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Ferrari is looking for staff!

Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by the boss, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. the boss

    the boss Celebrity Meeper

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    Keeping the town in tip top shape is hard right now in the summer, so I imagine that it will be even harder during the school year where i'll only be able to go on meep during the weekends/holidays. with That all said I need staff members who are reliable and trustworthy, and can help me run the town when I'm not online
    I need at least 2 staff members with one being an assistant/co-mayor and the other being a town builder

    Shoot me a private message in game or on the forums if you're interested.

    You must have a list of references to back up your application. While I want staff to make my meep life easier Im not desperate at all and will happily take the reigns myself if nobody applies.

    Thank you. -The boss
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