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Beheadings, Cheap Jobs, Farm Building

Discussion in 'Other' started by MochaCorgiPine, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. MochaCorgiPine

    MochaCorgiPine Active Meeper

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    In order to earn a bit more meebles I thought I would post this here that way I could have a much wider range of people to reach!

    I offer 1k meeble beheadings, with this you will be able to get your head for cheaper than buying it from a shop and it will be yours to keep and yours to decide with what to do with it.

    Cheap Jobs:
    I will do almost anything, my fees do vary depending on the difficulty of the job, or the length of time that doing the job may take! But usually, I just charge whatever you would like to pay me for it.

    Farm Building:
    I will build almost any type of farm and I will provide all supplies. However when it comes to buying this service from me please be aware I do not make anything with redstone, so it will be simplistic farms and nothing very big or fancy at all.

    Comment down below with any questions or comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Or you can /mail me in game, my ign is Freakboy3452
    Thanks <3
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