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Ender Knight Supply Co.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SuperDyl, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. SuperDyl

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    This is the official page of the Ender Knight Supply Co. (at least for now). The top will have up to date information and update logs will be posted in comments. Feel free to comment as well in the comments section though!

    Follow these directions:

    1. /pwarp Legend (This takes you to the Legend Marketplace shopping district)
    2. Follow the purple beacon
    3. Arrive at an obsidian building

    L1: Lobby
    This small area has an enderchest, enchanting table, and crafting table along with a small, outdated level key.

    B1: The Warp Book
    This area sells The Warp Book v1. This written book categorizes pwarps (general stores, specialty stores, gambling places, utilities, malls) before ranking them. There is also extra information such as price estimates. Volume two is about to have work started, so preorders to get the book 25% have started!

    The Warp Book v2 will include an updated set of pwarps along with better calculated price estimates and a redone format. Buy a preorder book then sell at the carpets when The Warp Book v2 comes out to get an early copy of The Warp Book v2.

    B2: Legend Lottery
    The Legend Lottery works almost the same as /lotto . Players rename an object and throw it into a hopper, before buying tickets at a chest shop. The tickets are held by the system, not given to the player. A large difference the Legend Lottery has from /lotto is that a winner is only chosen once a certain number of tickets have been sold, making all lotteries large.

    B3: Mined Goods
    The first general store area of the Ender Knight Supply Co. sells all ores and materials from ores. The prices are checked against eleven pwarps. Instead of competitively pricing lower, the Ender Knight Supply Co. sets up the cheapest buy prices of all pwarps and the highest sell prices of all pwarps, enabling all players the services of other general stores at one location.

    Some general stores run out of stock. These prices are ignored for the Ender Knight Supply Co. , but are periodically checked for restocking. Also, chests only have a very limited space currently for buying and selling. This is to avoid over selling running the business bankrupt and because the shop is newer with fewer items.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 18, 2017 ---

    • Fixed iron's sell price to 2.5 as /pwarp $ is full of iron.
    • Closed off the lottery area more fully.
    • Made B1 smaller and less volimnus.
    • Spent over an hour attempting to fix The Warp Book shop. Still broken.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 21, 2017 at 2:22 AM ---

    • Reopened up the lottery
    • Replaced B1 floor chests with lottery dispensers (Making book buying possible)
    • Added a sell machine for The Warp Book v1
    • Added a carpet to the lottery
    • Added preorder books for The Warp Book v2
    • Changed some signs on floor B2
    • Multiple edits to modernize information on the forums page
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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