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Best Posts in Thread: The MeepTimes #26

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    Ever felt like there was something missing from your fishing experience? Put on a brightly colored hat and head to /pwarp fish! With a shop for all your fishing necessities, a jukebox and charming vista, what more could you want? /pwarp fish - Photo credits: 2leah2

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.​

    Server Updates

    New Disguises!
    The plugin for disguises has been updated! Elites can now use the snowman disguise, Supremes have gained the vindicator, evoker, husk, polar bear, and llama disguises, and Ultimates have unlocked the ability to disguise themselves as vexes, mules, donkeys, iron golems, and endermen!

    An all new Skyblock has been implemented with new challenges and features! Go to /warp Skyblock to make a new island, or join your friends on an existing one. Use /is top to view the top islands, and become the best!

    Name Changes
    A new section has been added to the forums under Support called “Name changes.” Post a thread here to have your forums account name updated rather than contacting staff in-game!

    Jobs Changes
    To increase stability, we have changed jobs plugins! Try out /jobs browse to view information on what this plugin has to offer. You can level up to a maximum of lvl 200, and join one of the following as your job: miner, woodcutter, fisher, crafter, alchemist, blacksmith, enchanter, or digger. Head on over to /warp jobs to see leaderboards!

    MeepShop Update
    The server shop on the website has now been updated! You may now purchase a @xT3Kx and a @Courtneyyy head directly from the website! Also, the rank-info about each rank before purchase has been updated so you know exactly what you are buying!

    A new lottery plugin has been added! Once every hour, a name will be drawn out of the tickets to win the pot. Type /lotto for help buying tickets, and view the current pot!

    Meepcraft Social Media
    Ever wanted to follow your favorite server on social media? Connect with us on Twitter or Instagram, and read more here.

    Bugs Squashed

    A lot of bugs involving skyblock have been fixed including but not limited to challenges and dying in the Nether.

    Corrupt towns
    Lately towns had a slight issue with turning back into wild plots but don’t fret, ‘cause our wonderful high staff team got it figured out and we are golden!

    Towns and Wild Vshop
    As most of you probably already knew, the virtual shops in Towny and Wild were different! Putting items up on one vshop meant they could not be bought in the other. The two have been merged, and the issue resolved!

    Community Events


    KitPvP Showdown
    When towns were down for maintenance, players took it upon themselves to express their frustration . . . by killing everyone else! Here you can see a few of the constant skirmishes in the vast warzone of arrows and running players.

    Creative Contest
    Do you have what it takes to be in the Creative showcase? Prove it by entering the Creative Build Contest to win up to 125k + an Pmx head! See here for prizes and how to enter.

    xT3kx’s Potion Lab
    On the site of @Vexmae’s house in Legend, a local admin decided to experiment with his latest concoctions. Floating, glowing, glowing while invisible, you name it! See pictures from the fun here.

    Storytime with the Crew

    In this new little section, there will be a story each issue, continuing the story from the last edition.​

    Once upon a time, in a place known to as Meepcraft, there lay a kingdom, with daring citizens, all struggling to make ends meet in creative ways, doing /jobs and selling anything they could find. This land was governed by the most powerful couple in the world, @Courtneyyy and @KlutchDecals, the king and queen of the entire world as we know it. After a daring raid, a cunning griefer managed to sneak explosives into the kingdom’s control room, and destroyed the vast realms. However, Klutch and Courtney survived, along with the majority of the citizens of the kingdom. Despite this feat, when tragedy struck, the king and queen struggled to figure out ways to rebuild the kingdom to be as great as it once was..

    “My heart is broken…” Queen Courtneyyy wept.

    “I understand you’re upset dear, we all are, our economy lay in ruins, no income coming in, and all people are struggling to make bank, making bases in the wild and trying to survive with their friends, they have all abandoned this great /warp towns world because nobody can afford one! We need to restart our economy, it's the only way!” said Klutch

    “I suppose you are right, KlutchDecals, this is the only way.” Courtneyyy exclaimed, heartbroken, but relieved, because even though the citizens would lose everything, they would get a fresh start and everything would be turn out.

    Meanwhile, a few desperate citizens of this great server, struggling to make ends meet and trying to become the richest on this new land, found a way to become not only the richest… but most powerful residents in the world.

    “By George he’s done it!” declared Romeo.

    “What a genius he is! Oh indeed!” said Valerie, obviously obsessed with the scientist.

    “Muahahahaa!” the Quest Blaster screamed sinisterly. “The king and queen will never find this great machine of mine, which duplicates items of great worth and allows us to sell them on the /vshop and at /warp bank! We will be rich again! We shall rise from the ashes and be the wealthiest of all in the whole land!!”

    They continued using this great machine, day and night, hour by hour, until suddenly, millions of meebles were appearing on the market. Nobody suspected these 3 daring and risky meepers until…

    To be continued...

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. Galaxybk


    How did you find Meepcraft?
    Well, funny story actually. I was looking for a capture the flag server, and I guess Meep had capture the flag before in the server description, so I joined… but I couldn’t find capture the flag xD. So I left for a few months and then I revisited and found out how the server worked. Everyone in the Meep community was very welcoming and I joined a cute little town.

    How did you get your IGN?
    I don’t know where the Galaxy came from, I guess I kinda just came up with it in my head. The B is for Bridget, which is my name. The K is my middle name but I’m keeping it secret ;3.

    What is your favorite thing to do on the server?
    I like making friends lol but I also like helping the server out, like if anyone has questions. I try to answer so the staff team don’t have as much work.

    So, what have been your main plans since the server reset and what’s next?
    Well, my original plan was to reunite with my old Meep friends and recreate Hyrule; however, the name was taken. So I thought of a new name recently which is a secret, you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m trying very hard to get enough money for it but I’m accepting donations anytime heheh.

    What is your current favorite /dis?
    Definitely baby llama or wither skeleton xD

    Would you rather be completely invisible for a whole day or be able to fly for one day and why?
    I would fly in Meep because I would practically be Ult and that’s my dream so I would do a bunch of good stuff with /fly and convince the staff team to let me keep it xD. For in real life, I would be invisible because I could pull pranks on people!

    Welcomes and Farewells

    Congratulations and good luck to @Noahnda, @NinjaRoxy, @Vexmae, and @Flamedemond2 as they embark on their journey as Helpers!

    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the paper we will pick a cover photo and a (free) advertisement submitted by the community. The owner of each piece of content will receive 4,000 meebles and have their name featured in the article, below their content. Fill out the form here to submit content. Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released March 3 2017! See you then!
    This issue was created by @CluelessKlutz @Midnight_Galaxy @Courtneyyy @Kling @MoonlitMadness @EllieEllie @Niiicck
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    thats what they want us to think
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