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Best Posts in Thread: 2020 presidnetial election

  1. Skaros123

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    What has Trump done for this country?

    Not as much as you may think. At least not as much good.

    For starters, his tax returns. He's pretty much the only modern president to never release them. And I can bet he's evaded taxes and laundered his money (as evidence is seeming to suggest), which is why he refuses to release them. It's also seeming like he's inflated his net worth to make himself look better.

    Secondly, he's a complete mess in DC and doesn't follow standard professional protocols. He often even posts on Twitter before going through any professional process. Remember when he banned transgender people from the military? The first the country heard of it was from Twitter. But what's the best part? He first made a single tweet of "The United States will no longer tolerate..."
    After that Tweet, the General and other military leaders (yes, because he told them NOTHING before posting) were freaking out for 9 minutes because they thought he was about to declare war on North Korea. After 9 minutes he posted a second tweet clarifying that it was to ban transgender people from the military. Can you imagine the crap storm Fox News would have had if Obama were to pull something like that? Making the military freak out over Twitter because of not communicating with them before acting?

    Thirdly, let's talk about his marital infidelity. He cheated on his first wife with his second wife. He cheated on his second wife with his third wife. He cheated on his third wife with a porn star and then tried to pay her hush money (that backfired on her, but nonetheless Trump still can't keep it in his pants). Now, how can the Republican party that so strongly claims to be for "family values" support someone like that? The same party that tried getting Bill Clinton impeached for his scandal with Monica Lewinsky is now the same party standing behind a man who's committed far more known affairs, and even worse ones for that matter. Oh, did I also forget to mention he tried to get his second wife to have an abortion? That's a thing to.

    Fourthly, let's talk about the fact that in less than 2 years, he's already spent more days playing golf than Obama did in 8 years. And thee Republican party had the audacity to criticize Obama for playing golf? But they don't even bat an eye when Trump does it? Hypocrisy to the max. Oh, let's bring up Mar-A-Logo. He conducts government business at his Mar-A-Logo resorts. He profits off of tax-payer money by hosting government business at his own locations. He is profiting off of the presidency. And the best part? He's got all the big-wigs behind him because he's got their backs too.

    Fifthly, the tax scam *cough* I mean tax cuts. The way the tax bill was presented to the public was that taxes are cut for everyone. What do the experts say? Well, the tax cuts for the middle class actually don't last long. Already some people are starting to see that they didn't save as much in taxes as they did the year before. However, the tax cuts for the richest? Very large amounts. In fact, he and his family benefit from those tax breaks. While the middle class was lied to about their tax savings, the American elite now get millions extra in their pockets.

    Sixthly, you can argue that the job market is growing. Sure, but that actually isn't because of Trump. The economy takes a few years to catch up with the presidency, and the job market trend has been consistently improving since well into the Obama years. Trump is simply taking credit for the work of the man before him. Some economic experts say that recent policies are putting us at risk of another recession, but that won't be for at least another few years. We might just get a Democratic president in 2020, the economy would crash, and the Republicans would blame the next president (even though it could easily be Trump's fault).

    Seventhly, that stupid wall. Okay, so, in 2015, Republicans were cheering over Trump's message of "Mexico will pay for the wall". And here we are fighting in order to spend American tax-payer money for the wall. Now, assuming that the less dumb ones were just smart enough to know that Mexico would never pay for the wall, let's talk about how the wall itself probably wouldn't even work. Don't get me wrong, I don't have an issue with securing the borders. The Democrat platform, like the Republican platform, actually includes secure borders. But the thing is that a large portion of illegal immigrants enter the country through plane. A majority get here legally and then just overstay their VISAs. Crossing the actual border by foot still happens, but it's not that common. Now, let's say the wall goes up. People trying to illegally immigrate here are just going to find ways around it. Maybe you can slow down illegal immigration by what, 1-5%?

    The only good thing you can argue is maybeeeee some of his policies with global trade, but even that's a stretch
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