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Best Posts in Thread: Meeptimes #32

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    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works. This will be published every other Friday.

    Community Events


    The Maze
    While testing one of his latest projects, @DBLOSEVN decided to host a small event. The maze, a system that randomly generates a maze within the desired radius. Despite deeming it impossible, several players braved the path, making it all the way to the end. In first place, @MasterofBoom was coined “MasterofMaze” by @Vamp1re_Man. The title of Second was bestowed upon @BritishAirlines, and third was given to @Flamedemond2. And let’s not forget those who were still trapped in the maze, desperate the find the path. Upon reaching the other side, the victors enjoyed playing with Vampire and @CluelessKlutz in building an invincible castle of . . . dirt.

    Fuzzlr Bash
    Thanks to his many vote keys, @Epixaid had quite a few disguise notes. So many, that when everyone come to /warp Fuzzlr, they could all disguise themselves as him, hosting the first Fuzzlr convention, all while atop the statue. See images from that here.

    Storytime with the Crew - The Lone Villager: Part 2

    Grass and leaves crunched as Bob trekked down the path. Sweat rolled down his face; it was a long, long journey. “Night is falling quickly. I had better get to cover before the monsters come out,” he realized. Finding a small cave, Bob blocked off the entrance, and placed several torches inside. The entire cave was lit with the flickering torchlight, as shadows bounces across the walls. Overnight, he heard hissing, growling, and clawing at his small cobblestone barrier, as many tried to get inside. Finally, they fled or burned in the sunlight the next morning.

    Several more nights passed by like this, as Bob became accustomed to the wilderness. Late one night, a faint creaking noise awoke him. “Oh great . . . spiders. I hate spiders.” Sword drawn, the lone toolsmith stood. Fangs gleamed in the soft moonlight as the spiders began to pour through by the dozen. Slashing, weaving, dodging, slicing, Bob moved around as he swung the iron blade in his grasp. Little by little, he carved his path towards the exit, before fleeing into the desert near the cave of the night. Taking refuge in a desert temple, the cool, smooth sandstone was refreshing against the warm, coarse sands outside.

    The next morning, he awoke to the skeletons burning, creepers and spiders retreating underground, and endermen vanishing, yet no zombies were to be seen. “Curious, none to be seen. But hey, not gonna ignore the opportunity.” Picking up the trail once again, he set out, determined to liberate his village. Over mountains, through frosty tundras, among lush jungles, Bob ventured, until finally reaching a tall ridge. When he looked over the ridge, Bob gazed upon a magnificent fortress, surrounded by a bustling metropolis.

    On the other side of the city, he spotted another ridge, this one covered in tents and bright banners. Nearing this camp, the toolsmith began to notice something about this vast armed host: some were from his village. Now running as fast as his 8-bit legs could carry him, Bob bolted over to the camp. Larry, one of the village’s chief miners, greeted him with open arms. “What is going on? I thought you were taken as a prisoner,” Bob stated, curious.

    “We were, actually. But then I, along with a few others, escaped to this group, who refer to themselves as the ‘Rebels,’” Larry explained.

    “A week or two later, we launched a massive rescue mission, and recovered most of the villagers the enemy had taken. Right now, we’re preparing for the siege on the city itself. We actually were just discussing the need for more weapons! Could you repair the weapons we already have?”

    Thinking hard, Bob pondered the matter. “Well, swords and bows are very different than the tools I normally work with, but I can certainly try.”

    In a croaky voice, one of the village farmers whispered, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

    “That sounds like something an old hermit would state to sound wiser than he really is!” Bob chuckled.

    “There’s one other thing you should know,” Larry mentioned. “You may or may not like it, but we picked up a few friends . . .”

    Clanging and pounding sounds filled the airwaves, as this dedicated toolsmith mended the blades, restrung the bows, and sharpened the axes. Hours later, he passed them all out to the army, who was preparing to launch their assault. Horns sounded, as the sea of mobs charged at the human fortress. Fireballs flew at the archers on top of the wall, who, in turn, rained down a hail of arrows upon the shuffling zombies. Slimes protected the horde of creepers , who detonated against the wall. “This is your idea of getting help!?” Bob shrieked, watching tan zombies march towards the wall, armed with the very blades he had repaired.

    “Might as well take advantage of the alliance, probably won’t last long!” Larry shouted. Bursting through the holes in the wall came adventurers, armed to the teeth. Glistened aqua armor began to spread across the battlefield.

    “Diamond armor,” Bob muttered. Battle-hardened warriors felled the zombies by the thousand, leveled dozens of creepers, and bulldozed through the skeletons and blazes.

    Hours later, the battle raged on, with neither side able to secure the victory. Despite receiving multiple wounds, Bob and Larry both fought on. Finally, they came to the leader of the enemy, whom they learned was called the Burning Legion, lead by none other than the cruel troll, @AdrianIsEpic, who despised all leaders in the world, calling them corrupt. He claimed to be an undercover admin, but was secretly called the false prophet in all the alleys and palaces in the land. His sword, the Bern, clashed against Larry and Bob as the two villagers fought side by side. As the fight continued, Bob began to notice the durability of his sword was wearing down. If this keeps up, he’ll beat us by wearing out our swords!

    Suddenly, a sharp snap filled Bob’s ears. Looking around, he saw that Larry’s sword had been broken in two. A horrified look filled Larry’s face, as he prepared for the worst. Adrian raised his sword, preparing to deal a devastating blow. Time appeared to be reduced to a crawl as Bob watched. All of the others were out of reach, useless to block the blow. In a split second decision, he knew what must be done. Leaping towards Larry, Bob outstretched his arms, crying, “Noo!” The Bern fell, striking Bob directly, but leaving Larry unscathed. Seeing his friend vanish before his very eyes, rage filled Larry. In a swift punch of sheer fury, he knocked the Bern out of the tyrant’s hand. Mercilessly, he swung the warlord’s own weapon at him, chipping off bits and pieces of his armor. Finally, a blaze intervenes, and sets the warlord ablaze. Then two other villagers grab him. They had captured him.


    A few days later, the villagers stood once again in their homes, having parted ways with their allies and enemies alike. Larry dedicated himself to diplomacy afterwards, as both the adventurers and villagers began to discover ways to work together. A memorial had been erected to remind all in Sprucehollow of the courage of Bob the Toolsmith, the warrior who had saved them all.

    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @FlyingBurgers


    Where did your name come from?

    So, I was an old player, and I was like, “I want a short name.” I like burgers, and I like to fly, so FlyingBurgers was created.

    What has been your favorite thing on the server?
    The KitPvP! Not the people there; they irritate me. But some are great!

    Who is your favorite person on the server, and why?
    Buttfly 29 :D He’s my bff. I’ve known him for so long, and we’ve played a lot together, and we always have fun even when we’re working hard.

    What restaurant has the best burger?
    Not that trash McDonald’s. It can go die. I prefer a nice a&w burger, or Red Robin.

    If you were to pick only one holiday to celebrate, what would it be, and why?
    I like Christmas the most because it’s fun.

    If you were given a million Meebles right now, what would you spend them on?
    I would give it to Buttfly so he can make his city. I’m not really here for the game, I’m here for him and we can have fun together.

    Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
    I like the orange girl who gave Rey the lightsaber. (Maz Kanata)

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    Uhh, I like farming! :D

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