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eco suggestion

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Bloopers, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Bloopers

    Bloopers Celebrity Meeper

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    with or without an eco reset for 1.14 or something, here is an idea that may be a little bit difficult to implement, but would possibly benefit the economy a lot.

    server controlled economy shouldn't just poof money into existence. the server should have a balance of its own. if you sell to /warp shop, money is removed from the 'server balance' to give to that player. when a player buys something from /warp shop, then money is added to the 'server balance' - if you try to sell something and the server currently doesn't have enough money in its balance then it shouldn't let you sell.

    town upkeep taxes? goes to the server economy.

    a player is inactive for X amount of days? instead of wiping them, their assets are acquired by the server:
    money goes into server balance, town or plots they own gets claimed by the server to be auctioned off to other players? (unless it has to do with a banned user using a duplication glitch)

    maybe even a small percentage out of the vshop or chest shops can go to the server economy, like a government sales tax.

    for /warp event type of things, the rewards should come out of the server balance instead of /eco give 50000 - this kind of money spawning is probably what ruins economies

    basically, money should be going in and out of players all the time, and money shouldn't be straight up spawned in or deleted.

    i just came up with this idea within 15 minutes, so it's obviously not fully fleshed out, but i think the simplest solution besides this (since it'd probably require a fair bit of programming to make work) is to just stop /warp shop all together, and stop spawning money in from the server.) apologies for the poor organization of the small ideas here.
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  2. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    While I believe it’s a good idea to have less infinite sources of money, an economy that never grows at all will make it too challenging for players to make money.

    I think the main issue with this has always been Good Economy vs Fun, because the best economy isn’t the most fun, and if it’s not fun no one will play.

    For now I’m a -1, I’d be interested in reading the old suggestion again; but I don’t care enough to search through hundred or denied suggestions to find it
  3. Marshy_88

    Marshy_88 Popular Meeper

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    Last I checked one Meeper has 100mil. Over 1/4 the eco. Just let it die.
  4. AdrianIsEpic

    AdrianIsEpic Popular Meeper

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    You're acting like this was all acquired by that player earning it on their own. That money was from dicing, 50mil of it was also not legit but staff won't do anything about it.
  5. 7acespade

    7acespade Celebrity Meeper

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    I really don't think you understand how "Minecraft economies" work. People will always sell goods 10,000 times more than they purchase goods. There would never be a balance, it would just be a storm to drain the meepcraft economy of all the meebles it has and then waiting for it to fill up again.
  6. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Administrator

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    Denied, closed economies simply cannot function on a Minecraft server where the active players constantly change. We do not want to punish players for taking breaks, as well.

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