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Economical point -Volume 1 - Economic Analysis

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Economical Point, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Economical Point

    Economical Point Meeper

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    Hello economists!
    Welcome to the very first edition of Economical Point where we go through anything related to meepcraft´s market in contemplation of having the best market possible. I guess we could call this a pilot so make sure to like and comment on this post to show me your feedback. Today, we are going to give a comprehensive breakdown to Hornemans´s post "Monthly Wealth Report March 2018".

    This post is a series of data with many statistics about meepcraft´s wealth (like the name suggests). Hornemans kindly enabled us to have the cleanest data possible by dividing the numbers into various charts containing information varying from the wealth distribution to the average player balance.

    Now, without further ado, let us start with the first pack of stats Hornemans gave us. The meepcraft economy balance is 259 million, this is the number of meebles in the game. If we divide this by the total economy players (3,255), we get the meebles per capita (let us call it MPC). This gives us about 80k per person. But is this good enough? Well, if you are worried about your survival, this is more than enough. With 80k, you can afford roughly the same amount of baked potatoes. However, if you want to build a nice base quickly (with god tools for example), the price of the items needed could take at least 1/4 of your balance.

    Now, let us talk about the in-game distribution of wealth. The number one page in /baltop, which forms up less than 0.09% of the players has about ten million meebles less than all the pages after the sixth page which forms around 98% of the players.

    In Horneman´s post, there are more tables of wealth distribution, however, I think I already made a point. Either the top players have too much money, everyone else has too little money or both. Nevertheless, there is one key thing that affects all this data. Many players leave the game and let the towns suck up their balance while they do not care if it marks a 0 at the end of the day. This after about a month, if the players had a low balance before they left, their balance becomes even lower and since they do not care to earn more money, they skew the data making it unclear.

    Thank you all for reading my first article, if you have any suggestions for the next volume or just for a better article, send me a private message or comment below. For Horneman´s post, click
    Keep Meeping!
    -Whoever created this account
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  2. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Mod

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    There’s no point where people that either gamble, or play specifically to the economy aspect only will be close in meebles to the bottom. If I play 4 hours a day and focus on making money, someone who plays significantly less will not make even close to as much, especially when most people don’t focus mainly on the economy aspect.

    Interesting analysis, I don’t see why you have to remain anonymous though
  3. _Ners

    _Ners Popular Meeper

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    Great article and nice analysis. You made various valid points.
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  4. Economical Point

    Economical Point Meeper

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    Thank you, your support really helps :D
  5. Hornemans

    Hornemans Popular Meeper

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    First I would like to say this is better then i was expecting. Good analysis and point of view.

    This is similar in the united states or very close, and I think even more closely if not identical to other 3rd world type countries situations. So it is really a problem?

    This is not just a problem in Meep but for most servers. Also, sidenote Rough numbers from my memory 46% of the 3225 residents where "homeless" meaning they were not in any town (I will be including that stat in the monthly report for April onwards). This big homeless population which we can probably assume os mostly the ones the logged in for a day or two and have never come back. They are also probably make up most of those players with balances of 0-3k, and 3-10k groups.

    This is not necessarily true (though it should be). Why; I will example below.

    TL;DDR - Best value to "win" Meepcraft economy is to vote daily and don't even log on but once a month!

    A player playing for 1 hour only makes 2.78 times more meebles than that of a player only playing 5 minutes even though the time played is 12 times longer (this is not a good example but it is a true fact).

    An average player playing for 4 hours only makes 2.28 times more meebles than that of a player only playing 1 hour even though the time played is 4 times longer (this is a perfect example that just because you play 4x longer does not mean you will be 4x richer).

    Player #1 - 5 minutes - 18k (voting)
    Player #2 - 60 minutes - 50k (voting + mining sand for 55 mins)
    Player #3 - 240 minutes - 114k (voting + using viliagers to make god picks 235 mins)

    Money Factor
    Player #1 - 1 (18/18)
    Player #2 - 2.78 (50/18)
    Player #3 - 6.33 (114/18)

    Time Factor
    Player #1 - 1 (5/5)
    Player #2 - 12 (60/5)
    Player #3 - 48 (240/5)

    Value Factor
    Player #1 - 18 (18/1)
    Player #2 - 4.2 (50/12)
    Player #3 - 2.4 (114/48)
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  6. Economical Point

    Economical Point Meeper

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    This is quite helpful, thanks for the help and feedback!

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