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Ender Knight Supply Co.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SuperDyl, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Well-Known Meeper

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    This is the official page of the Ender Knight Supply Co. (at least for now). The top will have up to date information and update logs will be posted in comments. Feel free to comment as well in the comments section though!

    As of October 11th, the EK Supply Co. is now only available at /pwarp Depot. New shops owned by the EK Supply Co. will come to other pwarps later.

    Follow these directions:

    1. /pwarp Depot (This takes you to the Depot lobby)
    2. Fall down one of the two holes
    3. Arrive in the EK Supply Co.

    EK Supply Co. Services
    Crafting Services
    This small area will have an ender chest, enchanting table, and anvil as the old location did, but currently only has a crafting table.

    The Warp Book

    This area sells The Warp Book v1 and The Warp Book v2. The Warp Book is a series of written books categorizing pwarps (general stores, specialty stores, gambling places, utilities, malls) before ranking them. There is also extra information such as price estimates at pwarps. Volume 2 had preorders available to buy during its production.

    Warp Book items may be sold by throwing on the carpet. A hopper takes the item to return to the a player a Warp Book (if the player sells a Preorder book) or allows the player to earn 500 meebles by creating space in the adjacent chest to sell one string for 500 meebles.

    Warp Book items are sold from "slot" machines due to the nature of the chestshop plugin. The player will always be given their item, though it comes from a hopper instead of by commands/code.

    Volume 1 has 32 pages of information about all pwarps as of May 26th. This includes pricing information and ranked lists of pwarps within catagories. Buy and sell for 500 meebles.

    The Warp Book v2 includes an updated set of pwarps along with better calculated price estimates and a redone format of gambling areas and utilities. Buy for 1,000 meebles and sell back for 500 meebles.

    The Preorder Book for v2 can be sold in the same way as The Warp Book. This returns to the seller one copy of The Warp Book v2 via the dropper.

    Buying suggestions:

    1. Those with a preorder book can sell it to get a copy of v2, essentially saving 250 meebles (25%).

    2. Those with a preorder book and v1 can sell both items to get v2 and 500 meebles in gold, essentailly saving 750 meebles (75%).

    3. Those with v1 can sell it to recieve 500 meebles in gold. This refunds if the book was bought after v2 became available or half a refund if v1 was bought before v2 became available.

    4. v2 can also be sold for 500 meebles in gold.

    Mining Goods

    Available items are all ores and their subsequent drops. All prices are compared to all other /pwarps . This information is used so any better priced goods at a /pwarp will result in the shop's stock being bought out or the EK Supply Co. changing prices to be at an equal or better price. The store then has the lowest buy prices and highest sell prices of all Meepcraft /pwarps. All sell prices are also 80% or higher of the buy price. The shop earns meebles by players selling to the shop, so feel free to sell! This service was created to make searching for these simple items easy, as no player has to look for or remember great deals, just buy them with a guaranteed best price.

    Other locations:

    EK Jobs (Ender Knight Jobs) - Currently unavailable
    Formerly the location of the Legend Lottery, now players will have the ability to earn their meebles with work instead of luck using an EK Job. One job at a time will be available, usually auctioned off. The player who pays and starts the job recieves a kit with the items needed for their job, a "checklist" of needed items for completing the job, and a guide book with tons of special information on the job.

    To complete a job, the player collects a specific number of items (usually by using the supplied kit in the suggested manner as described by the guide book) and throws them onto the Level B2 carpet. After all the required items are added, the sell chest becomes available, allowing the player to sell their written book "Payslip". The total amount at the job's completion should pay more than the kit cost. Payment cost is based on using price comparisons and paying the highest sell price.

    This new service provides players with a stable job to use while supplying the Ender Knight Supply Co. with a giant collection of items.


    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 18, 2017 ---

    • Fixed iron's sell price to 2.5 as /pwarp $ is full of iron.
    • Closed off the lottery area more fully.
    • Made B1 smaller and less volimnus.
    • Spent over an hour attempting to fix The Warp Book shop. Still broken.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 21, 2017 ---

    • Reopened up the lottery
    • Replaced B1 floor chests with lottery dispensers (Making book buying possible)
    • Added a sell machine for The Warp Book v1
    • Added a carpet to the lottery
    • Added preorder books for The Warp Book v2
    • Changed some signs on floor B2
    • Multiple edits to modernize information on the forums page
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 28, 2017 ---
    Updates slowed a bit as I took a few days off of Meepcraft. I will not be on for the next couple of days either.

    *Permanently closed the lottery due to changes in /lottery
    *Added a sign to some construction chests
    *Ran out of gold ore
    *Still out of nether quartz ore
    *Gold ore prices changed
    *Anvil replaced in level L1
    *Possibly edited the forums page

    Some news on The Warp Book v2:

    *All 50 current pwarps are mostly catagorized
    *Decisions about item info has been decided (What items count as low, medium, or high value)
    *Decisions about periods in formating (Always put periods in lists, but not if it adds another line)

    This passage was added to the forums page:

    Testing for a replacement of level B2 have taken place. The plan is to add EK Jobs (Ender Knight Jobs). This system will allow players to pay a certain amount of meebles to work a job. The player receives high end items to easily complete their task (Collect a certain number of items such as wood or ores). The player will also be given an information book about where and how to sell items in the future and the best ways to complete their job. Once the required items are collected, the player returns those items and an identification book given to them at the beginning to a chest to receive meebles totaling more than the number payed to start the job.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 15, 2017 ---
    Wow, this page needed some updates!

    *Added lots of information about The Warp Book to the forums page
    *Updated minor details in forum page
    *Updated major details in forum page
    *Released The Warp Book v2
    *Set up selling of The Warp Book v2
    *Set up selling of Preorder of v2
    *Added a sign to B2 to explain it's removal
    *Updated all prices in B3
    *Added an anvil to L1
    *Updated Level Key on level L1
    *Added more construction chests
    *Put new cake out at level B3
    *Added items to stock of B3

    Diamond ore and nether quartz ore are still out of stock. The store will buy from players to fill stock somewhat.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 30, 2017 ---
    *Added a page updates header
    *Changed Iron's price from 7 to 8 to 10.
    *Changed iron's sell price to 8
    *Changed redstone's buy price from 0.11 to 0.3
    *Restocked iron, coal, and iron ore multiple times
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  2. iKitten

    iKitten Well-Known Meeper Staff Member Helper

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    Oooohhhh, sounds like a nice store! I would love to check it out once I get back online :D
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  3. SuperDyl

    SuperDyl Well-Known Meeper

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    A large change: construction of Level B2 is nearly complete. This adds a new service to the Ender Knight Supply Co.: EK Jobs. Instructions on it's use have been added to the main forums area.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2017, Original Post Date: Aug 6, 2017 ---

    • Changed/fixed "sell" area of Level B2 (Would lock hoppers before, stopping item flows)
    • Added more information to Level B2 concerning EK Jobs and the "sell" area of Level B2
    • Added information about Level B3 on the forums page (Oops, it was missing before...sorry)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 21, 2017 ---
    Hmm, this is out of date...

    Recent and less recent updates:
    • B1 has had all machines pulled out
    • Sign placed in B1 to explain the tearing out of machines
    • B2's job pay chest's sign has been removed
    Some explanations:

    The EK Supply Co. (Ender Knight Supply Co.) is in the process of being moved to "/pwarp Depot". There were two reasons behind this option. The first is that Reading/Math_Pro offered space in his shop at "/pwarp Depot" and it's convenient for customers to use the EK Supply Co. when they can just warp right into it (or at least closer). The space is also better for keeping the different sections of the shop united. The second reason for the move is that the EK Supply Co. has to be moved in the near future or be inaccessible, which is all I can say about that for now.

    Also, there are plans to add more branches to the EK Supply Co. The naming will go as such:
    • The original location at "/pwarp Legend" and the new one at "/pwarp Legend" will be "EK Supply Co." with the suffix of "at /pwarp [name]". As an example, the original location is the "EK Supply Co. at /pwarp Legend".
    • Separate branches named "EK [Item types]. For example, an ore/ingot/gem store could be "EK Ores".
    Future stores will keep a similar style to the first. Feel free to ask questions.

    Updates for the EK Supply Co. at /pwarp Depot:

    • Shopping space created underneath "/pwarp Depot"'s main lobby
    • Chests for ores and other mining goods set up (only the chests though)
    • Book buying set up for The Warp Book for editions v1 and v2
    • Item sorting for The Warp Book selling area added in (now including grief protection)
      • Still unusable
      • Hole left into red stone area from construction
    • Sign left for future EK Jobs area
    • No staircase exists, so players receive fall damage from the short drop

    Please let me know what you think of the area and what can be fixed. There's still a bit to clean up and move before the shop's perfectly usable. Even though that's the case, I decided to make this post to explain where Level B1 of the EK Supply Co. at /pwarp Legend went to. Feedback is useful and gets things done!

    This forum page still needs to be updated fully with this new information.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 12, 2017 ---
    October 11th

    • The EK Supply Co. at /pwarp Depot was opened
    • All mining goods price checked
    • Selling of Warp Books now sets a chest up for selling string items for 500 meebles instead of dropping a gold ingot and block (totaling 500 meebles in value)
    • The EK Supply Co. currently owns the pwarp of "/pwarp Depot" but not the plots
    • Forums page updated for location change
    Any player who shows up during the reopening period of the EK Supply Co. gets a free Warp Book v1, which is still sell-able for 500 meebles.
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