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MeepCraft Discord!

Discussion in 'News' started by Niiicck, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. Niiicck

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    We have officially made a MeepCraft Discord.

    All rules stated above apply to Discord. Staff do not have to supply proof for any Discord bans. If you need help with adjusting your Discord permissions, contact a staff member. To receive permissions to use our Discord server, you should file a /modreq in game for a staff member to verify your identity.

    Here are some additional rules that apply to our MeepCraft Discord. These rules are exact to MeepCraft Teamspeak.

    To join our Discord server you need to click on this invite to join our official MeepCraft Discord server.

    Keep in mind, if you are kicked you are going to have to click on that invite to rejoin our discord. All bans on Discord are permanent, so make good choices. ;)

    1. Discord Name

    Your Discord name should be the same as your in-game name. You may add another name but your IGN needs to be included somewhere. Your name should not contain anything inappropriate.

    2. Recording Conversations

    You may not record without the consent of everyone in the channel.

    3. Music

    Playing music without the consent of everyone in the channel (unless you are in the music channel) is prohibited.

    4. Regarding Mic Use

    You need to have push-to-talk or a low enough mic sensitivity so no one else can hear any noise other than your own voice.

    5. False Complaints

    Filing false complaints against people without a proper reason in an attempt to force a ban on them will result in a ban for those involved with the complaints.

    6. Voice Changers

    The use of voice changers on our discord server is prohibited.​
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