a make-over! You can now see them with cool little catch phrases!

    Completed MarketPlace Forum

    Believe it or not, there were marketplace threads from 2014 in the marketplace forum! With this new “completed” section it will be much more streamlined and neat. Good luck on your sales, Meep! ( more info )

    Bugs Squashed!

    KitPvP Duels

    Being stuck in the arena, games not starting, etc., is a worry of a past with the fixes done by @reggles44 ! Have fun PvP-ing! ( old trello card )

    Recently Accepted Suggestions

    Teleporting Invincibility

    When you /tpa to someone, you will be invincible for a small amount of time in order to prevent luring cases! Thanks @Empoleon_master and stay safe Meep! ( trello card )

    Towny Map Improvements

    This improvement will let you see plots that are for sale by marking them in red. Thanks @Twomoo! ( trello card )

    Individual Plot Taxes

    With individual plot taxes you will be able to rent out plots and set each one to differ

    ent taxes as you please! Thanks @Twomoo! ( trello card )

    EULA Suggestions

    Since the great EULA suggestion outbreak we added a few ideas to the Megacard on Trello, which include (but not limited to): Jobs letting you earn meebles, rank boosters, and /fly for everyone in /spawn! Thanks so much to everyone who discussed and is still discussing the changes, it’s nice to see how passionate everyone is about the Meep future! ( trello card )

    Material Perk Rewards for Minigames

    Rather than meebles, it might be a good idea to give players things like spawners or small donor perks as rewards for the minigames - rewards that you have to go to towns to use! It’s still in the beginning stages, but check out the first steps! Thanks @Summers ! ( more info )

    Community Events

    Builders of the Future (voting)

    Vote for your favourite builders of the future! There are three outstanding builds, so vote today! ( more info )

    MeepPvP Olympics (signup)

    Get stretching! The unofficial MeepPvP olympics are going to be held and the signups are still open! Grab a group of your besties and sign up today! ( more info )

    Humans of MeepCraft - Feat. @legendcaleb

    Well aren’t these guys a sight for sore eyes! (are your eyes really sore? We don’t know but just go with it) This week we took @silverkid01 @QueenTiitan and @PeriHeika aside to see what a day in the life of a Meeper is like. Enjoy the gallery! ( gallery link )


    “I’m not good at quotes” -Legendcaleb

    What keeps you coming back to meepcraft?

    “Probably my friends because a lot of them still play here and i enjoy talking to them”

    What type of job would you like to have when you’re older?

    “(I want to have) Lots of opportunity...I don’t want to put myself on a path that I’ll regret later...keep my mind open”

    Is your name caleb in real life?

    “Yes it is indeed, I wish I could have some super cool alias but it’s just caleb.”

    Favorite minecraft sound

    “I like the music...if you get your own music track then it’s really relaxing…”

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    “Shoutout to my boy @BaM_Nitro because he wanted a shoutout.”

    Welcome to the Team!

    @Courtneyyy and @Refugeecrafter have been accepted onto the Helper team! We’re excited to see you guys in action!

    Get Involved with The MeepCraft Times!
    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo submitted by the community. The owner of the selected photo will be awarded 25,000 meebles and be featured on the front page of the paper. Start a forum conversation with @adlovesdogs to enter a picture. It MUST be on meep and no chat lines. Additionally if a submitted picture is repurposed elsewhere in the paper, you will be awarded 5,000 meebles.

    The next issue of The MeepCraft Times will be released June 10th! See you then!

    This issue was created by: @adlovesdogs , @junelawnchaired, @Klitch , @Miku , @Fortemizuki , @CaptainCluckers , @Courtneyyy , @Muunkee , and @Lady_Hestia
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    Meepers we take a quick break to bring you urgent news. Last night around 7pm EST two brave pokemon trainers and architects ventured where no one else dared. Deep into the new tutorial they found a wild Fuzzlr in its natural habitat. They soon realized that this Fuzzlr was incapacitated (afk) and decided to try and capture him. Conventional pokeballs seems to be ineffective against him. They resulted to drastic measures, making their own pokeball out of blocks they could find they succeeded in capturing him. Now today I am able to bring you a picture of their triumphant moment.

    View attachment 22575

    Thank you architects @JoeK and @Candy_Master

    Now I must run before Fuzzlr finds out I posted this.
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  18. Fuzzlr

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    I recently built a new room in the donator lounge! The Sonic Room is a place where donators can host drop parties or special events. There are three trampolines and two parkour walls in the room, as well as a sky jump viewing area. In the future, we will be hosting drop parties in this room and throughout the spawn. Thanks for donating and helping us keep the server running!

  19. junelawnchaired

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    #10 The MeepCraft Times ​
    May 13th, 2016​

    “Sunrise in spawn” ®@speedylemonade 2016

    New Additions

    EULA Changes
    Yes, it’s true. All perks that made MeepCraft pay-to-win have been removed per request of Mojang. New cosmetic perks will be implemented to replace this, including custom furnature and ice capsules! We’re excited for the new changes and we hope that you guys are too. We are a Meep family and these changes will not get in the way of our community bond! Meep on!

    /fix for all (temporary)
    When we removed /fix, all of your old /fix’d items were quite literally stripped down to one bar of health. For one week as of yesterday 12 May 2016, we are implementing /fix so you can repair those tools again, and not worry about them being destroyed later. ( more info )

    The Box of Perks feature allows you to visualize all of your rank upgrades. Rank updates will be added to the /box. ( more info )

    Community Events

    Win 2k!
    Are you a creative town-namer? Well here is your chance to show off your knowledge for 2,000 meebles! ( more info )

    Guess the Player Count
    Are you good with statistics and trends? Or are you just a naturally lucky guesser? Well my friend, here is a fun game that you can play in game! You can guess the player count of Meepers online (ingame) for a sum of money! ( more info )

    Recently Accepted Suggestions

    Spawners for all
    Thanks to the EULA, everyone can own/mine/sell spawners now! Have fun making those mega-grinders and mega-farms! ( more info )

    Remove /feed
    Ring ring farmers! Time to open up those shops again because /feed is disabled per request of the players/EULA! Moo! ( more info )

    Bug Squasher

    /tr in Infected
    Want to play the blood-boiling game of infected but don’t want to leave your shop to slowly wilt away to the economic competition? Have no fear! /tr has been fixed so that you can use it in /warp infected! ( /warp infected + /tr )

    Humans of MeepCraft
    A new segment of the MeepCraft Times, including candids of three players, and one special player who is asked some familiar interview questions! This week we found @FillylandingXD , @NickxGold , and @fmasroor ! Check the link here for the pictures: ( Humans Of MeepCraft )

    “XChaosZeroX’s True Form” ® @junelawnchaired


    “Be true to who you are, accept your mistakes, embrace your success, keep your head up you can accomplish anything if you truly believe in it” ( gallery )

    What can you bring to the staff team as a helper?
    “Well.. I am a leader”

    If you could identify as a spirit animal what would it be?

    As a man of very few words, what is your favourite word?

    Welcome to the Team!

    A warm welcome to the MeepCraft Staff team: @Dawn , @Lady_Hestia and @Muunnkee - Alexia ! We hope you have a fun time helping your fellow Meepers!

    Get Involved with The MeepCraft Times!
    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo submitted by the community. The owner of the selected photo will be awarded 25,000 meebles and be featured on the front page of the paper. Start a forum conversation with @junelawnchaired to enter a picture. It MUST be on meep and no chat lines. Additionally if a submitted picture is repurposed elsewhere in the paper, you will be awarded 5,000 meebles.

    The next issue of The MeepCraft Times will be released May 27th! See you then!

    This issue was created by: @adlovesdogs , @junelawnchaired, @Klitch , @Miku , and @CaptainCluckers
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    The new Creative was opened today! Be sure to check it out at /warp creative

    Tons of new changes.

    Plots are bigger
    Plots can be merged
    Plot owners can add friends

    Plus much more!


    Thank you @andrewrobins for the spawn!