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A Starter's Guide to Meepcraft Towny

Discussion in 'Towny Guides' started by MajikTom, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. MajikTom

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    Meepcraft Towns Getting Started
    I remember writing something like this a long time ago on the original Meepcraft Forum, then a similar one on MeepNetworks, but I can’t find the original document I used to craft it out. I decided to rewrite it yet again because I see a lot of new users getting on everyday and they don’t know what to do or start building their dream house in the Wild only to get griefed and quit. Especially these days with new Minecraft users getting their accounts at Christmas.

    First off, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Meepcraft is mainly a “Towny” Server with a buncha mini-games. Sky-block is also very popular, buy it doesn’t share the same eConomy as Towny. To get the most out of Meepcraft, you need to set yourself up with a Towny plot and a house.

    The first thing you want to do is get a skin. So many noobies with Steve skins out there; c’mon, get dressed, ‘eh? There are many sites, just google Minecraft skins. Next, go to the Spawn and take the “Learn to Play” Q&A. You’ll get 1000 meebles at the end. Then go to Meepcraft.com and click the Vote button. This will get you some more meebles to start.

    Equip Yourself

    Ok, now you’re ready to start playing. First thing you need is some materials. But before you go out to the Wild, let’s use some of the cash we just made. I don’t know about you, but I think stone tools are lame. We can buy stuff from the V-Shop from anywhere in Spawn, Towny or the Wild. (You read the “Learn to Play” wall right?).

    Smart Starter Kit:

    - 9 iron ingots
    - 2 blocks of wood
    - 2 stacks of food
    - A bow and some arrows (1 stack ought’ a be plenty for now)
    - 3 blocks of wool (for a bed)

    First check the prices, /find ironingot, they should be around 50 meebles. Buy them like this: /buy 9 ironingot 50, this will limit the price to 50, but you can go a little higher if you have to. Get some food; /find rawbeef, /find rawpork, /find rawchicken; if you’re vegetarian, then /find carrot or /find potato. All this food should be less than 1 meeble each. These are the least expensive. Forget about mushrooms and apples for now, they’ll set you back quite a bit. (At the time of this writing, cookedpork for some reason is super cheap, so check it out.) Buy all the stuff listed above if you can. Make sure to get a few carrots ‘cause they’re ready to eat and you’ll likely need some food before you get a chance to cook up some meat.

    Down to Business

    Go to the Wild server either by typing /warp wild or by running through the portal from Spawn. If you run into any trouble in the Wild, type /spawn and this will whisk you away from nastiness.

    Now this is where most noobies typically get creamed for being ignorant. The Wild is a free-for-all. Kill or be killed, steal, grief, general mayhem. But you wouldn’t know it when you first warp in. Press the ‘Tab’ button and you’ll see there are people in here, but they are well hidden. Make sure you do /rp (random teleport) a few times until you find a nice wooded biome where you’re not out in the open. Ok now use some of that wood you bought and craft a crafting table so you can make an iron pick, an axe, a shovel and a sword.

    Ok now chop down 1 stack of wood, dig some cobblestone and roam around a bit keeping your eyes open for intruders. Some players can disguise as animals, so be careful and be ready to type /spawn or /rp at the first sign of trouble. Try to pick up some mushrooms along the way and avoid animals for now just in case.

    Make a Wild Base

    Once you get enough wood (2 or 3 stacks), do /rp a few times until you find a nice place you like that looks undisturbed. Most of the Wild looks undisturbed but chopped trees can be a sign of a noobie’s base near by. Take a picture ‘cause you likely won’t see it again; going out into the open or disturbing the outside of your base is an invitation for trouble. The side of a mountain is a good place to start your base. Dig into the mountain a few blocks and carve out a grotto, then make a furnace and drop your crafting table in a corner. Cook up a block of wood and use the charcoal to make some torches and put them up. Now go back to the entrance and cover it up with dirt so it looks natural from the outside, otherwise a no-goodnick will notice and grief your base. Set a home /sethome Wild so you can get back here later on. Place a bed and click it so you reSpawn here if you get killed.

    Start Mining

    Ok, now you can cook up some meat and feast like a King! Start digging your mineshaft and look for coal, iron, maybe some emeralds and diamonds. If you need more wood or anything from outside, don’t go outside your base, instead do /rp, find what you need and /home Wild back to your base. Don’t create any chests or store stuff in the Wild. Some people can find chests out in the Wild and will grief you. If your inventory gets full, then you will need to join a town and build your house. That’s where you want to store all your hard earned goodies.

    Join a Town

    When you’re ready, go back to Spawn. Type this: “/shout I need a town to join please. No taxes. ” Make sure your first town is one with no taxes. You can check this by typing /t {townname}. You should see Taxes = 0.0. Join a town, claim a plot, make a few chests, empty your inventory, /sethome 1. I use home 1 for my main house Spawn point because it’s fast to type out when you have to make a quick getaway. Unless you really like this town and it has everything you need; Shops, Grinder, Farm, helpful people, don’t build your dream house just yet. Build something nice, simple and small for now to stash your stuff. Once you get to know the Server and the people, you may want to move elsewhere to build that big mansion.

    Play Fair

    Now it’s just a matter of how well you can “play the game”. Wheel and deal, buy low and sell high, but play fair and have fun!
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  2. funkyrainbows

    funkyrainbows Double Rainbow

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    Nice guide!
  3. missromance345

    missromance345 New Meeper

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    Thank you so much for this guide. I went into the wild and just kept moving around. Got a lot of good materials, but I had no clue what to do with them. >.> Now I do. Thanks so much.
  4. xXJoshXx

    xXJoshXx Popular Meeper

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    Good job!
    Loads of newbies will find this very helpful!
  5. mrli1

    mrli1 Popular Meeper

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    Good guide! Now if just all of the noobies looked on the forums for this...

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