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Letter of recommendation from Legend Caleb

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by SuperVladimir, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. SuperVladimir

    SuperVladimir Popular Meeper

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    Meepcraft Servers ~ 2011

    To whom it may concern,

    I have known Vladimir for roughly ⅓ of my existence. We met on the Meepcraft platform while we were still children, and developed a bond that has lasted over seven years. With that said, I believe I am qualified to speak on behalf of my dear friend. There are two ways to have a conversation with Vlad. One is filled with levity and wit. The other is serious and weighted with meaning and thought. I have had both such conversations with Vlad, and I like to believe that as a result, I am qualified to discuss his merits. When having a conversation of the former nature, one might be inclined to think that Vlad believes he already knows everything worth knowing. When having a conversation of the latter nature, one is certain that Vlad is humble in his knowing, kind and thoughtful—smart, certainly—but also so deeply curious to know more and to know better. This duality is a talent unto itself, and is, I believe, the quality that most distinguishes him from his peers.

    Everything that I have said about Vlad is perhaps best exemplified in a single conversation. “Mr. Caleb, don’t you think that English Literature classes should be considered electives?” I think he said it in jest—and also if it were his decision he would seriously consider it. I reminded him I was an English major. He averred his point, and what followed was a lively discussion. Slowly, however, it became clear that he was saying less and listening more. My final point was that some people for lack of finesse in language are unable to produce or receive important aspects of communication, and though he didn’t say as much I think he was in that moment considering the fool’s adage, ‘I don’t understand; therefore it’s unimportant.’

    Vlad was won over in that conversation, not just to the merits of my subjects, but more importantly to the importance of avoiding the fool’s fate. There are many things that Vlad does not understand, but to him, they are more important for their mystery—not less. It matters not if such things have a physical form or are simply ideas. To understand and to articulate, these are some of education’s greatest gifts, and I am certain that Vlad treasures these gifts. As a result, it is indeed my pleasure to recommend him as he pursues higher education. He is destined to become an articulate, capable and wise man, and it is our responsibility to afford him every opportunity.

    Overall, my final goal was to educate people on how, through his slight miscommunication with an admin, it does not define who he is, and what his newly reformed nature stands for.
  2. legendcaleb

    legendcaleb Celebrity Meeper

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  3. baku

    baku Popular Meeper

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    what a nerd

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