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Changes (nerfs/buffs) to voting crate TOOLS

Discussion in 'Denied' started by PseudoGod, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. PseudoGod

    PseudoGod Popular Meeper

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    First of all, voting tools last way too long which really drives down the demand for god tools.

    I have several voting suggestions but the one that might be most helpful at the current moment would be this following suggestion.

    For the normal tools, it really makes no sense to have unbreaking 5 to begin with. Why have a tool which survives almost 9,000 uses as a possible daily item, across 100+ people who vote daily?

    Any non-type X voting tool:
    • Unbreaking V -> Unbreaking II
    • Efficiency V -> Efficiency VII
    The type X tools are even worse offenders: they're rare but they still last 1.8333x as long as the current voting tool today. Instead, I'd suggest the following:
    • Unbreaking X -> Unbreaking III
    • Efficiency V -> Efficiency X (this is where the name gets to stay!)
    • +Silk Touch I
    Add new pickaxes: Philosopher's, Alchemist's, and Detonation Pickaxe
    Philosopher's pickaxe:
    • Efficiency X
    • Fortune IV
    • AQUA 100
    This is an iron pickaxe which cannot be enchanted and/or repaired due to the added level 100 enchant.

    Alchemist's pickaxe:

    • Efficiency X
    • Fortune III
    • AQUA 100
    This is an iron pickaxe which cannot be enchanted and/or repaired due to the added level 100 enchant.
    The alchemist pickaxe will instantly smelt gold and iron ore while giving the equivalent fortune 3 loot rate, thus giving it the "alchemist" name.

    Detonation pickaxe:

    • Silk touch I
    Upon usage, the pickaxe will instantly break. However, all ores and stone blocks within the chunk it is used will be instantly mined out, excluding any obsidian or bedrock. This will destroy all ores, which makes it useful primarily as a plot-clear tool but without much of the reward of mining. This also doesn't remove the need for a shovel as no dirt, gravel or sand will be cleared upon use.

    For other tools, I would suggest the following:

    • Quadruple the durability of a villager tamer.
    • For grappling hooks, disable their use in plots in which they either do not own or in the same town in. It is annoying that some people use it in others' towns and trying to exploit into an area they are not allowed to be in.
    • God Sets lose their unbreaking 3, but gain projectile, fire and blast protection IV. This makes it extremely easy to break but extremely potent against all forms of damage as long as it is equipped.


    • Voting tools must be fixed using 8 diamond blocks surrounding it in a crafting table. The result is the same tool at +50% of max durability. This is where a diamond sink can exist in game, thus giving diamonds value again.
  2. Hornemans

    Hornemans Popular Meeper

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    Villager tamer would be nice to have "slightly" move durability or we can just increase the chances to win it some to make up the for the poor durability.

    I think the voting god set it fine as is, we just need to reduce the chances of winning it drastically. However, I do like your suggested changes and make it Unbreaking I, Protection V, Blast V, FireResit V, etc would be cooler.


    I don't think changing the current voting tools is necessary, we just need to reduce the chances of people winning them and that will solve the problem much easier.

    I don't think we need any new voting tool as and the detonation pick would be too OP (and need a whole new plugin created just for it so its unfeasible to do).

    Fixing items other then the standard vanilla way should be 100% never implemented in any way shape or form. Though from your suggested method diamonds would be okay every other thing would not be (XP, Enchants, Lapis, etc). Not to mention this would require a custom plugin that is probably not feasible for the server at this time.
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  3. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Popular Meeper

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    A level 100 enchantment isn't needed to make a tool unable to be enchanted. Usually, the cost to repair the tool is just set to over 40 levels.
  4. Its_Madison

    Its_Madison Professional Nerd

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    +1 +1 +1
  5. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Denied. We intend to change the voting crate system, however we are not implementing any of the specific models posted here in suggestions, though this does not mean the ideas will not be implemented.
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