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  1. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Administrator

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    Welcome to MeepNation

    I am opening the servers newest Nation for towns to join this evening! The nation is MeepNation and will be open to all towns on the server to join.

    There will be no charge to join the nation and no daily tax to stay a member of MeepNation. Donations by Towns are accepted but not required.

    Once up and running with a nation staff selected by the Mayors of the towns we will have monthly events that will result in prizes paid by the nation.

    The nation will also (once we reach and maintain a 10 town min for a period of one month) do two rank upgrades per month which will be selected and voted for by all Nation Mayors & Nation Staff.

    the Nation will also have it's own TeamSpeak which each town will get 2 channels on allowing for a town channel and maybe a town staff channel. The channel names will be selected by the town mayor and must fall within Meep rules. There will also be general chat rooms for the whole nation to enjoy.

    We will also allow Custom Titles in the Nation as long as they don't break server rules, or are used to troll another player on the server. (Mayors will control who gets custom titles in the towns and will have to approve the titles.

    The TeamSpeak will also have one room called Allies which will be used to communicate with Ally Nations.

    All Mayors and Nation Staff will also have access to TeamSpeak Music channel and the BOT in the channel. The Music channel will have general courtesy rules.

    Nation Staff

    The Nation will need Staff and I am counting on experienced Mayors and Town staff to help me develop and maintain the strength of this great nation.

    If you are interested in joining MeepNation please message me on discord or on forums with a PM. Once a staff is put together we will have many more players able to add your great towns to the nation.

    All Towns will have a say in how the nation is run. We will all work together not to make this the biggest nation or the "best" nation. We will make the Nation what we want it to be!

    I look forward to ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and many great players to be apart of this great nation.
  2. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Since the start of the reset, there has only been one nation on the server. Many of the larger towns chose to avoid taking part due to the lack of need. Now, a new nation has arisen. With its capitol city being Legend, the Mystical Realm is the largest entity on the server, with over 750 residents (as of right now). There is not, and never will be, a nation tax, either.

    In addition, we will be hosting many different events to lay down competition between towns in the nation, take it slow, and just have fun with each other. Many projects will be started such as the upcoming Nation Capitol being build on the edge of World Spawn (claimed by the town of Legend currently). All mayors (and those in the town chosen by any of the mayors) will be allotted room to build themselves into the line of statues near this project in the future. Winners of nation events will also be given custom titles of their choosing.

    If you'd like to check anything out, I'm always around on forums, in-game, Discord, or anywhere else you might have me. Have fun!
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
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  3. metr0n0me

    metr0n0me Celebrity Meeper

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    @NukeLuke2 you should apply you would be perfectly suited for the position
  4. Vexmae

    Vexmae St★rGazer

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    Ravenna - an Italian themed town
    I am here to introduce those who are reading this to my town Ravenna, we are a fairly new town with Italian themed builds, I made the town of Ravenna around January 2018, and we have just hit 110 residents, we're needing a few town staff that can gather materials (we run short very quickly) and those who can build houses in the same style if not varying in some way, but we're also accepting residents into our quickly growing community.

    Our current town staff are:

    @Vexena -Town Mayor
    @lollisweet101 - Town Co-mayor
    @Nemoirboys - Town Co-mayor
    @Scopersniper - Town Co-mayor
    @sijo - Town Co-mayor
    @KyloMeep - Town Co-mayor
    @jrs25872 - Town assistant
    @SuperJack -Town assistant
    @CryogenicNewt05 -Town assistant
    @Marthacuddles - Town assistant

    We accept any person into our town, (unless if you are banned from the MeepNation, nation, but if granted into the nation, you may join) regardless of any background persona and we will not judge you or treat you any differently than any other resident, we treat all residents with respect, so long as you are the same with our town staff.

    We're hoping to create a town where everyone is kind and creates an enjoyable environment between the town. but we also will not hesitate to have strict conversations with you if we see someone acting up in town, or in global.

    our main town area is based off Italian Villas, we don't allow building your own house in this area but we do allow minimal changes to the exterior of your plot, but we would prefer if you didn't tamper with the outside (gardens/little farms are fine) we also offer a freebuild area, and coming soon we will have a staff house district (upcoming plans will be mentioned in another paragraph)

    we also offer houses as an embassy with only 25 meeble taxes (these may change depending on how high our upkeep goes to) but if you are claiming as an embassy there would be a 250 house price coming with it, just so we can keep Ravenna going for that little bit longer

    Our current projects
    Our current projects (listed from High priority - Low priority) are:

    Freebuild area development (this is already in progress)
    A town store (Similar to the shopping district, but this will be one main build and all items will be sold by me, to which funds will be donated to the town bank)
    Shopping District (This has already been started, view the progress or own your own shop at /pwarp Athens)
    Town staff district (this will be houses that town staff can own, these may or may not be bigger than normal houses seen in the main town area

    Town hall- This has been changed to low priority, as there are other plans in the making
    Town spawn - we have renovated the spawn to be bigger and better, as being build by Myself and @Achrow

    Shopping District
    This is the current state of our shopping district, to take the shops away from the current style of our houses builds will be made join together, to create a stripmall like idea, but outside, we have recently had /pwarp Mpr move into the build on the left
    Current town state
    Our current town looks like this, we have had various players move in with embassies such as sophdragon, @Cooleysworld, agnd, and @iKitten when the town was at it's most patheticness (like a turtle on it's back :3) we're a very inviting town with so much to offer to the world and we would like everyone to be a part of our rapidly growing community!

    (we are hoping to have a video town trailer soon)
    Any town edits will be posted under this thread under and Edit section, so be aware :)

    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
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  5. Investor

    Investor Celebrity Meeper

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    Very modest. Thanks for the constructive post.
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  6. DevilSpawn112

    DevilSpawn112 The Sass Master

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    With a lot of factors weighing in on me not having the ability or the "want" to play Meep as much, I have decided to sell DreamCraft. As a lot of you know, there are tons of memories I have in this town, so much history in the town, I hate the thought of selling it but I have decided that selling it is the only way that the town will go on.

    A little history to start your fire ;)
    DreamCraft has been an existing town since MN times. Several towns have been created to carry on the DreamCraft name as building is something we enjoy. On March 8th, 2014, DreamCraft Beta was created by Dem0Gorgon in an attempt to start fresh. From there, we have brought the town to what we would like to believe is greatness. The town quickly filled as we opened it to add residents, therefore bringing in more islands and more residential homes. In May of 2014, DreamCraft expanded to make island 1 (Spawn area) larger to hold more residents. The demand for more homes lead to the creation of island 2 (/pwarp dc2) that also filled quickly. We had decided that this was a good resting point as we were unsure if we wanted to have a larger town. In February 2015, DC opened up a villager trading (/t outpost) that housed many villagers for town residents to freely use. May 2015, DC created island 3 (/pwarp dc3) allowing for 6 Oceanfront properties, a sort of "mansion" type scene for a less crowded area. It was also May of 2015 that the DreamCraft mob/exp grinder was created for player convenience (/pwarp dcmobs). Holding off until August 2015, DreamCrafts first "different" theme was built, a medieval theme made of two attatched islands (/pwarp dc4). February of 2016 came fast, bringing DreamCraft island 5 (/pwarp dc5), an island of private quartz "mansions" in a peaceful darkoak biome completely surrounded by ocean, giving a sense of peace. In April of 2016, DreamCraft's final island was created (currently /pwarp dcnew). Dcnew is currently incomplete (roads are still needed, houses are there), but has major progress and potential, although currently uninhabited until completion. DreamCraft has a farm area for residential use (/pwarp dcfarm), with farm plots available for personal use, a town farm building if you do not wish to have your own plot, also containing cow, pig, sheep, and rabbit spawners for food sources or other resources. This pwarp also contains a "free building" which contains unwanted items from other players to create community sharing. The shopping district (/pwarp dcshops) has a swampy theme and is a smaller island for easy navigation. Among Island 1 (/t spawn), there is a "Magic tree parkour cave", DC Lake (with fishing dock), private outlook at the spawn cave opening, several towers, Windmill (can also be used as a home), Town barn (lies between island 1 & 2, contains breeding horses and horses for sale), and flour mill (just for looks). There are many, many scenic areas and tons of detail.

    All DC houses are made out to be plot/purchase ready (each house sits on its own plot/s). DreamCraft is currently tax free. No resident, plot, embassy, shop taxes at all. Current town upkeep is 50,375 meebles per server day (not mc day) with 137 residents, several embassies, and 775 plots.

    This being said: If the purchaser chooses to change towny taxes, I will request that each embassy owner be contacted through /mail (They tend to not see town board updates) for ample warning that taxes will be instated, including the date that it will occur. (Also, you must warn residents with towny board and signs in spawn.) For worst-case scenario, DreamCraft has a tax solution that you can choose to use posted on the rules board, but is not required. I would prefer that no current rules be removed but afterall, it will be your town.

    When purchasing DreamCraft, keep in mind that you will in-turn be purchasing the nation (holds 48 towns currently). This will not come free, but will be included in the purchase price (also, for those who do not know, nation taxes are 5k per day). WILL CONSIDER SELLING SEPERATELY, but if not sold by the time the town goes, you will be purchasing that as well. DreamCraft Nation also holds a sort-of Nation spawn. It is currently minorly incomplete, but would not take much to get it going.

    Some notable things: My town staff is amazing! CluelessKlutz and Mjs6000 have been my assistants for a long while, helping to bring DC to its current successful state. They are both great at jumping in to help on building and adding residents to keep the town going. The town community is actually quite nice. The residents converse regularly in town chat and get along well. Clueless has also developed a town navigation and welcome book which is quite useful and will be updated when dc6 is completed.

    Please either respond with purchase offers or you may mail me (forums or in-game) with purchase offers to remain anonymous (I will be updating this thread with the anonymous offers as/if I get them). Serious inquiries only, please.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 15, 2016, Original Post Date: May 15, 2016 ---
    Current high bid from anonymous is 4 mil.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 15, 2016 ---
    Anonymous offer has withdrawn.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 15, 2016 ---
    Anonymous bid at 3 mil.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 15, 2016 ---
    3.5 mil from Jacknat! Current bid!
    --- Double Post Merged, May 15, 2016 ---
    3.7 mil from anonymous! Current bid!

    Let me remind you, this comes with all of the pwarps as well!
    --- Double Post Merged, May 16, 2016 ---
    Jwarian has done a bid out and closed the bidding.
    Thank you all for participating!
  7. Midnight_Galaxy

    Midnight_Galaxy *:・゚✧Hybrid Time Lord Fallen Angel*:・゚✧ Staff Member Super Mod

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    Attention everyone, Hold onto your hats, mothers, siblings, children, wigs, flower crowns, because the town Elementals is now officially open!


    The town Elementals is by far one of the most unique and original town designs to date, its theme, design and atmosphere is something to be remembered. The concept of having not 1 but 4 themes to the town is what makes it substantially different from those around.

    Now here is how the town started, myself, Vampire_Man_32 and TechnoTyson were all staff members in a pretty successful alpha town, Venice, and when the new towns world, Gamma, was added we wanted to bring something new to the table, something that hadn’t been done before. The town originally started out as Bacon and we moved through a few names before Vampire suggested a fire themed town and then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, hey! Why have only fire when we can make it based on all 4 elements, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth so everyone can have something they want. Each district has a completely different design and will give everyone a chance to get the design that best fits them.

    The Air district is by far one of my personal favourites. The whole idea of this district is that it is floating, an air city. Each island’s design is based around the concept that it was ripped out of the ground and is now floating mid air. Each plot comes with a unique pre-built home.

    The Earth district is a natural paradise, with flowers, trees, quaint little homes and a beautiful atmosphere. If you are someone who enjoys a natural surrounding without heavy pathways, loud and overly large buildings then the Earth district would be a perfect fit for you.

    The Fire district is a volcanic wonderland, we have taken aspects of the nether, and overworld and mashed them together to make a beautifully crafted fiery domain. If this district has caught your eye and you join, you would get your own secluded home within the fiery mountain.

    The Water district is based underwater in domes that are made out of glass and various prismarine and quartz items. The overall idea of the water district was to make our own Atlantis. When joining you would get your own plot sized dome. This district is currently still being worked on.

    Do any of these catch your eye and you are intrigued to see what they look like? If yes you can see our gallery here or you can visit /pwarp elementals and take a tour of our fabulous town!

    Want to put a hold on a plot? Not a problem simply message one of our lovely assistants and pay the hold fee of 1000 meebles and you will have a reserve!

    Want a Embassy in the town? Simply message one of the towns assistants and they will fix you up.

    Want to be staff in the town? Simply message one of the high staff on forums, we are currently hiring builders and recruiters! We are looking for active, passionate and dedicated candidates (Co-Mayors and Mayor).

    Tax information:

    Res tax: 0 | Plot tax: 0 | Embassy Tax: 250

    Current Town staff:

    Mayor: Vampire_Man_32

    Co-Mayors: Midnight_Galaxy, TechnoTyson

    Assistants: LordMellow, JadeySpud, The_Salty_Shibe, The_Fab_Ab

    Click here to see the town Gallery!!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
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  8. marshallmafers

    marshallmafers Celebrity Meeper

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    Freyview a town in Alpha needs residents, residents and some builders.

    The town is in the process of becoming active again and we're looking for people to help expand it.

    Current Town Ranks.
    Mayor: @squid53214
    Co-mayor's: @SimpleArchitect(MarshallMafers) @speedylemonade
    • Builders
    If you're a Medieval builder and looking for an amazing town to use your skills on then Freyview is the place for you. Becoming a builder for Freyview is the first steps in your journey to become something great.
    Builders Application Rules​
    • Must be active and Mature
    • A decent builder
    Builder Application
    (please answer questions in bold)

    Pictures of builds:

    How Active you are:

    Favorite building theme:

    • Residency
    If you're looking to become an active member of the town we do have plots available. The down is divided into 3 districts. District 1 is the Royal District. These houses are Pre-built and unchangeable only exteriorly. Anything interior can be changed as long as it does not effect the exterior. You'll be given Housing Rule Books upon purchase of such said houses.​
    • District 1
    (This picture only shows some of the Royal District of Freyview.)
    • District 2
    District two is basically the Middle Class for Freyview. It still allows you to purchase pre-built houses at a fraction of the cost and still live in style. Houses their are uniquely placed within the town and allow you to own and run your own shops. Upon purchasing a house in the Middle District of town you will also be given a Housing Rule Book, upon which you must read and agree too.
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  9. Summers

    Summers Hot Meeper

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    Cits don't need free money they need more entertaining ways to make money.
  10. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Administrator

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    I would love for you to be the Co-Mayor and Chief of Staff in my Town. I think you would be a great addition to the servers most grand town, filled with respect, class, talent, and unlimited wealth.

    DISCLAIMERS; I don't have a town currently. This offer is only valid if I currently own a town and has no value after it's read.
    I hope you find the town you are looking for. :)
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  11. Redolwolf

    Redolwolf Popular Meeper

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    There's more promotion for Bluapol then there is for the town ahah, nice though ;)
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  12. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Proud dictator since 2016
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  13. liamslun

    liamslun Meeper

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    I have recently started a new town at /t spawn MeepTown. I have attached some pictures below.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I am currently looking for a co-mayor and new town staff.

    The new co-mayor will be in charge of expanding the town, recruiting new staff and adding new residents. They will be equal in rank to the Mayor.

    Other new town staff will help build new houses and add new residents.

    If anyone is interested, please reply below or send me a message in-game.
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  14. _EggsBenedict_

    _EggsBenedict_ Meeper

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    Recently, the General Mooville Area program has been gaining popularity, and multiple towns have entered the program. As the numbers rise in Mooville's resident count, so do the concerns of neighboring towns and players. Here's why the Mooville GMA damages the idea of a Towny server.

    Contention 1: Suffocation Nation

    First, the politics of the GMA don't fit within a towny program. The Mooville GMA creates a faction-like band which alienates small towns outside the program. The point of an economy server is well, economics, and the Mooville GMA not only negates to give economic benefits to their GMA towns, but only focuses on political aspects. Not only politics, however, but the GMA creates a specific type of segregation in the towny community. In my own personal experience with my new town, Foodville, I recieved large amounts of pressure from Mooville's mayor to join the GMA. When I refused, an inordinate amount of shade and disdain was received from both Mooville's mayor and staff. Specifically, when I decided to keep connections to the town I previously lived in, Legend. The response I got from Mooville's staff was "Why Legend over Mooville?" and multiple cutting comments slandering Legend as "backstabbers". I felt ambushed and pressured by staff to break ties Legend. During this, my main question was why, as a community, there was such an extreme amount of tension which- at least from my perspective- was very one-sided. In conclusion, the only real purpose the GMA has so far served is an unneeded dose of tension and isolation between Mooville and the rest of the Towny world.

    Contention 2: Creating a Drought

    Second, as Meep has had trouble increasing player count and inspiration in a towny world, the Mooville GMA tramples newcomers and aspiring town owners. People who decide to own a town in the server have most recently had two choices.

    1. Join Mooville's GMA and receive "benefits and connections"
    2. Don't join, and forever be isolated and looked down upon- not to mention have trouble growing as a town.

    Thus, the lack of flexibility and overload of pressure causes new town owners and players to feel demotivated as their options in the server seem relatively limited. As a new town owner myself, all i have received after not joining the GMA was not only direct hate from Mooville staff but also a struggle in gaining my own residents. After I experienced a gain in residents in my town, my joy was diminished when... oddly, ALL of them left for Mooville. While I do not accuse anyone of any foul play here, I found that to be rather.. convenient?

    In total, the progression of the Mooville GMA not only defeats the point of a towny server, but it hinders Meep from quickly growing to be a greater server. Thus, All the General Mooville area creates is a general sense of animosity.
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  15. Vamp1re_Man

    Vamp1re_Man Celebrity Meeper

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    Hello MeepCraft,

    As many of you will remember, @Midnight_Galaxy and I used to run the very successful town of Elementals back in the Gamma days of MeepCraft, and today I would like to showcase what our next town will be.

    Much like Elementals, our new town will have four districts, except this time they will each be themed according to the four seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. This new town is called Seasonal.

    Here are some pictures of our spawn (Halloween themed for @DarkKnight49x 's competition) and the districts so far. You can check out our spawn at either /t spawn Seasonal or /pwarp Seasonal.

    More images can be found in our gallery here.

    We plan to open the town to residents within the next week or so, and what we need the most right now is new town staff members. This includes assistants, recruiters and most importantly, builders.

    If you are interested in applying for a position within our town and joining our team, you can either send me or @Midnight_Galaxy as message on the forums, on discord or in game, or reply to this thread with your in game name and the position you would like.

    If you want to keep updated with the latest happenings in the town, you can join our discord server to keep yourself informed.

    -@Vamp1re_Man & @Midnight_Galaxy.
  16. Splendy

    Splendy Celebrity Meeper

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    So essentially the idea behind Aperture is you find a place you want to live (anywhere in the wild), I'll claim it as an outpost and you can build your own home (maybe even a mini town for your friends?).

    Start claim cost: 10k
    Extra plots: 3k
    Tax (per plot) : 200
    VIP rank within town (you wont have to pay tax ever): 50k

    I just thought some people might want to build their own place without the hastle of having to look after a town and keeping it going.

    Here's my home just as an example of what your place could be like:

    I also have a very good architect that I can put you in touch with if you need any help building. A seperate price can be arranged for that
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