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Best Posts in Thread: Meep World of Color Update

  1. LordInateur

    LordInateur Resident Plugin-Breaker Staff Member Administrator

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    Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce that we have upgraded MeepCraft straight past the 1.12 World of Color Update all the way into Minecraft 1.12.1! Here are some of the new features:
    • New Blocks! Concrete can now be created with concrete powder! Glazed terracotta has been added to the game as well.
    • New Mobs! Parrots and Illusioners have been introduced! Want a pet parrot? Go to /warp parrot and buy a parrot egg. Tame them with seeds... but don't feed them any cookies!
    • New Sounds! Note blocks have been updated to include bells, chimes, flutes, guitars, and xylophones.
    • Towny Update! New town plots have been added, including farms and jails.
    We've worked out most of the bugs with this update, but if you happen to come across more please file a report on the Bug Reports Forum... but first check out the Operation Meepcraft Trello, just to make sure we aren't already working on it! If you have any questions regarding the update, feel free to reach out to me--if I'm not in game, I'm pretty much always on the Discord.