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Best Posts in Thread: Meepmas Secret Santa!

  1. Vexmae

    Vexmae St★rGazer

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    Hello Everyone! I am back again with another thread, I know previous years have had a secret santa, and so I have decided to recreate it again! with help from a lot of people who will be tagged below, unlike gammas' secret santa, I won't be pairing people up, instead everyone will claim their own chest with a hopper, and people will throw anonymous gifts into it, so everyone can give you anything and you can give anything to everyone

    The place is being hosted at /pwarp secretsanta, and we'd appreciate it if you took full consideration that we spent a while decorating and planning on this, so please be respectful :p

    There is no fee to reserve a chest, all you need to do is message me in game, on discord or reply to this message on forums! (if you're coming to secret santa via forums / discord please also say your IGN you don't need to if the IGN is same as your current name on discord or Forums) I will plop a sign ontop of a desk where a chest is underneath, and people can give you gifts via hoppers.

    I would like items being collected from chests starting at christmas, and ending at New years day. if you by any chance are busy and cannot collect items during that time, you can mail me to say you cannot and I will ask if you'd like to collect it beforehand or sometime in January. if there are still chests filled by the end of January I will have to store them in my storage and tell you that there are still items for you. Collection can be done 2 ways, one of which is a chest shop for Air, this will allow you to access your own chest without having plot perms, by right clicking the sign it will open it, so long as you have your shop sign on it, or, as mentioned above, you can collect items by asking me, or Mag and we'll either give you plot perms, or take out the items and hand them over to you.

    To maintain maturity and ordinance, I have placed some rules to make sure this is steady and doesn't end in havoc, the rules are as follows;

    -No taking items from others' chests if you have perms
    -No filling hoppers and chests with Junk items
    -End collection date is the 1st of Jan, but if otherwise they can message me or Mag
    -Be nice with your gifts, it's a christmas present after all.
    -Be nice to all secret santa staff, we took time to build everything and get everything ready for you all

    may I remind you that failure to follow these rules won't get you banned from the pwarp (under some conditions), but you'd just get a piece of coal named nub if you reserved a chest (you have been warned)

    To navigate between floors there are up and down signs at the back of the area, and to find a person you want to give a present to are displayed on the signs above the hoppers. We are mentioning now that we are not held responsible for any deaths if you happen to fall off, so please be aware of the ledges that may be behind you.

    if you would like to send a mass gift directly to someone, we also have another option, simply tell us who it is to, and we'll set you up a chest to place all of your items to it, and we can mail them saying we have a special delivery to them c:

    For staff we have a specified area for staff, as you enter the pwarp there is a white n' yellow present, that's full of all staff, so feel free to drop off your staff presents there c:

    Special Thanks To

    credits to@Kling for photography
    And myself c:

    For making this possible​