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Best Posts in Thread: [COMPLETED] New Years and Holiday Pseudocorp Contests: 2,515,300 in Prizes!

  1. PseudoGod

    PseudoGod Popular Meeper

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    Howdy folks! We here at PseudoCorp (Which extends to the Gamma town of Rome) will be giving away 2 million Gamma meebles for the Holiday Season!

    Within this thread, I will be announcing the event lineups for the next 2 weeks (12/19-12/23 and 12/26-12/30)!

    Events on Monday, December 19:

    • Trivia Night Monday (10 Questions about Meepcraft's Past that are worth 5k each)
    • Guess the Number: Holiday Special (2 Rounds worth 25k each, to celebrate Christmas Spirit!) Completed; Results and winners posted in a post down under.
    Events on Tuesday, December 20:
    • Communal City Parkour Race Challenge (We will race through city parkour. The prizes will be distributed as follows: 25k for 1st place, 15k for 2nd place, and 10k for 3rd place.) No cheating allowed!
    • /pwarp Store Drop Party (50k in drop parties for Gold Ingots and blocks! Be there or be cubed!) Completed; The event description (changes and whatnot) in post down under.
    Events on Wednesday, December 21:
    • Trivia Night Wednesday (20 Questions about Meepcraft's Present that are worth 2.5k each)
    • Communal Jungle Parkour Race Challenge (We will race through Jungle parkour. The prizes will be distributed in the same matter as the Communal City Parkour race. No cheating!
    • Special introduced drop party (76.8k) Completed; Results in post down under.
    Events on Thursday, December 22:
    • 20 Mini Events (Random Giveaways of 2.5k each, will be done as is so be on the edge of your chair)!
      [*]Guess The Number: Holiday Boogaloo (2 Rounds worth 25k each)!
    • 300k drop party, due to conflicts in my schedule for tomorrow (cannot disclose exact reasons) Completed!
    Events on Friday, December 23:
    • /pwarp EVENTS Drop Party (100k in Drop parties for Gold ingots and Blocks! Be there or be cubed)!

    An intermission will occur on December 24th and 25th to allow PseudoGod and Meepcrafters to enjoy Christmas with their families.

    Events on Monday, December 26th:

    • Trivia Night Monday (10 Questions about meep's future: Worth 5k each. Study Trello!)
    • Communal Parkour Race: Built by Pseudocorp! (A custom map designed by Pseudocorp themselves. It is difficult, but the first person to finish the map will recieve the full 50k reward!)
    Events on Tuesday, December 27th:
    • Free Day: I will give away 100k meebles as I see fit throughout the day. They will be spontaneous events but will not require skill or knowledge past quick typing. Be prepared!
    Events on Wednesday, December 28th:
    • Winter Knowledge Trivia (20 Questions about Holidays and the winter traditions! 2.5k Each.)
    • /PWARP EVENTS Drop Party (50k in Gold and Gold Blocks will be dropped here!)
    Events on Thursday, December 29th:
    • Preparation for the New Year (I will be asking 50! Trivia Questions about Meepcraft in the year of 2016. These questions will range from easy to obscure. 2k per trivia question)
    Events for Friday, December 30th:
    • A New Beginning: I will be selecting 5 random people to be received 20k each. These will be picked from people who the community sees fit to deserve these meebles. Nominate certain players in a conversation on the forums, in game, or on this thread itself.

    Your task is to simply write a book describing your meepcraft experiences in the last year. This event will be worth 500k but only 1 person will receive the reward. Make sure your book is as good as you can make it.

    Your book must contain the following elements to be qualified for this competition:

    • A copy which is not signed but does HAVE YOUR NAME WITHIN THE BOOK.
    • The book must be at least 5 pages long excluding the introduction or ending (5 pages of content)
    • Your book must begin with an introduction to yourself (When you joined, Identification)
    • Your book must then answer this question: "How is your experience on the meepcraft server?"
    • Afterward: Your book must describe why YOU believe you deserve the 500k meebles
    • As a closing, you have to write a short comment about meepcraft that shows positivity.

    The contest will begin at 12/19 and you have until 12/22 11:59 PM PST to turn in your book at /pwarp Store. you may begin writing early, but those are the dates in which you are allowed to turn in your completed book with all of the inclusive elements.

    CONTEST 2: TBA (12/26 - 12/30)

    I hope you all enjoy these events and hope to see you in game!

    This event cycle is now completed. Enjoy your holidays!

    Last edited: Dec 29, 2016
  2. PseudoGod

    PseudoGod Popular Meeper

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    Trivia Night 12/21 Results
    20 Questions were asked about the present time (Last time was the past, and the next trivia will be trello-based).

    Question 1: Teddypines Won
    "Name 2 current administrators that have been online in the last 24 hours."

    Question 2: @CluelessKlutz Won
    "Which person got promoted to supermod today?"

    Question 3: LargeUnit Won
    "Name two applicants who got accepted for interview today."

    Question 4: @CluelessKlutz Won
    "Name one staff member that is currently online."

    Question 5: @Vampire_Man_32 Won
    "What is the service named that lets us see future outlines and plans (website)?"

    Question 6: @Courtneyyy Won
    "Which super-mod is host of /pwarp santa?"

    Question 7: @Wiggle_Waggle Won
    "Name two notes in meepcraft that used to be donator perks."

    Question 8: MasterOfBoom Won
    "Who is the most recently accepted media member?"

    Question 9: MasterOfBoom Won
    "Name 7 current staff members of any rank."

    Question 10: @inexxer Won
    "What day of the year was the world supposedly ending in 2012?"

    Question 11: @inexxer Won
    "How many questions will be asked after question 12?"

    Question 12: PixelPooter Won
    "What is the answer to Question 11?"

    Question 13: @inexxer Won
    "Name the warp where you can buy or sell gold."

    Question 14: @PegasusFirestar Won
    "Which of these warps does exist: /warp Waterslide, /warp Waterpark, /warp Waterfall?"

    Question 15: @Vampire_Man_32 Won
    "Which month marks Meepcraft's anniversaries?"

    Question 16: @inexxer Won
    "What service is currently being used in replacement of teamspeak?"

    Question 17: @inexxer Won
    "Who is the second richest player in gamma?"

    Question 18: MasterOfBoom Won
    "Name a citizen who was promoted to helper."

    Question 19: @TechnoTyson
    "Name the most current resigned super-mod"

    Question 20: 10 people won
    "Tell me what command lets people message others for 250 meebles (up to 10)"

    See if you can answer these on your own (just for fun, ofc!)