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Best Posts in Thread: Meeptimes #60: The Updated Edition

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    One of the many fireworks displays over the past week

    Welcome to the MeepTimes, the bi-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, in the works, and going on in the community. We have updated and redesigned multiple sections as you will see below!

    Community/Server Events


    Fireworks Displays

    Various fireworks displays were put on all across the server for the Fourth of July! See a few images in this edition.

    MeepTimes Contests
    In this new section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a 25k prize (from the MeepTimes writers) for one lucky winner, who will be chosen by random number generator. To be entered, just answer the poll correctly! Winner will be paid with the release of the next MeepTimes.

    Story-time with the Crew ft. @xX___Kirby___Xx

    CRASH!!! BANG!!!! Studstone look out! I just dropped the pawful of rocks from above!” Some mysterious person yelled from the top of a cliff above Studstone. Her name was Mandy, Mandy Rose! What a charming name it was indeed, and Studstone thought so too. He had very keen interest in her.

    Studstone did not hear the rocks coming or Mandy, so he just stood, talking to the warrior nearby. The warrior heard though, so he jumped out and ran to stop the rocks. They were small too, as if they were any larger, he would have collapsed. The warrior was young, and he had had loads of talent. The warrior was the fine, Sticker.

    “You need to be more careful Studstone, as when you become a warrior in less than a quarter moon, you must be very cautious around your surroundings, as those rocks would have got you there for sure!” Sticker said, exhausted as that was a huge load for him to carry when he was a new warrior. He was one dozen moons old and still he could not hold that. Sticker wondered how she pushed the rocks down at about five moons old.

    Her power was incredible, but she wanted to train to be a medicine cat, and she told the other medicine cat. She hoped to get in the medicine den, but if not, she would understand.

    The morning patrol returned, and everyone was exited. The naming ceremony is today. Everyone was rather exited to have a new apprentice. Studstone thought otherwise. “Hey Studstone, are you exited? I am sort of exited myself. Mandy is also five moons now too!” Sticker said, apparently wanting something desperately. Studstone had a strange plan that is unheard of. Studstone was hanging around with Mandy again, with special powers, that nobody knew that existed.

    At this time, they were talking about the five clans, StarClan, the clan that watches over them, RainClan, the clan that absolutely LOVES water, WindClan, the one whose scent is strong with the wind, InfernoClan, the clan of fire, you must stay away from that clan, as it can completely burn your clan down if you get them angry, and finally but not the last clan, RockClan, who is very pure to the land around them and the total of earth. They have their ups and downs.

    Studstone and such are in WindClan.

    The leader of WindClan, is AirStar, he is very short tempered, but very kind truly deep down inside. The leader of StarClan is PawStar, the leader of InfernoClan is FireStar, the leader of RockClan is GroundStar, and the leader of RainClan is RiverStar. They chose their names if they become master, or they can stay with the old name they were born with. The kits are named their beginning of their name with kit at the end like PawKit. Studstone was born differently. Studstone was special, as it is not Studkit, or the apprentice name, Studpaw, he went into his warrior or leader name. No other cat had that name. Studstone was a gift from StarClan to WindClan, and he was destined to make his own clan someday.

    “It’s time now!” Studstone said super excitedly. “Ok it is now time for the naming ceremony!” AirStar said, wondering who will be chosen. “Studstone, you are up!” AirStar said. “Who will choose him?” There were crickets chirping. “Anyone?” Still, nobody wanted Studstone. “We’ll come back to Studstone’ AirStar said, rather surprised that so many warriors don’t want him. “Mandy!” AirStar said. Still nobody wanted her either? “Does anyone want anyone?” AirStar said, rather confused and shocked at the same thing. Still… nobody wanted them. “We shall make a new clan THIS DAY” AirStar said this. “Studstone, greet StarClan at this spell.

    Starclan, Help up make the new colan. Greet Studstone at the tone!

    StarClan spirits whispered in his ear. “Studstone, gift of StarClan, will make a clan. Yes…. What is the name you seek?” The spirits asked him. “Yell it out to the rest of the clan.” They said.

    “THUNDERCLAN” Studstone yelled. The clan was shocked. Some of them even fell over. The spirits yelled to everyone, “Thunderclan it is! Now, let’s see… you would like to be called Studstone still correct, or do you want StudStar or StudStarStone or StudstoneStar?” StarClan spirits asked. “Two names, normally Studstone but will also be StudStar” Studstone said. The spirits said goodbye and good luck on your journey. Now Studstone must choose who to take with him.

    “Can I take Mandy, as the medicine cat, can I take Sticker, as the deputy, and can I take two warriors or kits or apprentices?” Studstone said. Mandy was shocked as it is the naming ceremony and she was going to join a new clan.

    Sticker, on the other hand, thought he was going to go with him. Mandy was also very surprised because she was not chosen as the medicine apprentice, but she is not no longer an apprentice, she is the medicine cat. “Would you like to take Foxpaw, Icepaw, and their parents, Daisy and, well… you got Sticker, their father. You are ready to take some land from the wilderness, correct?” AirStar asked, ready to let them go, but quite sad at the same time. “Yes, but

    I must say one thing to the clan.” Studstone said, “

    We may fight in notorious battles, we may lose members of the clans, but never forget, that we are all one with StarClan.”

    That was a true speech. Studstone got the others and left silently, mumbling that same speech again and again. The new clan was now muttering about what to do. They had never had to find new territory before.

    “We should head to the mountains, but we need to be quick, as if we get caught by other clans, I would lose my pelt!” Studstone advised, suddenly cautious when the other clans lead their patrols. Cautiously, they ran through the dry ground, up to a large hill, where they could see every cat in the four clans, working together.

    “We need to work like InfernoClan, they are constantly working.” Studstone said, quite impressed at their work. Sticker saw that too. Soon, the whole ThunderClan was watching the clans. “We need to head to the forests and mountains, as the water and the moor will be a good source of prey and herbs.” Mandy said, very surprised that she would think of herbs like that.

    Mandy came through the territory and suddenly stopped. “I’m hungry,” Mandy said,” I want a nice, moist, and fresh mouse,” She had not had a mouse in quite a while. “She is right, we have not had food all day.” Studstone told Daisy. “Foxpaw and Icepaw are extremely hungry as well.” They had quite an empty stomach.

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @EllieEllie & @onceuponajano


    How did you two meet?

    I don't remember the very moment we met but I know it was in Legend, I think I knew of Sophie before we started talking properly. I found out she was also English - literally thought everyone was American before I met her - and it went from there, we bonded pretty quickly and became really close. The one thing I am thankful for above all else on this server is the friendships I've made here and Sophie is one in a million. I've been lucky enough to meet up with her twice outside of meep in the real world, the first time she came to me and I travelled to see her the next time, and there was no awkwardness like I'd expected (I'm an awkward person, pretty shy) and it was like the screen to person transition didn't exist, like we'd always been friends. I cannot thank Meep enough, and the creation of Legend, for facilitating one of the closest, if not the closest, friendship I've ever had. I love her unconditionally and we're always there for each other. - @EllieEllie

    I believe it was in the very early stages of building the current Legend, bonding over plot building, and with that we became neighbours! Since then our friendship has blossomed into something beautiful and I couldn’t have found a better best friend to have! I shall match Ellie’s love and more because she is one incredible woman! - @onceuponajano

    What has to be your favorite memory together?

    I have no idea what Sophie will say about this but mine is such a small and insignificant sounding thing that just seems to signify something really important to me. When Sophie first travelled to come and see me, we were talking the whole morning on discord, she'd gotten up super early and caught the train so we'd have the full day together, and like I said we were chatting the whole time really excited. It's funny because our messages just stop at "I'm walking" (me) and "same" (Sophie). But I know that a minute after these messages we had run up to each other and just hugged each other and it meant so much to finally see her in person. I didn't cry but I was really close hahah. We then had a great day talking to each other and we actually had a video chat with darkknight49x which was fun! - @EllieEllie

    I’d actually say the same thing as Ellie and the first time we had met in person, it was a moment that I wish I could have caught as it was very special! The point when we realised we were in reaching distance from each other and just running towards one another, not letting go for ages #meeppowercouple - @onceuponajano

    Describe each other in one sentence.

    Sophie is my other half in a friend soulmate kind of way, she's beautiful inside and out and she's going to do amazing things. - @EllieEllie

    Ellie is the most incredible, beautiful, amazing person I know, who I’m proud to call my best friend and my better half. - @onceuponajano

    You've both been building a town called Blah that got rated as the number one town by lollisweet's contest. What makes it special?
    Blah is special, not because of the material things but because I got to make it with my best friend (even if it's a good 65%/35% build ratio (cough pull your weight, Sophie cough). It's a really cute town that hopefully will have more residents soon but I'm not too worried about that because the process has been fun and rewarding in its own way. We have one very special resident and have recently sold some embassies so we're up and coming slowly but surely. I think Lolli enjoyed how the town is small but there's a really cosy feeling about it that just creates a peaceful atmosphere. Plus, it has the best name ever. - @EllieEllie

    Blah is unique which is why it’s special, even down to the name of the first thing that came to Ellie’s mind. It’s a quaint little village that Ellie and myself are proud of, and seeing it grow and gain more residents each day makes us smile! I think Lolli enjoyed the cosyness alongside the peaceful nature about the surroundings. - @onceuponajano

    Name as many nicknames for the other as you can.

    - sophoe
    - hun
    - numpty
    - bet fren
    - carrot
    - wife

    - @EllieEllie

    ellioe, ellieellie, bet fren, egg, babe - @onceuponajano

    Anything else you'd like to add?

    Just wanted to thank Meep, the staff and players for creating the community spirit it has today, we’ve had our ups and downs but have always come out stronger. A huge thank you to Ellie, my other half, for being as amazing as she is, alongside other great friends I have made on this server! - @onceuponajano

    I just wanted to say thanks to Sophie for putting up with me and being an amazing friend. I also wanted to thank Meep and all the staff and players that made the community what it is today, because I would have missed out on all this if it wasn't here. - @EllieEllie

    Welcomes and Farewells

    Congratulations to @iKitten on being promoted to the rank of moderator, and keep up the amazing work!

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    I could swear I posted on this, anyway, good episode as always! <3 ellie and sophie

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    Yo that joint interview with Ellie and Sophie was so heartwarming :D
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    Great edition for this week! Absolutely loved the interview, Once and Ellie, it was really cute and nice!!
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    Oh yea. Ive mixed up those 2 for the past 3 years. Thanks.