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Aurora: City of Wonders

Discussion in 'Towns' started by CasualNuker, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. CasualNuker

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    Hey meep! I’m Nuker Lord of Aurora! I’ll be presenting my small metropolis to you today and hopefully you will join!

    The town of Aurora was started a little less than 7 months ago under me and a a friend named DragonSlayer806. We moved our town to Meepcraft after our previous server had shut down. Our goal was to create a community like we did on the last server. We did so and grew to 150+ residents in 3 months! Recently the town of Aurora along with every other town has suffered a shortage of residents leaving vast areas of land in the towns empty. My goal is to bring our town back to life. I’ll tell you what we are about and how everything works now.

    Aurora is a democratic town with 5 mayors me being the Head-Mayor. The other mayors are Embony, Amethyst11, Nate, and rxdbox. Our goal as the mayors of Aurora is to have a fun prospering town. We have been though many struggles together and this resident shortage is just another chapter in the 2 year history of Aurora. We have around 50 homes at the moment. Aurora is home to many cool attractions such as the 2nd biggest home of meep Nuker Estate and Ultra Music Festival. Each of these attractions are very cool to see and look around. UMF is run by my very good friend michaelwojcik2 who has ran UMF MineCraft for the past 6 years! Together these attractions create the fine city of Aurora. We really hope that you consider joining us as we have lots in store for the community over the next few months! If interested in joining aurora contact @CasualNuker @Embony or any of our other fine town staff and they will assist you in getting a plot and joining Aurora! If none of our staff are online use /t join Aurora!

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