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250k Atlantis Build Competition

Discussion in 'Events & Giveaways Archive' started by CasualNuker, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. CasualNuker

    CasualNuker Celebrity Meeper

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    Hey Meep! I’ll be hosting a different type of giveaway than I normally do. This one will a build competition in creative or /warp towns! The theme is Atlantis whatever you think it looked like (it can be underwater or above water)! I will judge these on July 1, 2020 to give you around two months to complete!


    1st place - 150k
    2nd place - 75k
    3rd place - 25k
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  2. Thee Boss

    Thee Boss Celebrity Meeper

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    As the only person joining, I’ll just say I look forward to that 150k meebles
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