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Best Posts in Thread: Five Years of MeepCraft

  1. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    When I started the server as a private server between my family and friends, I did not expect it to grow to become one of the most successful and long-lasting Towns servers of all time. MeepCraft has been around for five years, which makes it one of the oldest active Minecraft communities out there.

    The picture I attached shows the very first town that I built on the private server in 2011. Back then, the server did not have a name, and only my brother and dad were playing on it. Soon, I invited some of my friends to join and they became the very first Administrators on the server. MeepCraft launched as a public on January 2012.

    For years, MeepCraft has retained a consistent and solid player base. In the beginning, there were many problems with MeepCraft, and it was a very unstable and constantly changing environment. There were many obstacles that we overcame as a team, and these obstacles became valuable life lessons for me.

    I cannot stress how grateful I am to everyone who continues to support and dedicate their time to improve the server and keep it running. Without you, MeepCraft wouldn't continue to be the great community that it is today. I think over the past 5 years we have matured to become a vibrant and positive community. The community provides constructive feedback and support at every step of the way, and that is something that I hope will continue to be a defining characteristic of MeepCraft.

    Many people become sick of games, especially ones they have been playing for five consecutive years. I hope that your enthusiasm for MeepCraft never fades.

    To celebrate this achievement, we are having a new Five Years of MeepCraft sale! Enjoy every rank and package 25% off on the server store.
  2. Dockson

    Dockson Celebrity Meeper

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    Hope I am not too late with the memes.

  3. ScaredyPants

    ScaredyPants Professor in Wumbology

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    :D So great to see this server running for 5 years. Good on you! Happy Birthday Meep :D

    Also Meep is now eligible to enter school at 5 years old, what school do you plan to enrol Meep in, fuzzlr?
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  4. andrewrobins

    andrewrobins We are Premier League! Htafc! Staff Member Architect

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    Old enough to drink.
  5. Kazarkas

    Kazarkas Celebrity Meeper

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    Pleasure to be here since the days when the spawn was the boat and SdubsSM was admin (If you still talk to him tell him I said hi). Still remember when we hit the milestone of 50 players back in the day and eventually topped over 1000. You built a great server with an excellent community.

    Congrats Fuzzlr.
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  6. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Mod

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    Congrats on everything, Fuzzlr!
    I can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of this amazing community of meepers!
    Here's to another five years
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    Elite seems so tempting right now
  7. Natsu

    Natsu Popular Meeper

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    Happy 5th Birthday meepcraft!! 34 years to go until the next christmas gift!! Thanks for making an awesome server Fuzzlr!