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Died From A Glitch

Discussion in 'Completed' started by Alexxx, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Alexxx

    Alexxx Well-Known Meeper

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    Hello, I made this thread so I can hopefully get my things refunded, which I lost due to me mysteriously dying. I tried contacting an admin afterwards about the situation, who wouldn't respond, so I decided to just make a thread.

    So here's the story:
    I was sitting next to my town spawn, completely out of harm's way, when I go afk to check the forums. I came back around 10 minutes later to find myself dead right in that exact spot. Confused, I do /back to find that clearlag already came and took all my items. After asking a staff member, I found out that I died from suffocating. This isn't even possible, as I was standing next to a building, and the building didn't change at all when I returned. I figured this was a glitch and I deserved to have my items refunded, so here I am. From this strange situation I lost some god tools, god sword, a nut cracker, and a full easter event armor set. I don't really care whether or not I get the tools or armor back, but I mostly made this thread because of the nut cracker I lost. I'm still VERY confused about what exactly happened, but I hope staff will look into this. Thanks!
  2. CasualMow

    CasualMow Popular Meeper

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    In my experiance playing meep I have had this problem many times, but I could never figure out why it happened, but something was always constant in my problems, I was always against a wall or had a roof above me, I hope this gets fixed sooner than later and you get your stuff back! but were you under a roof or within 1 block of the building, if so it might just be the anti-xray thing in the game.
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