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Client side mods that enhance the look and feel of Minecraft

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by iiwars, May 17, 2018.

  1. iiwars

    iiwars Celebrity Meeper

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    Apple Core/Apple Skin -
    This shows your saturation of food you have ate.

    Better Foliage -
    Nice puffy leafs and cactus. There also algae, corals, and reeds in water. Falling leafs and rising souls from soul sand. Some nether rack has veins, and some plants have better looks. Very config-able.

    Better FPS (Soon to be replaced by the impeccable FastCraft) -
    Helps allocate stuff where its needed.

    Dynamic Surroundings -
    Adds sounds for water, foot steps, swinging your sword, and many other things. Also adds particles for waterfalls, lava, breath, and many other things.

    Fancy Block Particles (Laggy if config'd badly) -
    Adds cube particles that are 3D and look nice.

    HWYLA -
    Tells you what you're looking at. Pretty nice if using a new texture pack.

    Mo' Bends -
    This is changes the model for; players, skeletons, zombies, spiders, and a few other things. It is a must for those ultimates who fly around and do nothing. Nothing more fun than being in F5 and swinging your sword doing spins and stuff.

    SignPictures -
    Adds pictures(And GIF's) into the world, only you and other people who use this mod can see it. I think this is the only one staff may not allow.

    These are the mods I am currently using to play on the server with. There are other mods that would be nice to add, but the anti-cheat doesn't like inventory tweaks or mouse tweaks.

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