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Complete Guide to Towny Permissions and Commands

Discussion in 'Towny Guides' started by CluelessKlutz, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin

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    Towny is not the easiest plugin to work with at times, as there are hundreds of commands that each do slightly different things. Mastering these commands takes time, as any do not pull up in any of the Syntax messages. This borrows from several other guides that previously existed, but have been updated and reworked to create one comprehensive guide to all towny commands in the current version of Meepcraft's Towny plugin, as well as other info about towns. Note that this guide does not have a method for making a successful town, as there is no one way to make a town.

    Controlling Towny permissions can seem extremely confusing at first, but this should clear up any misconceptions or questions you may have and make things a lot easier. Here is a breakdown of how perms work, and some things to remember/understand when using them.

    There are 3 types of perms:

    1. Town perms (/town or /t)

    2. Res perms (/res)

    3. Plot perms (/plot)

    They each follow the same syntax, but the commands are slightly different:

    - /t set perm (resident/outsider/ally) (build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)

    - /res set perm (friend/outsider/ally) (build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)

    - /plot set perm (friend/outsider/ally) (build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)

    - /t toggle (fire/explosion/pvp/mob)

    - /res toggle (fire/explosion/pvp/mob)

    - /plot toggle (fire/explosion/pvp/mob)

    Here’s a list of what each of those corresponds to:

    - Resident = any player that is a resident of your town (not embassy owners)

    - Friend = any player on your friends list (to see it, just type /res)

    - Outsider = any player on server

    - Ally = any player from an allied town in your nation

    - Build = Place any block

    - Destroy = Remove any block

    - Itemuse = Use an item (fire charge, flint & steel)

    - Switch = Open/use any door, pressure plate, button, lever, chest, etc…

    - Fire = Fires spread from one block to another

    - Explosion = TNT explosions

    - PVP = Combat between players

    - Mob = Mob activity on plot

    Understand that these perms are structured

    Because there are 3 sets of perms for 3 different types of situations, you must understand which perm overrides which. Here is the order in which is the easiest to think about them:

    Towny < Res < Plot

    Your town perms affect your town only. Specifically, your town perms are only applied to any plot that is marked ‘Unowned’ whether it is for sale or not.

    Your res perms affect each of the plots you own anywhere. This means the plot says it IS owned, and not unowned.

    Plot perms can be applied specifically to one plot at a time to override certain perms that either town perms or res perms were previously applied to. Non mayors can apply this to any plot they own, and it is beneficial because they can keep the same perms with res perms on every plot they own, but can change 1 perm on 1 plot for a certain reason

    Source - Permissions
    Commands have been organized by the lowest towny rank you require in your town to access these.
    • Mayors
    /t new (TownName) - Creates the town with the specified town name, at the location you’re standing.

    /t delete - Deletes the town you own town, must follow these rules

    /t set mayor (Name) - Set the central mayor within your town.

    /n new (Name) - Creates a new nation, which other towns can join.
    • Co-Mayor
    /t withdraw (Amount) - Allows you to withdraw money from the bank.

    /t kick (Name) - Removes a player from your town.

    /t unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are currently standing in for your town.

    /t set homeblock - Sets the town spawn chunk to current location.

    /t set spawn - Sets the town spawn block to current location (must be in the home chunk).

    /t set taxes (Amount) - Sets a daily tax for town residents. This tax is auto paid every 24 hours. This must also follow Meepcraft Towny Rules regarding taxes.

    /t toggle taxpercent - Toggles whether or not your daily tax is a flat rate or a percentage. This must also follow Meepcraft Towny Rules regarding taxes.

    /t set plottax (Amount) - Sets the daily tax residents pay for plots owned in your town. This must also follow Meepcraft Towny Rules regarding taxes.

    /t set shoptax (Amount) - Sets the daily plot tax for residents for plots of the shop type. This must also follow Meepcraft Towny Rules regarding taxes.

    /t set embassytax (Amount) - Sets the daily tax for plots of the embassy type. This must also follow Meepcraft Towny Rules regarding taxes.

    /t set name (Name) - Allows you to change town name at any time.

    /t rank add (Name) Co-mayor/Assistant/Recruiter/Builder/ VIP - Adds specified resident to rank within the town.

    /t rank remove (Name) Co-Mayor/Assistant/Recruiter/Builder/Vip - Removes a towny rank from the player in your town.

    /t toggle public - Toggles whether or not non town residents can teleport to the town, or view coords.

    /t toggle open - Toggles whether or not players can join the town with /t join (town name).

    /t toggle jail (number) (player) - Sends a player (must be in your town) to a designated jail plot.

    /t plots - Show info about the plots in your town, and the taxes earned from them.

    /t outlaw add (name) - Ban a player from joining your town.

    /t outlaw remove (name) - Remove a player from being banned from your town.

    /t outlawlist (town name) - View banned players from a town. Include no name to see the list for your own town easily.

    /t say (message) - Send an announcement to all members in your town in a special chat.

    /townlist - View a list of all plots your town has claimed.

    /townlist tp (Number) - tp to a plot your town has claimed.
    • Assistant
    /t claim - Claims Unowned plots for the town. Must be claimed next to town plots.

    /plot set embassy - The plot becomes an embassy, a plot that can be claimed and owned by non - residents.

    /plot set shop - Sets the plot to a shop plot, allowing plot owners to set up chests shop

    /plot set arena - Plot becomes PVP, and has an Arena tag.

    /plot set reset - Sets the plot to an original, Unowned, unbuyable state.

    /plot set inn - Makes the plot display an "inn" tag when walking on the land, no current use

    /plot toggle outpost - Makes an outpost plot a normal type (same as plot set reset), or turns a normal plot into an outpost, which withdraws 2,000 Meebles from the town's bank to do so.

    /plot set farm - Makes a plot into a farm plot, where residents can break/place farm related items, but not edit normal blocks.

    /plot set jail - Makes a plot into a jail that troublesome players can be sent to by co-mayors.

    /t toggle fire - Toggles whether or not firespread is on in the town.

    /t toggle explosion - Toggles whether explosions are on this town.

    /t toggle mobs - Toggles whether or not mob spawns are on in this town.

    /plot toggle fire - Toggles firespread on an individual plot.

    /plot toggle explosion - Toggles explosions on a single plot.

    /plot toggle mobs - Toggles mobs on an individual plot. Great for grinders and livestock.
    • Recruiter
    /t add (IGN) - Adds a player to your town.

    /plot fs (Price) - Puts plot for sale at the set price, allows town residents to buy plots.

    /plot nfs - Makes plot unclaimable by residents if it is currently for sale.

    • Resident
    /request - Runs a message in world chat to ask players to invite you to a town. This does not work if you are already in a town.

    /t - Allows you to see your town’s information, such as residents, bank value, taxes, nation, coordinates, etc.

    /t spawn - Return to the spawn block set by your town.

    /t spawn (Town name) - Teleports to the spawn of another town which has their permissions set for the town to be public.

    /t outpost (Number) - Teleport to an outpost in your town, sorted by number. View the number of outposts your town has in /t.

    /t online (Town name) - Shows all residents currently online in your town, with colored named meaning the following:
    • Gold - Mayor
      Aqua - Co-mayor
      Yellow - Assistant
      Pink - Recruiter
      Purple - Builder
    • White - Resident

    /t deposit (Amount) - Deposits an amount of money into your town's bank.

    /towny prices (Name) - check taxes, upkeep, and plot costs of yours or another town.

    /tstats (plots/residents/money) (town name) - View data and predicted trends for a town.

    /res - View your resident data and current /res permissions (see above for more data about resident permissions), as well as the number of plots you own, town you are a member of, and town ranks you hold.

    /res taxes - View the current amount of taxes you pay (note that town staff currently still pay taxes, despite this saying otherwise when run).

    /res friend add (Name) - Add a player to your /res friends list to be controlled under the friend permission (see above under permissions).

    /res friend remove (Name) - Remove a player from your /res friends list.

    /plot claim - Claims a plot to your name

    /plot unclaim - Unclaims the current plot you are standing in (must be owned by you).

    /plotlist - View the number of plots you own, and their locations.

    /plotlist tp (Number) - Teleport to a plot you own from the list.

    /towny map - View a map of land claimed by towns nearby, as well as who owns said plots, and the town you are currently standing in.

    /towny map big - Views a larger version of the towny map from the previous command.

    /tc (Message) - Type in the town chat channel.

    /nc (message) - Type in the nation chat channel.

    /n - View the nation you are currently in

    /n (Name) - View info about the nation you specify.

    Source - Commands

    Other Info

    Towny Plots - A single plot is consistent of one Minecraft chunk. Chunks are naturally 16x16x255 blocks. Hit f3+g or f3+fn+g (Depends on your operating system) at the same time to view Minecraft's built in chunk border system.

    Claiming a towny chunk automatically withdraws 350 Meebles from the town bank. Claiming an outpost plot takes 1,500 Meebles.

    Rules - Any questions regarding server rules about towns can be found here. If you have a specific question, you may file a /modreq in-game, and a staff member will work with you directly.

    Warp Signs - Signs can be set up to allow players to warp within your town by right clicking a sign. To set one of these up, put [Outpost] on the first line, and then the outpost number in the second row. You are allowed to put any other info you with onto the third and fourth lines.

    Making a Town - Towns cost 150,000 Meebles to create. When created, you receive 50,000 of those Meebles back by having them automatically deposited into the town bank.

    Making a Nation - While not covered in this guide, nations are a collection of towns. To make a nation, you must already be a mayor. Upon running the command "/n new (Name)" 2,500,000 Meebles will be withdrawn from your town bank.

    Upkeep - Towns pay a daily upkeep every twenty-four physical hours. Check when taxes will be next collected with /towny time. In the current economy, each plot claimed by your town adds 50 Meebles to your upkeep. Nations also pay 2,000 Meebles every time taxes are collected.

    Claiming Limitations - There is a limit to how much land a town can own at one time. This can be boosted through several means
    1. Adding residents: Each resident in your town allows the town to claim an additional eight chunks of land
    2. Joining a nation: When a nation has 150+ residents in it, all towns in the nation can claim an additional 250 chunks, regardless of how many towns are within the nation.

    Change Log

    This guide will continue to be updated as more changes are made, as well as any edits/additions necessary.
    Created: August 11th, 2017
    Towns Update, new commands added: August 29th, 2017
    Towns Update, new commands added: February 13, 2018
    More info on towny prices added: March 8th, 2018
    Added list of colors from /t online: March 16, 2018
    New commands added, mistakes corrected: December 2, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 2, 2018
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    This is good, continuing the legacy of @theEditson.
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  3. iKitten

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    Thank you so much for doing this Clue! I seriously couldn't figure out deposit till last week! Now I will I have a whole list to look at (hopefully I will become less oblivious to that sorta stuff) and hopefully I will learn a thing or two :D
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  4. SuperVladimir

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    Thank you for taking time out of your busy staff schedule, and teaching all the new town mayors about towns! oh wait there are no new players that need help with town perms because there are no new players gg
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    This is pretty cool my man
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    Forgot /towny prices
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  7. CluelessKlutz

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    Thanks for putting this together CK! Great information for new and existing players!
  9. CluelessKlutz

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    Added more info on towny prices
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 3, 2018, Original Post Date: Mar 8, 2018 ---
    Updated by @qazini
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