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Best Posts in Thread: Meep Forest Update

  1. Fuzzlr

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    Welcome to the Meep Forest! Our staff and architectural team worked together to build this new part of spawn. Take to the skies with the new Elytra course, a nine-ring training course that ends with a trampoline jump down to the ground below. Don't have enough Meebles to buy an Elytra? Don't worry-- grab a free boat in the waterpark and slide down the tumultuous river rapids.

    Explore the new Meep Village, a village that will soon be the residence for numerous quest NPCs, including one insane villain who has already made his home:


    This mischief-maker is building a time machine to go into the past and steal all the gold over and over again! Will you be a guardian of justice, or assist him with his evil plan to build a Time Machine? The choice is yours when you start the Time Crimestoppers Quest, a new quest that can be started by by clicking on the Quest Master and opening the new Quest selection GUI. Completing this quest will unlock important materials that will be keys to unlocking future quests!

    Use these commands in-game to access the new features:
    • /warp forest
    • /warp elytra
    • /warp waterpark
    Can you complete Fuzzlr's Elytra Challenge?