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A Fun New Minigame Place Is Here!

Discussion in 'Creative' started by _RCHT_, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. _RCHT_

    _RCHT_ Popular Meeper

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    Ok so recently MaestroLC and I have began to feel like Meep isn’t as unique and fun as it used to be. There were a lot of fun minigames that either got deleted or were not very commonly used and we decided to take some of those games and even some of our own homemade games into a pwarp where we can host contests and competitions for prizes! Right now it is not finished but in the meantime we will be hosting many competitions for games we already do have with no entry fees as a sneak peak. We will even add a pwarp when everything is finished, but in the meantime be looking for ads on forums and in /tr for some of our sneak peak contests!
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  2. Bobius

    Bobius Popular Meeper

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    Interesting, I love the idea! Can't wait for it to be finished.

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