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Free rank upgrade at the end of the month!

You have a 20% chance to win 1 vote key for each vote. There is also a chance to win more than one vote key at once!

If you vote every day, there is a chance that you will win a Lucky Vote!

A 10% chance...
A Custom Disguise Note

A 30% chance...
2,500 Meebles
5,000 Meebles

A 5% chance...
A Vote Shovel #1 or #2 Voucher
A Vote Axe Voucher
A Vote Armor Voucher

A 1% chance...
50,000 Meebles
A Vote Pickaxe #1 or #2

A 0.5% chance...
A Glass Pickaxe
100,000 Meebles
Grappling Hook Voucher
Type X Tool

An Unknown chance...
An Endermite Spawner

Jul 13, 2013
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