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Best Posts in Thread: Meeptimes #52: The Halo Edition

  1. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    The New Halo Spawn from a distance
    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.

    Server Updates

    Halo Map Update
    The maps for Halo have been updated! Enjoy revamped construction, smoother gameplay, and fewer spawn camping spots! A new map has also been added to free for all.

    Halo Spawn
    A new Halo spawn has been added! See the Project for more.

    Spawn Statues

    The Administrator statues in Spawn have been updated!

    Discord Updates

    If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve updated the discord with some new channels! This includes operation-meep, which allows you to see progress made on Trello projects, as well as the trade channel! If you haven’t seen them, check them out!

    Recently Accepted Suggestions
    Towny Staff Taxes
    Ever wanted a way to tax your town staff? With this, you finally can! However, you can still choose to give people a break from taxes by giving them the Vip town rank!

    Jungle Jump

    That one dreaded jump in Jungle is going to be reworked!

    Jobs Update

    Glazed terracotta will be added to the builder job.

    Creative Worldedit
    At last, use worldedit on your Creative plots to make large scale builds in a fraction of the time!

    Colored Signs in Skyblock
    Carrying the same requirements over from towny, colored signs will be coming to Skyblock!

    Custom Forums Tags
    Ever wanted a unique tag on forums? Now you can simply get one to customize for yourself!

    Skyblock PvP
    No more /back’ing into the Skyblock PvP arena!

    Rocket Elytras

    Soar through the skies on your Elytra, boosting alone with rockets once again!

    Parkour Checkpoints
    Get paid for each checkpoint you complete in parkour!

    New Parkour Map

    Community made maps are always welcome! Joining the ranks of community made maps is a new Jungle map of parkour.

    Supply Drop Disguise
    The supply drop will spawn as a trapped chest in order to be visible in Wild.

    Skyblock Lilypads

    With this, you will be able to obtain lilypads in the Skyblock world through challenges.

    Expanded Creative

    Ever wanted to build your own PvP arena, parkour course, or anything in between? With this, you can turn your creative plot into anything with some simply flags!

    Towny War
    At last, towny war will allow towns to go to war and pillage the village. Fight onwards!

    Bugs Squashed

    Towns Portal
    An error with the portal to Towny in spawn was fixed.

    The Project - Halo Update

    What is the Halo Update Project?
    The Halo Update Project is an update to the Halo maps and spawn.

    Who was involved in this project?

    Let’s talk!
    What was the purpose of this update?
    A new spawn was designed and so this update centered around moving all of the portals and NPCs to make the upgrade a reality. - @LordInateur

    The purpose of this update was to give halo a much needed revamp with it’s maps and spawn. - @alex77034

    Halo has gone without any kind of update for more than two years. It's about time we start doing something with such an amazing minigame. - @CluelessKlutz

    Which part was your favorite?
    Although I don’t play halo, I think it was fun making the spawn with chopper because it was something completely different. - @alex77034

    Frankly, my favorite part was Clue's unending patience regarding the amount of time it took to implement on my end. - @LordInateur

    For me, it's gotta be how smoothly everything feels. All of the maps blend together, and the spawn feels like Halo. - @CluelessKlutz

    Did you enjoy working on this update?
    Absolutely, and I really hope everyone enjoys it. - @CluelessKlutz

    There were definitely parts of this that I enjoyed. Mostly I enjoyed seeing the passion that others had working on this project. - @LordInateur

    It wasn’t my favorite project to work on because of my lack of knowledge, but I enjoyed the fact that I was improving a minigame that the majority of meepers play. - @alex77034

    What inspired the designs?
    Before starting the project I was torn between doing a halo inspired map or a space ship. In the end, we did a space station, and I think it turned out outstanding. - @alex77034

    When thinking about Halo, I was reminded of a lot of it is based around spaceships and such, so a space station seemed right to be a spawn. As for the maps, they're all inspired by actual maps from Halo. -

    Which Halo map is your favorite?
    I’ll have to think about that one for a bit. - @alex77034

    Appearance-wise, I love Ragnorak, hands down. In gameplay, I have a blast playing on the sandstone map in FFA. - @CluelessKlutz
    Humans Of MeepCraft - Feat. @Viperfan17

    How did you find the server?
    Well, I got bored of Minecraft singleplayer awhile back and wanted to try something new, so I looked up multiplayer servers and thought the name of this server was weird so I gave it a shot. I've been here ever since

    What is your favorite part about the server?
    Pvp of course. Halo is one of the best minigames on here I have ever seen, You'd never see something like it on a different server

    1.8 or 1.9 PvP?

    lol is that even a question? 1.8

    What do you think of the Halo update?

    It's really a step up from the original. The spawn has a much more halo-feel to it, and it could attract a lot of new players. The map updates make the arenas feel so much more alive which is what I love about them, and they also look insanely good too. It's one of the best updates Meep has had in a long time.

    Welcomes and Farewells
    We bid farewell to @Candy_Master as she leaves her position as architect. Happy building! We also say goodbye to @jrs25872 and thank him for his work on the media team.

    Congratulations and welcome aboard to @Noahnda and @Vexena on being accepted for helper!

    Social Media!
    Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to get sneak peaks and be kept up to date on all things Meep!

    Instagram! - @officialmeepcraftmc

    Facebook! - @meepcraftmc

    Get involved with the MeepTimes

    With every release of the MeepTimes, we pick a cover photo submitted by the community! The owner of each piece of content selected will receive a 5,000 meeble reward. To submit a cover photo for the next release of the MeepTimes, send a private message to @CluelessKlutz. Happy Meeping!

    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released March 30, 2018! See you then!

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    Thx for the edit. Good work team.
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