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Best Posts in Thread: Meeptimes #58

  1. CluelessKlutz

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    A group of challengers making their way through Balloon parkour. Do you have what it takes?

    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.

    Server Updates

    Free Fly Weekend

    This weekend only, everyone can enjoy flying around the world in Towns!

    Community/Server Events

    Meepcraft Reddit AMA
    A town hall was hosted this past week on the Meepcraft Reddit in which the staff team answered the most asked questions submitted by you! See the Reddit page linked below for more.

    Mystical Olympics Fishing Tournament

    The Mystical Olympics continue with the ongoing fishing tournament! See @AdrianBFaust for more!

    Destiny Giveaway

    Thanks to @Sooopa for hosting a giveaway of a code for Destiny!

    Map Art Competition
    Ever tried making artistic designs with maps? Well this one’s for you! Create a piece of art using a map somewhere on the server and submit it to win! See here for more.

    Ast Competition

    Perhaps you’re talented with the armorstand instead? Win a Fuzzlr head and more with your unique entries! See here to learn how to enter!

    Bugs Squashed

    Donor Sign
    The sign for donors in the donor lounge has been fixed.

    Head Database
    An issue that caused the head database plugin to stop working was resolved.

    Spawn Decay

    Ice and leaves no longer decay in spawn.

    Story-time with the Crew ft. A short story by @lollisweet101
    In the deepened, darkened forests, four were searching for materials to make a shelter. A zombie jumps out with a golden chest! Rosalie grabs her sword and stabbed the zombie through his golden chest. The zombie falls, with blood spilling out like lava from a volcano. The four pressed on. It was risky to walk out at this time. There were mobs at almost every corner, but all the group could do to survive ‘till morning was run.

    The sun finally rose and the four were relieved. “Phew! We survived the night. Now, who’s ready to raid that village?”
    asked Leslie. “Ooh! There’s a village up ahead? Neat!” replied Eliza. “I’ll raid the village!” Eliza then sprinted to the village to collect materials. She gathered blocks for a shelter and food for some energy. Eliza finished just before dawn… dawned.

    “Phew! That was tiring.” said Eliza, panting for breath. “Thanks Eliza. We needed those materials or else we could’ve been done for.” replied Rosalie. “What are we doing? Everyone stop being dumb and let’s go already.” ordered Ashlyn. “Jeez, what’s your deal?” Leslie questioned. “My deal? My DEAL? Wow. OK. Let me tell you what my ‘deal’ is. It’s will all of you idiots chit chatting when we could be out there building a shelter. Now, do we want to live or die?” sternly said to Leslie, up in her face.” Leslie angrily asked Ashlyn, “What’s your damn problem?” Ashlyn rolled her eyes and sprinted. The rest of the group caught up to her, while Leslie stood there for a split second. “Leslie, you coming?” Rosalie asked. She nodded.

    The four ventured on. They came across the perfect mountain for shelter. The four hiked up the mountain and settled there. Eliza commented, “No mobs will get us here!” with a wide grin. They constructed the house, and when it turned dark, the house was finished. They shut the door, entered their newly-built rooms and went to bed.

    Only one person was still up. Rosalie shivered and looked around the her room with wide, terrified eyes. She wasn’t sick; she seemed to be stressed out. She worries when Ashlyn or Leslie would always spark up a fight. She steps back and just watches it, wishing she had the courage to say something. Instead, she spectates the fight, stays silent, and internally shatters. “I wish there weren’t anymore fights… Is that even a realistic wish?” Rosalie thought, still shaking in fear of another fight in the morning, or even overnight. There have been many feuds with Ashlyn and Leslie. Their tempers are so similar, yet their personalities are total opposites. It makes no sense, nothing does in this society anymore.

    Although, Rosalie used to never have a weapon equipped. Only a shield for defense. She used to be so zealous and optimistic. Cheering everyone up, similar to Eliza’s view. However, for Rosalie, it’s changed. It started when the fights between Ashlyn and Leslie began to spark… almost every day. It’s until then, when Rosalie started to feel the need to desperately want a sword. She stole some diamonds from Ashlyn, luckily without her noticing, and Rosalie crafted her trusty diamond sword that she now carries with her all of the time, everywhere she goes. Just for the extreme protection of herself from mobs, and her two adventuring pals.

    The sun blossomed, and everyone awoke from their sleep. Rosalie got up from her bed, wiping off her tears. Already, her exhaustion kept dragging her down. She felt that she couldn’t even leave her room. She wanted to barricade herself in her room and be by herself. Leslie knocked on the Rosalie’s door. “Rosalie? Are you there? Eliza is making her special organic stew!” Rosalie loved her stew as much as everyone else did. Rosalie stood up slowly, wiped off her tears, got dressed, and came into the kitchen, hiding her saddened feelings.

    Everyone then sat down and began to eat. As everyone was enjoying her meals, Leslie began to apologize to Ashlyn. “Ashlyn… I guess I’m sorry I asked you that, Ash. We all want to live and thrive.” Ashlyn replied with, “I don’t think so. You guess you’re sorry? Come on. I’ll just say this. Stop slacking from now on and maybe I will forgive you.” Leslie replied, “Uhh excuse me? Please don’t talk to me like that. It’s rude.” Rosalie already gave them both a horrified expression. No one at the table noticed, not even Eliza, blinded by the delectable taste of her stew. The both continued to once again, begin another fight. Their voices becoming louder and louder, but will the fight be verbal or physical? Ashlyn replied to Leslie with the last straw.

    “What are you, my mom?” Leslie rose up from the table and shoved Ashlyn off of her chair. Ashlyn then shoves Leslie onto a wall and kicks her. The fight continued to grow more and more violent, but for some reason, nothing in the house became ruined. Eliza finally noticed their feud when the physical fight started. She was stunned by how many wounds they were giving to each other. Before Eliza took action, she peeked at Rosalie. It broke her heart. Rosalie looked so devastated and scared. Eliza knew about why and how Leslie and Ashlyn have affected Rosalie mentally and as a person. Eliza knew after taking a peek that this was the time to end these feuds once and for all. Eliza separated both of them in the middle of the fight and began to mediate.

    “Stop fighting. I swear to god, this can’t go on. You both know it because this is absurd. Look at Rosalie. Look at her. Take a good look.” Ashlyn and Leslie noticed how frightened and upset Rosalie was. Eliza then said to the both of them, “This has been occurring for so long, that it now happens every time you two fight. Why can’t you both be friends instead of enemies?” Everyone was silent. Eliza then put Rosalie in the spotlight. “Rosalie, tell these two what you need them to do.”

    Rosalie stood up and spoke. “These have been the worst years of my life. I feel the need to protect myself from life as a whole now because of you two fighting all of the time. It’s scary. I almost never got out of bed this morning. I would’ve cried in my room all day without anyone ever suspecting it if it weren’t for Eliza’s organic stew. At the moment,I feel absolutely miserable. You two need to resolve your issues and end this never ending feud. Can we please be four friends again?”

    Leslie and Ashlyn felt remorseful for their actions and empathetic for Rosalie. Leslie spoke. “I’m… so sorry about all of this. There are ups and downs with all of us, but I truly do enjoy being around all of you.” Ashlyn stood there. She said nothing. She was speechless. Ashlyn slowly walked back to her room and shut her room door slowly. The three of them looked at the door, and all of the sudden heard a thud. Ashlyn stood on her knees and asked herself, “What have I done?” She looked down at her hands. “What’s… what’s wrong with me? Rosalie entered her room. “Nothing. Just please stop fighting with Leslie. Same goes for you Leslie, but vise versa. I want us all to be a happy and proud group where we can get along and work as a four person team.”

    Ashlyn slowly got up. “OK. I’m deeply sorry about all of this Rosalie. After so… so many years…” Ashlyn’s voice cracked. Rosalie came in to hug her. Eliza joined in, then Leslie. Their most memorable group hug. Rosalie said, while still huddled together like a football team, “It will take time to heal from this, but I hope we can all move forward from this darkened point in time, into a much brighter future.” Everyone nodded. Ashlyn replied, “Yes. Absolutely. Let’s all be the group we came together to be.”

    The four sprinted outside, then pausing at the edge of the mountain to view the beautiful nature surrounding them. There was a bright, blue, and clear sky with vibrant plants right at their feet. “So pretty…” whispered Eliza. Months passed, Leslie and Ashlyn became better friends, and the four had a better bond with each other. Rosalie is back to her enthusiastic self. Happy with the three friends by her side. No longer afraid of anything.

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @WalkerCombat


    How did you first find Meep?
    Oof, that must have been a long time ago.I got it from the Meepcraft Official Trailer.

    What would you say is your biggest accomplishment on the server?
    Hard to say, originally it was an old casino I opened back in 2013 called the Starlight Casino. Made a ton of money, too. Now I think it was to be Market Street. Haven't made much money in the long run, but it's a big and fun project.

    You’ve been working a lot on a Market Street. What exactly is it?
    It’s a tremendous plaza dedicated to shops. It brings in active members, shoppers, residents to Legend, and embassies.

    And dicers, don’t forget about dicers. - noahnda

    Which part of Market street is your favorite?
    Used to be the 3 main shops, the shovel, pickaxe, and axe right next to each other. Lately though it's been this bar. Talked to a lot of people, met a lot of Meepers I never really knew, and diced like 1 mil.

    What's something you enjoy outside of Meep?
    I'd say Doom. I don't actually play a lot of other Mc servers besides Meep.

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    /pwarp marketstreet is square root of God, check it out.

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    the story seems nice
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    don't be a party pooper, some people do actually find parkour hard, even if you think it's easy.
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