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Falkreath Builders

Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by Achrow, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Achrow

    Achrow Popular Meeper

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    Hello guys and girls! Falkreath needs a builder!

    Most of the people in my town are... okay at building but not great i need a helping hand to push through on making many houses for Falkreath!
    I need someone who has landscape skills, Good interior skills (If you only have one that will be fine but both would be very handy) and who can follow instructions. You don't need to be a perfect builder but if i need you to place something in a certain way i expect you to do it with ease.

    The perks of being a builder in Falkreath is i will try to teach you as much as i can about how to build decent builds, i will also give you a beautiful home and you can work your way to co-mayor of my town! Thank you for viewing this thread!

    I will need to see some of your work just so i have an idea of how good you are. Mail me in meep or make a comment!

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