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Best Posts in Thread: Hornemans Appreciation Month

  1. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    Its that time of the year again. We are finally coming into the last months of 2017.

    How did it go by so quickly?

    Sadly, summer is now long gone and December is upon us. This special month has many different meanings, and there are a remarkable number of traditions that are celebrated around the world. For many, December marks the beginning of a very special time: Hornemans Appreciation Month. It is a time where we all get to take a break from our busy day-to-day schedule and take some time to appreciate and reflect on someone who holds a special place in our hearts.

    That is why, in honor of this very special month, we are offering a Hornemans limited edition head on the server store. You will also receive a special surprise in observance of Hornemans Appreciation Month. #AppreciateHornemans

    Happy Meeping!
  2. Courtneyyy

    Courtneyyy Admin Princess

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    Half these noobs don’t even know who he is lolol
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  3. iMeepCraft.

    iMeepCraft. Popular Meeper

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    242 million was hornemans highest balance, and that was before losing the following Superbowl bet of 23 million and then the meep economy reduction of a once time 20% cut on all balances which was about 42 million hornemans lost.

    Some hornemans statistics as follows:

    Highest Balance: 242 Million Meebles (12.1%)
    (economy was hovering around 2.01 billion at the time)

    Average, Town Tax Paying Members 3,000
    Max, Town Tax Paying Members: 5,572+

    Town Tax Income: 2.5 Million per Day
    Emerald 100% AutoFarm: 1+ Million per Day
    Pigman Grinder: 100,000 per Hour
    Gold 100% AutoFarm: 300,000 per Day
    Iron 100% AutoFarm: 250,000 per Day
    Coal 100% AutoFarm: 100,000 per Day
    Pork 100% AutoFarm: 100,000 per Day
    Beef 100% AutoFarm: 100,000 per Day
    Total Income: 4-10 Million per Day

    Not Counting Rank Selling: Average $250 per Month

    SPECIAL NOTE: Contrary to "SUPER JEALOUS SALTY HATER TROLLS" hornemans only kept 40% of all income and returned the rest to the Meepcraft economy in the forms of "JOB PROJECTS" for all those to earn money!

    Hornemans appreciation Month, How Thoughtful!

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  4. Fuzzlr

    Fuzzlr Owner Staff Member Owner

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    Hey guys, we had a Hornemans dinner party as Sqreix suggested. We will probably have another one closer to Christmas.
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  5. SSSoul

    SSSoul Celebrity Meeper

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    What the heck lmfao recreate horneburg