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A Guide To Halo

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by AdrianIsEpic, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. AdrianIsEpic

    AdrianIsEpic Popular Meeper

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    I have made this thread hoping to help some of you out there play halo. In this thread, I will help you chose a gun, give some tips, and when to charge into a melee fight.

    5 Tips While Playing Halo
    1. Not getting yourself killed is more important that getting the kill
    2. Only 2v1 if you are about to get spawn camped or spawn camp, if you have been forced into a 2v1 then not retreat back, and try and pick off a teammate (Grenades are friends)
    3. Don't Fire where the opponent is fire where they will be (same goes with grenades)
    4. Don't be scared to 1v1
    5. Reload before and after every fight, (ammo doesn't matter)
    Choosing The Right Weapon
    "Don't Bring a knife to a gunfight"
    Sniper Rifle
    The Sniper Rifle Is the undoubtedly the most used gun in the game, Doing 9-10 hearts of damage making your opponent weak and easy to kill. You can play the sniper multiple ways, the most obvious is to snipe, you can also use the sniper in conjunction to a sword at close range. You simply shoot your opponent, then hit them with a sword, finishing them off. If the player runs away before you can hit him/her with your sword throw a grenade over their head, making them turn back or get killed by the grenade.
    Counters / Weaknesses
    1. Sniper vs Sniper
    2. Grenades

    Pistol/ DMR
    The pistol is a fast-firing, short range weapon that if used correctly can be deadly. There are 2 ways to use the pistol, the one I find best is to charge at an opponent with it. To do this you need to be good at dodging bullets, what you do is you run it to an opponent throw a grenade just behind them, and once in range start firing, this is effective against snipers. The second way is to get the high ground, and fire, due to its short range you can fire and barrage your opponent while they cannot hit you
    1. Range (Sniping)
    2. Movement
    3. Gravity Hammer
    Assault Rifle / SAW
    The Assault Rile and SAW are pretty much the same guns except the SAW has more ammo. The SAW is great for attacking longer-range snipers, as the gun has decent range. The key to using this is to hit your opponent when they are not focused on you or when they are standing still.
    1. Sniper Grenade
    2. Cover
    3. Jumping
    Battle Rifle
    The battle rifle is a combination of the SAW's ability to fire multiple bullets, the sniper's range, and the pistols cooldown. This is great for your standard firefight doing best against pistols and assault rifles, This works well with grenades to dish out some damage.
    1. Melee - Grenade
    2. Sniper
    Spartan Laser
    The Spartan Laser is a gun that has a LONG cooldown but sends a barrage of 10 bullets that will one shot the unsuspecting victim. The easiest way to use this is to move your aim across the screen while firing, this makes it hard for you opponent to dodge your shot. If you do miss you can use your sword and grenade to fend yourself off until you can fire again.
    1. Assault Rifle
    2. Short- Range Firefight (Not Melee)
    3. Dodging
    Knowing when to attack and defend is important, you should only attack when you know your opponent has low health. If you are both at low health then you have 2 choices 1. Throw a grenade to distract and/or damage your opponent, while you take cover. Also if you are out of ammo and you know you won't be able to reload, then charge.
    1. Range
    2. Grenades
    3. Health

    Thanks For Reading
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    Me: like level 6

    *Only has sniper rifle*

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