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Best Posts in Thread: Make town tax rules clearer on Rules

  1. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Administrator

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    Accepted! This will be updated.

    Thanks for letting us know and bringing this suggestion up.

  2. Enderzon

    Enderzon Popular Meeper

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    fastest suggestion ever 6 minutes
  3. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Mod

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    2. Town Taxes
    Tax rules that towns must follow:
    • A town that charges a tax must have the tax prices visible by signs at the town spawn
    • Town taxes may not be change under any circumstances without a 7 day warning of the change and a clearly public note on the amount it is being changed to. Failure to do this will result in a very serious ban.
    • If you have more residents than plots claimed in your town, you cannot charge a residential tax, but can charge a plot, embassy, or shop tax
    • Residents must be given a 7 day warning before any tax increases
    • Changing a player’s plot type to a higher tax bracket is considered increasing taxes, and requires a 7 day warning. The exception to this is if the town rules already detail how, when, and why they will do this (For example: If a resident is inactive 14 days, their plot will be switched to embassy or shop, which can have a higher tax)

    On the back of @bloodyghost 's suggestion -> This is how the section on town taxes for mayors currently reads. My suggestion relates in particular to the red sections. You do not need to warn people about tax decreases, that's always been a thing for as long as I've been staff/playing on the server, so why does it still say in rules that you need to warn people in any case.

    I get not everyone looks at the rules and it doesn't particularly affect how we do anything by changing it but I like consistency :) And for those that might look at the rules to familiarise themselves with things after joining, it'll help a bit.
  4. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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