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Helper Application from Baby Elsa

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by LadyCass, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. LadyCass

    LadyCass Rebel Angel Warrior | Sweet Baby Child

    Likes Received:
    Member Name Baby Elsa

    Additional In Game Names: LadyCassandra (Current), mrsboeve (previous IGN), VampireKittenz (Alt)

    How old are you? 15

    Location: Washington, USA

    Do you have TeamSpeak? Yes

    How many hours per day do you play MeepCraft? (weekdays) As much as life will allow; 2-4

    How many hours per day do you play MeepCraft? (weekends) As much as life will allow; 2-3

    Have you ever been staff on this or any other server? No

    References: Please give IGN's Eikichi_Onizuka_, xSpongey, Metr0n0me, Y4cky, 2leah2, ForteMizuki, Muunkee - Alexia, CasualCaviar/Pmx728, PeriHeika, iiTzJDL, Bluapol

    When did you join Meepcraft? July 17, 2015 (In-game) & July 26, 2015 (Forums)

    Introduction: Hi! My name is Evelyn, but you may know me as Lady or Cass in-game, and Elsa on the forums. I am a freshman in high school, and my favorite subject is math. I don't love sports, but badminton is my favorite. Last year, my partner and I played #2 varsity doubles for our school, and in the final doubles competition we placed first. I also love music; I don't play an instrument at the current moment, but I love to sing. I've sung a couple times in the worship team at my church. In my free time, I like to doodle, make origami, and do some 3D-modeling using CAD.

    I found Meep through an in-real-life friend. I tutored him in Spanish and Math. He showed me Meep sometime around February 2015, and because of my surprising love for eco games, I told myself I would look into it. I didn't actually play a lot of MineCraft at the time, and I only resumed after almost a year and a half hiatus from it to try Meep out. As soon as I got on, I got hooked really fast. I didn't know the community well, nor was it my priority. But the community was gracious enough to grant me VIP, and from then on I became more and more involved with it.

    Why should you be Helper? Helpfulness and Involvement - Cheesy and overused as it sounds, I genuinely like to help people, even if it comes with sacrifices. I don't like to see a question go unanswered in /g, because it feels as if the person who asks the question is ignored, and there is no one to confirm whether or not it's because the question is overlooked or that people don't know the answer to it. I'm also usually pretty chatty in /g. If I'm online but not talking so often in /g, I'm either listening/talking to people on TeamSpeak or messaging someone personally. If I'm not in-game, I'm very likely to be on the forums. I'm almost here 24/7, so I know if something happens pretty fast.

    Dedication - Meep is the one server that I play. No other server has given me the opportunity to talk to others, connect, and build relationships like Meep has. I hope that by becoming helper I can also get other people to have the same experience that I had.

    Tolerance - I am not easily offended by what people say. I have enough patience to deal with people who need others to get through to them, as well as the right mindset of how to treat others who may not have the same values or morals as I do.

    What are your weaknesses? Forgetfulness - This should speak for itself; I have a bad tendency to forget things easily, whether be it an assignment or a simple task. Hopefully I can train my mind to remember things on a more consistent basis so that this wouldn't be so much of an issue in the future.

    Misreading/mishearing things - Occasionally in /g you might see me accidentally say "Cya!" when a person says "Back Meep!" because I read too fast and assume that "Back" is "Bai" or something similar. I have a bad habit of skimming chat, seeing a question while half-paying attention to it, answer it, and move on with what I'm doing. I will promise to double check that what I'm answering is right, so that I don't mislead anyone.

    Teamspeak - My parents don't allow TeamSpeak, or any such form of communication that would allow me to speak to any one on the internet without knowing them in real life. I understand their concern. But if I get accepted, I will try my best to find a good time when I'm home alone so that I can do an interview.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: You all know me very well by my "likespam"; that I've likebotted so many people, that I've given out thousands of likes so that people's like counts have shot through the roof. I even put my location as "The Likebot Queen". It probably built half of my reputation on the forums. As of lately, I have stopped going to the extremes of liking people's posts because I spent too much time and effort trying to make the numbers go up drastically. Also, it was somewhat breaking the rules about the forums; I'm incredibly grateful that staff have been lenient and not banned me yet. I may occasionally drop a couple likes at once on someone's profile, but I won't go so far as I've done in the past.

    Thank you for reading my application. Feel free to post your response below, I would love to hear it!
  2. Dockson

    Dockson Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    *Clears voice* Well we certainly don't need a pink ward to see you in game!

    Alrighty then... That's about it me trying to make LoL references no one will understand anyways.

    Soo. Evelyn (you know you spell that with two 'n's, right? Sorry, sorry), you are really active, I am sure you know the server and most of the commands by heart now. It was about time after half a year :)

    Hyperactive in chat; I can barely manage paying attention to a single person messaging me... Yet somehow you talk to X separate people, listen to TS, respond to everything in /g, impressive. Definitely a helpful trait as a moderator.

    Anyways, good application, helpful, yada yada.

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016
  3. ScaredyPants

    ScaredyPants Professor in Wumbology

    Likes Received:
    Elsa you are one of my greatest friends on Meep, and I think you are the perfect candidate for helper! You are so welcoming to the new players and even say grats to players for such small things. You have a really nice nature in your which is amazing! You are also very active on all parts of the server (recently, teamspeak)

    Good luck, I hope I see you on the team soon! <333
  4. Eggwall01

    Eggwall01 Active Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Hi there!

    I only joined the server today, but throughout my ~3 hours on today you were constantly helping out in the chat, answering questions, and generally radiating an aura of friendliness. You seem very enthusiastic about helping people, and from my observations seem like an obvious fit for the position.
  5. TechnoTyson

    TechnoTyson Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    As soon as I rejoined the server you were there to help me and did so, I believe you are easy to get to know and a very likable person. You know your towny stuff and I think you would be great under pressure. You are what I would call a friend on meep as I am sure you are to many others.
  6. 2leah2

    2leah2 Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Ohh cassandra, you are a great girl, always helpful and chatty :)
    i have no doubt that you would be an Amzing helper!
    Although i do not know you too well (yet) you have been a great friend so far and i'm really glad we are friends.

    + Mature
    + Active
    + Helpful
    + Friendly
    + Well-known in the community
    + Chatty


  7. Bluapol

    Bluapol Media Team Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Yes, just yes.

    I see in you what it takes to be a staff member, and I have no doubt you will do a great job! I also enjoy badminton btw :p.

  8. Fortemizuki

    Fortemizuki Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    LadyCassandra is one of the few people on meepcraft who makes players feel like they special, and are part of something, never ignored..I am so lucky I am her friend here on Meep and I hope that she gets Helper because she works so hard. Love you girl!! <3
  9. GroovyGrevous

    GroovyGrevous Break hearts not blocks

    Likes Received:
    + Active in game, forums and Teamspeak
    + Helpful
    + Friendly
    This is a +1 that I am sure I will not regret giving.
    Good luck!
  10. BlueXGhost :D

    BlueXGhost :D Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Good app
  11. Trexy

    Trexy Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    +Everything good there is to say
    +Helped me like 30 time, and I thank you :p
    +GREAT helper material
    I hope to see your chat teal in sometime soon :)
    Great Luck! -SpanishSpider
    Also you could've used me as a reference, I would have been honored lol
  12. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

    Likes Received:
    +1 if I can call you Evvy

    Seriously one of the better people on the server right now (and no I'm not saying that cause she likebotted me.)
    Overall a good and obviously patient person, willing to work, and consistently has a good and kind attitude.
    Huge +1.
  13. SillySilver

    SillySilver Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Staff, accept this right away, we got an actually helpful, mature and kind person here who's perfect for Staff!!
    +1 all the way.
    LadyCass and Fortemizuki like this.
  14. CrazyYoungBro

    CrazyYoungBro Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    A big +1
    -Best Likebotter
    -Great Friend
    -Very Helpful

    But u didnt put me in ur references..:(
    LadyCass and Fortemizuki like this.
  15. CaveSpiderSam

    CaveSpiderSam Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    -Great to be around in forums and in game
    -Loves to include everyone; isn't rankist
    -Leaves nothing unanswered, which must also apply to modreqs
    GL on the interview!
    LadyCass and Fortemizuki like this.
  16. Marthacuddles

    Marthacuddles Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    -Very Nice
    -Answers questions
    Staff add Cassandra ASAP!
    LadyCass and Fortemizuki like this.
  17. sicklynerd

    sicklynerd Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    One of the people I would trust with my modreq; always calm and straightforward, not to mention active. I would like to see at least an interview.
    LadyCass and Fortemizuki like this.
  18. Darke_Amethyst

    Darke_Amethyst Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    -Very active on forums.
    -Helpful and active in game.
    -Dedicated and easy to get along with.
    -Generally amazing person.
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  19. Its_Madison

    Its_Madison Professional Nerd Staff Member Helper

    Likes Received:
    Oh my god! I'm so happy to see that you have applied for staff!! <3 <3 <3

    Wow. You totally deserve helper!!

    Pros (there's a ton of them, lelz):
    -Helpful ++++++
    -Nice +++++++
    -Mature +++++++
    -Non-Rankist (to be honest, I actually struggle with this myself XD) ++++++++
    -Active ++++++++ (I see you on every day!!)
    -Excellent+Stellar Reputation ++++++++
    -Active EVERYWHERE +++++++
    -Trustworthy +++++++

    Seriously. You treat everyone like they are your best friends <3 <3 Even me, back when I was a cit (which was, like, a month ago XD)

    A definite +1 for you!

    Staff. Hurry up. You guys are wasting valuable time. Make LadyCassandra a Helper. NOW. Jeebus.

    Lady, /msg me sometime on Meep. Add me as a reference if you decide to climb the staff ranks (seriously, you need too!).

    LadyCass and Fortemizuki like this.
  20. MoonlitMadness

    MoonlitMadness Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:

    Even though you broke my heart </3

    +friendly person

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