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Bring Back partner maze 1!

Discussion in 'Creative' started by partner123, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. partner123

    partner123 Active Meeper

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    Just a reminder about my first maze back before creative reset (and dinosaur entities roamed the meep landscape) I built a giant community maze consisting of 4 levels, entrance was always free and at one point there was even a pwarp leading to it (/pwarp maze). It was pretty great while everyone could access it. Although the creative world has been reset, All of the homes I set in the maze still work including 1 at the bottom of the plot and one that allows access to the highest part. I have provided several screenshots with time stamps. unfortunately the old creative world is purely survival so there is no way to navigate the maze. So I was hoping to gain some help from a staff member to do a World Edit "plot transplant" of sorts on my old creative plot to open up the maze to everyone again
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