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boombox123 - Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by boombox123, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. boombox123

    boombox123 Popular Meeper

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    ***DISCLAIMER*** I am reposting this because my last one was denied for posting too soon, so there is no point in spending time writing another appeal out. Please do not instantly deny it, and instead leave replies here or on my profile or on discord for further questioning.

    Additional In Game Names:boombox123
    When you were banned: 3rd jan I believe
    Reason for ban: Hacking (2nd offense)
    What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game
    Ban Length: Perm
    Staff member who issued ban: CluelessKlutz
    What have you learned and why should we trust you to do better? Well i did not hack here are some reasons why:
    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: I am very sorry for any confusion that i have caused by saying that i did hack (directly to viperfan in discord) I said this to him to annoy him, as i thought i had very worthy evidence, and my plan was to come back in game and message him to surprise him. I realise now that this is wrong and if i could, i would go back in time and i would've never written that dm. Now that we have that out of the way, I understand it looks like i hacked on vipers video, not my own, some factors we need to look at: vipers fov is quake pro (or somewhere near it!), making it very difficult to tell distances. Here are some timestamps (for my video) that may help my case to prove that I did not hack or use and other client than optifine 1.12.2. 0:15 you can see at the taskbar, i hover over my minecraft application and it is only a single tab, when you use hacked clients it is 2 tabs (you need both of them open to run the hacks). 15:10 I press F3, I understand that some hacks can cover this up but it may still be useful. 2:19 You can see my inventory, and it has no option to toggle hacks (some hacked clients use inventory to toggle hacks). At 15:22 you can see that I have pressed escape, this is where the option to toggle on/off the hud would be on >---ALL CLIENTS---<. That is all of the useful time stamps i am aware of. Now I'll name hacks that i would've used if I was actually using a hacked client. Criticals (always get a critical hit). Autoshield (automatically blocks things that a shield would normally block whilst equipped). Autoheal (basically autosoup but with healing pots). Autoeat (Basically autoheal + autosoup but with food). Antifire (prevents all fire damage). Playeresp (highlights all players through walls). Aimbot (automatically hit all of the shots). Killaura/multiaura (Hit shots with a 360 degrees range, through blocks and up to 6 or 7 blocks away). Other notes: I was talking to a staff member at the time (@Mettekes) to come to the fight because @ENIbeast was ladder camping, why would I ask a staff member to come watch the fight if i was hacking? I also miss a ton of sword shots, and bow shots, and on the hits i actually managed to hit, less than 50% (approximately) of them were critical. Vipers movements were also very predictable, therefore allowing me to shoot/hit where i thought he was going to be before he actually gets there. PLEASE comment if you have ANY questions/doubts and I'll reply to them as quickly & usefully as possible. Now, you are probably thinking, if i do not use hacks then how do i know so much about them? So, I know some of you play it because i've met you on it (looking at you jip) It's another server, but for the sake of being on meepcraft's forums, we'll call it "X", so the server X i play on, has factions, it has recently reset its factions server, but before it reset it had a purge, This means that anything goes, any type of hacks and rules were completely out of the window. Most people were given creative and it was crazy, I played that for almost 12 hours, that plus my fair share of hacker trolling on youtube, I have come to learn of some types of hacks. I can tell you with confidence, that I did not hack and that I never intend to in the future.
  2. riri30

    riri30 Professional Napper Staff Member Mod

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    You’ve been unbanned. Keep everything we talked about before doing anything that might get you into trouble in the future.

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