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Best Posts in Thread: Pwarp Sorter (Database)

  1. J055Y_

    J055Y_ Popular Meeper

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    Alright... So...

    This has been a long time coming, something I have been working on for a while (and still haven't finished 100%), but I feel like this project of mine is in a reasonable state to distribute to the public.

    What I have for you today is a dynamic database utilizing PHP, MySQL and JSON (plus a sprinkle of HTML and CSS). I fear that the vast majority of you reading won't have a clue what I'm on about, so I'll break down the functionality of the project (so far):
    • User selects a category
    • A list of all of the Pwarps that fit in that category is presented
    I intend to add other sorting mechanisms that target other criteria (such as Pwarp owner). If you have any ideas as to other methods of Pwarp categorization please let me know :) .

    I am also working on a separate form that allows users to add Pwarps to the database. That is currently in development, but I am making good progress on it.

    I don't know how many of you will use this, but this was just an idea that came across my mind when I was in the process of looking for places to sell stuff and was unsure of which Pwarps you could sell at.

    I am aware the the database is not up to date. I started this project about a month ago and since then their have been drastic changes, as can be seen in SuperDyl's thread here.
    The next time I update the database will be when my database submission form is complete and can be used without fault, so don't rely too heavily on the accuracy of the database at the moment.

    Additionally, in future developments I intend to implement AJAX into the forms, so as to avoid SQL looping and page reloads. This will probably roll out about the time that I finish the Pwarp submission form.

    Anyway, I'll stop blabbering now and let you see what I have so far. Enjoy! :D

    Meepcraft Pwarps

    - J055Y_