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Best Posts in Thread: Christmas Build Competition!

  1. NinjaRoxy

    NinjaRoxy Popular Meeper Staff Member Super Mod

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    It's that time of year where we all love to decorate our towns and spawns for Christmas! We are holding a Christmas build competition. You will need to decorate your town spawn or your house in your town.

    To enter the competition, please enter your IGN and town name if it's a spawn build or the coordinates of your house for a house build. Prizes to be announced at a later date. Builds will be judged by oldchopper, NinjaRoxy, xT3Kx and Klutchdecals. Judging will take place on the 23rd of December.

    There will be 1.5 million in prizes to be given out.

    Have fun with it, make it original!