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Architect Application from steviefiveo56

Discussion in 'Applications' started by steviefiveo56, Jun 13, 2018 at 8:46 PM.

  1. steviefiveo56

    steviefiveo56 Popular Meeper

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    Member Name steviefiveo56

    Additional In Game Names: Steviefiveo56

    How old are you? 17

    Location: USA

    Do you have Discord? Yes

    How many hours per day do you play MeepCraft? (weekdays) 4 to 6

    How many hours per day do you play MeepCraft? (weekends) 4 to 6

    Have you ever been architect or builder on this or any other server? No

    References: Please give IGN's CluelessKlutz, Alexxx, bloodyghost, CuddlyKittens14, blue_marlin

    Introduction: Hello everyone! My name is Jack but many of you may know me as stevie fiveo 56. Now that it is summer I thought it would be a great time to apply for architect because I am not as busy and on meepcraft a lot. I have been playing meep for like 5 or so years. My hobbies include Running, snowboarding, coding and 3D design. In the future I think I would like to pursue mechanical engineering, because I am very hands on and love to tinker with anything and everything. which leads me into why I like mine craft so much, I love messing with different types of materials and seeing what works and what doesn't. I have always loved to build, it lets my creativity flow allows you to express a different world every single build. And creating an environment that your build is based around.

    Why should you be Architect? I believe I am well qualified for Architect because of my vast knowledge of building styles and my creativity. I would love to help with any ongoing or upcoming projects with meepcraft. My strengths are that I am a team player and that is really important to big server builds and projects, because you have to work together and finish on time. Also I am able to build many styles and I keep learning more every build I create! Everyone has weaknesses and different strengths, Here are a few of my weaknesses, If something doesn't quite look right, I tend to give up on it and am very picky how tasks get completed. I have a lot of experience with world-edit, and voxelsniper. I also love to build older styles of builds similar to the server’s "style.” I love building steampunk and modern although I am not the best at it, every build I create I get better and better and learn new techniques and styles.

    What builds have you completed on the server and where might they be located? tirael: 7238, 81, -3117
    Embassy: 3824, 64, 4682

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: Thanks for taking the time to read this! have a good day!

    How much experience do you have using Voxel and Worldedit? Advanced in World edit and proficient in Voxel sniper

    Build Picture Uploads:

    Build Picture Link: Imgur and without shaders: Imgur
  2. CasualMow

    CasualMow Popular Meeper

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    Heres my run down on this
    You just said you played 4-6 hours a day? How is 6 hours a day a lot, I usually would do 12 a day if I was bored to death.

    ... Voxel sniper.... I am pretty sure you need to fix that

    Well thats just perfect.... e.g. OH WOW THEIRS MY FINISHED MAP, oh wait a block is out of place... STEVE OUT! -1

    +1 we need more steam now days, No really bring back the steam engines.

    Your builds look very NICE!
    +1, you used shaders -1

    As I read through your application a lot of spelling errors appeared like "Voxel sniper" and "mine craft" please go through your application and read it and fix them, Grammar is fine just fix the words xD
    I am also seeing alot of "I" in your application, please switch up word choices a little as well.

    final judgement! +/-

    I am still undecided...
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  3. Bob4444444

    Bob4444444 Celebrity Meeper

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    First of all, he wants to be an architect. He doesn’t need to be on for twelve hours a day in order to do well in this position. Second of all, if you are playing for twelve hours in one day, you might want to reevaluate yourself. He is seventeen years old, and being seventeen years old myself, being able to give four to six hours of your time a day to Minecraft is incredible. He has a life, and he shouldn’t have to give that up because he wants to help out on a server that gets no more than fifty people a day.

    Stevie, you are very talented and I hope you get this position.

    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 13, 2018 at 9:32 PM, Original Post Date: Jun 13, 2018 at 9:30 PM ---
    This is also an exaggeration. Clearly if he feels that the building won’t work out, he will start over, which is perfectly fine. He never mentioned starting over because of one block.
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  4. CasualMow

    CasualMow Popular Meeper

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    I know he does not need to be on for 12 hours a day I was implying that He should try to be on more overall

    and I also know it sounds like he is implying that when he said it so sorry I went overboard xD

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  5. ScaredyPants

    ScaredyPants Professor in Wumbology

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    why is your name jack but you're stevie in game ? ? ? ?? -1

    +1 because your builds are amaze
  6. alex77034

    alex77034 Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'

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  7. iKitten

    iKitten Popular Meeper Staff Member Helper

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    I really like your builds, Stevie! I hope you get the position!
    Good luck +1
  8. agnd

    agnd Well-Known Meeper Staff Member Helper

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    Stevie you're a great guy and a great builder, +1
  9. Toastie

    Toastie Celebrity Meeper

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    -1 stole my free notes that i gave to mia

    Just kidding, but in all honesty, your buildings look amazing. Even without shaders, they look beautiful. And seeing as how you know what to expect when using World Edit and Voxel, you got my vote.
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  10. Enron

    Enron Popular Meeper

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    6 hours is a long time to be playing Minecraft, if you play 12 hours a day you need to get a life.
    That’s just how autocorrect changes the words, and it’s realky not relevant to his performance as an architect. You especially aren’t one to talk about spelling mistakes, you have some of the most atrocious spelling and grammar I’ve seen on this forum.

    Lmao that’s like complaining about him saying “a” or “the” a lot, it’s not like it’s a word that there’s an alternative for.

    Btw +1 to the app, you seem cool Stevie
  11. riri30

    riri30 Professional Napper Staff Member Mod

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    You’ll do great, huge +1 for me.
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  12. Kling

    Kling Break blocks not hearts Staff Member Super Mod

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    If you are accepted your weakness won't be an issue, I will support you as I did the previous architects to ensure projects are not prolonged more than they should.

    The server needs versatility within the architect team, if you believe you'll advance in other aspects that are not medieval you shall not have a problem.
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  13. Nuker

    Nuker Popular Meeper

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    +1 explained in above posts
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